WWE SmackDown1000: Good and Bad Show

The episode of SmackDown 1000 was found. In this show, WWE also invented several langents. Many years ago, WWE made its second show, SmackDown, and the show completed its 1000th episode. Today we will discuss about WWE SmackDown1000: Good and Bad Show

WWE SmackDown1000: Good and Bad Show

To celebrate this occasion, WWE booked several segments that looked good enough to see it was a show that had more good things than bad but still there were some things that were not that which would have been good. Let’s learn the good and bad things associated with this show:

1. Well: Rey Mysterio’s Return

WWE SmackDown1000: Good and Bad Show

It is often so that when a wrestler does not fight for a long time inside the ring and he suddenly returns to the ring, he becomes a victim of a ring rust.

  • In the ring rust, racers appear to be quite upset about doing a simple move too.
  • Although it can not be said about Rey Mysterio, he gave a very spectacular performance today and during the match no fan would have felt that now he has been more than 40 years old.
  • This match was probably the best match for Nakamura’s WWE career so far.
  • Many fans were angry with the WWE World Cup qualifiers because most of them were from America.
  • However, the victory of Mysterio will make Fans look happy only.
  • In today’s SmackDown, two qualifiers were fought, the first of which was between The Miz and Rusev and the second between Nakamura vs Mysterio and Miz won the match due to the interference of Eden English.
  • Mysterio won a clear victory over Nakamura. It would have been better though, if Nakamura’s defeat is due to desqualification because she is a champion and when a champion loses it directly in the show.
  • Especially when a heel then it has a lot of damage.

2. Bad: The Undertaker’s Return

WWE SmackDown1000: Good and Bad Show

Fans were happy with the return of Undertaker to the show, but even if it was not, then it would have been better. Obviously, the show was short of time and Undertaker was also seen as the company had advertised him.

  • He appeared at the end of the show and he only spoke 3 words about his anti-D Generation X.
  • However, if he did not do so, it would have been better and probably it was the worst thing in SmackDown 1000.
  • John Cena showed his glimpse by looking at the previously recorded promo and if the Undertaker also did this then it would have been better.
  • Apart from this, if we were to see Triple H and Undertaker confrontation in any way, the fans were also very happy and could be promoted against the WWE Crown Jewels.
  • Although WWE did not think so and Undertaker gave a small promo, just like Monday Night.

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3. Well: Becky Lynch did not listen to Edge

WWE SmackDown1000: Good and Bad Show

SmackDown is not as big as it is today if WWE Superstar H does not work for this brand.

  • H was not advertised for this show but still he came to show his glimpse.
  • Along with them, two guests had come in the show, which were Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair.
  • During the show, Edge told how big a superstar has become today.
  • He started comparing his comparison and also told how he was not going to be a top superstar, but the circumstances made him a big star of the company.
  • After that he told me that the kind of friendship that he broke was not perfect at all but Lynch also got against him and started asking H to go back to the backstage because he did not want to hurt Edge’s neck.
  • Upon hearing this, every fan was angry at Lynch, but still cheering Fans Beckie.
  • This suggests that Becky Lynch has become WWE’s best female wrestler at this time.

4. Bad: missed the chance

Two Qualifiers were to be held for the WWE World Cup.

  • One match was won by Rey Mysterio, while Miz won the second match between Rusev and The Miz.
  • During the match, Eden interfered and due to this, Rousseau lost.
  • Since once WWE made a big mistake because now there are American wrestlers with this World Cup, while every country’s superstar score should have been part of this battle royal.
  • Roussev desperately needs a good push and could use this opportunity to make Roussev a big star by the WWE but he continued his animosity with Eden and conquered Miz.
  • However, if it does not happen then it would be better if it did not happen.
  • Even if Aden could win the match at the WWE World Cup, he could have lost the match, but if the truth is said, all the qualifiers in this show are American. Rey Mysterio is not from Mexico but from America.

5. Good: Batista vs Triple H?

WWE SmackDown1000: Good and Bad Show

In SmackDown, we saw Row’s famous team Evolution once again.

  • The team included Ric Flair, Triple H, Randy Orton and Batista. Batista lauded everyone and thanked the WWE Universe.
  • After that he praised Ric Flair, praised Randy Orton and praised Triple H but only then he said that Triple H has acquired everything in the company but has not defeated him till date.
  • Now, seeing all this, it looks like the WWE is pimping the match for next year’s WrestleMania 35.
  • If this is a fight, then Batista may have had the last fight in this company but still it was good to see the segment.
  • Now it has to be seen that what the storyline turns into in the coming time.

6. Bad: Daniel Bryan pins

WWE SmackDown1000: Good and Bad Show

In the WWE Super Show-Down, Daniel Brian defeated The Miz to win the number one container match for the WWE Championship.

  • In today’s SmackDown, we see Aj Styles and Daniel Brian fighting against The Uses. The match between these two has already been booked.
  • Both of them are childish in this hostility, and whenever there is animosity between two babyfeeds, WWE does just one thing and it is to create a misunderstanding between the two.
  • This happened even this time and during the match, Daniel Brian accidentally attacked AJ Stiles.
  • It is clear from this that WWE is trying to show the hostility of both of these, but at the end of the match, when Brian got a pin, many fences went to Chowk.
  • In the coming time, between AG Stiles and Daniel Brian is going to be a match.
  • In such a situation, if the number 1content loses any bouts, then it seems weak.

7. Bad / Good: Title Change

WWE SmackDown1000: Good and Bad Show

It is quite a good thing that the SmackDown! Tag Team has become champions now and again.

  • In WrestleMania 34, WWE made fun of this team by doing its best.
  • Now this team has again become a champion, and by becoming a heel team champion, many new things are seen in the show.
  • The New Day tag team was not looking very good as the champions but at the same time the Big Show was not required to intervene in this match.
  • When he came, he turned his heel, in his career, the foam and the heels have become quite big.
  • Even if the bar does not do it anyway by hurting or cheating New Day, it does not seem too worthless.
  • Are the Big Show going to join The Bar at the time of coming? Recently, his career has started again and after a long time he has also fought his match in the ring, but if such a WWE book him badly, his run would also become useless.

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