DMCA Policy

DMCA Policy on Sportsjone regularly publishes content that is original and well-researched. This content is for educational purposes and is not meant to inspire any action.

Our writers provide us with content from all over the world. However, if we inadvertently publish any content (image, video or text) that violates the DMCA, or has copyright issues you should simply contact us via email address.

Send us proper details of the copied content with the following requirements. After checking, we immediately remove any duplicate content from our site.

Requirements to file a “DMCA Take Down” on Sportsjone

  • We require a digital or physical signature of the owner of the content. You can also send the signature of an authorized person.
  • Source URL of original content & URL of copied content along with full details.
  • You must send us, your full name, email address, office address, and contact mobile number.
  • At last, send us the complete statement which is written by you or authorized person who is sending this DMCA reporting. Along with the signature which states that this information is 100% accurate.
  • Send us a copy of the ownership of the content or documents related to it.
SPORTSJONE will receive your DMCA complaint only via email and respond you within 12 hours.