Goldberg’s big statement about WWE return

“You never know what Or who’s next” Here is the big update about Bill Goldberg. He is one of the most powerful wrestler in wwe. Today i will discuss about the big news update Goldberg’s big statement about WWE return

Goldberg’s big statement about WWE return

Goldberg's big statement about WWE return

  • Former Universal Champion Goldberg recently interviewed TVInsider.
  • During the interview, Goldberg was asked about the WWE return.
  • Giving answer to the question, Goldberg said that he had just returned to the ring due to his son.
  • Goldberg, who won 173 consecutive ws in the WCW, said, “My son was very happy to see me returning to the ring.
  • My son had to tell a lot of friends that his dad fought in the ring. “Returns are dependent on many things, for this storylines and timings are important. I am doing many shows now, there are many things besides that.”
  • From Goldberg’s point of view, he is probably not thinking about coming back.
  • Indeed, the speculation about the withdrawal of Goldberg came out in July, when Goldberg had said during an interview that Roman Rena and The Undertaker in WWE are their next target.
  • It seemed then that Goldberg would soon return to the company.
  • Let us tell you that Goldberg had returned years before the Survivor Series in the WWE years later.
  • He fought against Brock Lesnar in Survivor Series and won a spectacular victory.
  • Initially, he was called for only 1 match, but later his contract was increased due to the overwhelming response from the audience.
  • The company also made Goldberg a champion. WCW and WWE Legend Goldberg won the Universal Championship by defeating Kevin Owens at Fastlane before Wrestlemania 33, which lost against Goldberg, Brock Lesnar in WrestleMania 33. After WrestleMania 33, Goldberg left the company in Raw.

5 opponents for Goldberg’s return

  1. I do not think Bill Goldberg will wrestle again at the WWE as he did while being champion in WCW.
  2. I do not think the company would want to work hard to show this former champion a big star in Raw and SmackDown.
  3. But as you know, there are strange things in WWE.
  4. As Donald Woods wrote on Forbes’s website: “ has announced that if Goldberg returns, they can become part of WWE’s video game crackers by the end of this year, WCW’s Legend Sting, Ultimate Warrior And Arnold will join Schwarzenegger’s special caretaker. “
  5. Now when 49-year-old Goldberg is part of the WWE 2k17 video game, it can be assumed that back in the WWE ring.
  6. Just like Batista, they do not get any worse.
  7. But as we all know, this is not the mechanism of MacMahan.
  8. Without the smoke of fire, there is no reason for Goldberg to get a doctor in the 2017 video game.

But still have fun to guess. These are the possible opponents of Goldberg’s return:


Goldberg's big statement about WWE return

  • If Ryback contract is not over yet, then it would be right to be part of this feud.
  • All consider Ryback as the Twin of Goldberg. Although each one of them has a chint, but this former IC has more than its twin capabilities.
  • You can expect Goldberg to come to the ring and start calling Ryback. It will not be a small matter.
  • This can be a way to keep Ryback in contract.


Goldberg's big statement about WWE return

  • There were rumors that Goldberg would return to WrestleMania 32 and instead of Shane McMahan, he will fight in the Hell in a Shell match from The Texter.
  • But that did not happen. There is a rumor that the Undertaker is angry with Vince McMahan, because he asked the tecker to lose to Shane’s hands.
  • It is also reporting that Dallas’ match was the last match of Finim.
  • It will have to see if they will come back and will become part of WrestleMania 33 in Orland.
  • Because they did not match with John Cena and could not match with the sting, in such a case match against Goldberg can be made.

Brock lesnar

Goldberg's big statement about WWE return

  • Want to see Goldberg touring Suplex City? Do you want to see two monsters crossing all the borders fighting?
  • On the return of Lesnar, their booking should be with the Vaiat Family. But if Fin Bellor returns, then the Voyet Family and The Club’s bookings will be right.
  • The good thing about this kind of fiddle is that the story here is to speak only once.
  • Like the Undertaker’s Story, the reverse of it. Two part time rascals will climb in the ring and finish the match on their own path.

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John cena

Goldberg's big statement about WWE return

  • First, Cena has to clash with Stiles and The Club, but this match also looks interesting.
  • Will Goldberg prove himself the best in the ring by coming back as a heel? Will they attack the 15-time champions? Will anything happen from that?
  • Cena is competing for the world championship. But if we win the run from the double turn in the match between Roman Renes and Sath Rawlins, then Sina will be anti-rains.
  • But if the Rollins win with the double turn, Ajay Stiles will become their opponents.

Randy Orton

Goldberg's big statement about WWE return

  • When Orton returns, there is no place in the roster for them. Fever can wiper Goldberg.
  • This will give Goldberg a long time opponent. Now Orton will return as a babyfaces or a heel, they are not aware but they can fade away from the 49-year-old World Heavyweight Champion.
  • From this, Goldberg will also prove that his attitudes are still the same as before.
  • Orton is a strong opponent and they can extend the match forward. Here we will get only one time performance of Goldberg.
  • After this Orton can move forward to compete with Rossor’s other racers.

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