Sports Injury: Meaning| Why it’s Happen| Disadvantages| Types

Sports Injury is very important topic of sports. Every athelete or player perform their activities in field. But some time, he face some common problems like sports Injury. So Guyz, Today we will discuss about Sports Injury: Meaning| Why it’s Happen| Disadvantages| Types

Sports Injury: Meaning| Why it’s Happen| Disadvantages| Types


  • The injury that takes place during the game is called sports injury and it can be any kind of internal or external and also depends on the nature of the game to a great extent.
  • The more serious the injuries are because they do not cause any traces or wounds in such a way that they do not appear to be more serious and we think that the slightest pain will be cured and sometimes there may be lesions with internal injury.
  • In such a situation, you should contact the doctor immediately and talk to your doctor about possible damage.

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Why it’s Happen

Sports Injury: Meaning| Why it's Happen| Disadvantages| Types

  1. Legacy injuries, problems in weight lifting, knee and ankle injuries or sprains, muscle stabilization problems etc.
  2. In such cases, most of the people are seen to see two players face-to-face like wrestling, it is common in boxing, such problems in soccer, martial arts etc. appear.
  3. If you are fond of cricket, you have often heard that the player has been excluded due to injury or injury to the player etc.

How to save from sports Injury

Sports Injury: Meaning| Why it's Happen| Disadvantages| Types

  1. In fact, injuries in the game are natural and may take place during practice or sports, but if we are in the field with our full security, then the probability decreases, as if you are practicing cricket, then for you It is necessary that you have to wear all the equipment well to avoid the speed of the ball and at the same time if you want to make your children a sportsman, then they also develop in their habits from the beginning.
  2. Of that bike Injuries during the game seriously and its sports teache while at home and school.
  3. It is true that in the case of sports injury, if we start injuring ourselves, we may consult the doctor about injury, and with the help of physiotherapist and your sports coach in such injury, you can get rid of the problem and if the injury is serious The last option is to have surgery for you.
  4. If this happens then you can get help from an orthoscopy surgeon.
  5. Many times it becomes too heavy to take things lightly. But, there are some basic rules that you can stay safe by adopting.
  6. Whenever there is an injury or swelling in any muscle, then we should follow the English PRICE rule. It means protect (safety), rest (rest), ice (snow), compression (pressure) and elevation (height).
  7. For example, if you have a knee injury during weight lifting, you should keep the knee tightly so that it does not bend.
  8. As you relax, you should not move too much. You should put snow on it. The ice compresses the blood vessels, which reduces blood flow in that part of the body and swelling in that part decreases.
  9. Also, coolness is helpful in fixing that part because cold objects are sensational. You can use ice on the injured portion for 24 to 72 hours. It depends on how severe the injury is to you.
  10. When we are injured, we often roam the place with hot water. However, experts believe that using ice is more beneficial. After injury, ice should be dried as soon as possible.
  11. In addition, during the 24 hours of the injury, ice decomposes are beneficial within every ten to 15 minutes. After frying the ice for 24 hours, the difference in temperature of the skin and normal part should be seen in the skin.

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Following are the main disadvantages of sports injury:

1. Bone crack

2. Muscle stretch

3. Fracture

4. Dislocation

5. Cramp

6. Low Performance

7. Feel unhealthy

8. Lot of pain

Types of Sports Injury

Sports Injury: Meaning| Why it's Happen| Disadvantages| Types

Different types of sports injuries. Some of them are:

1. Skin injury

A. Contusion B. Abrasion C. Lecreation

2. Muscle Injury

A. Cramp B. Strain C. Sprain

3. Bone Injury

A. Dislocation B. Fracture


A blow anywhere on the surface of body causing bleeding from ruptured small capillaries below the skin without any breaking of skin is called contusion.


It is the injury of skin in which skin is scrapped are rubbed by friction. It is normally a minor injury.


It is the cut over the skin caused by sharp edge. If the skin is not torn the injury is known as bruise.


Cramp is the inablility of the muscles to contracted properly causing severe pain over effected part.


It is the injury of muscle which is caused by the overstress or overstrech of muscle.


It is injury of ligaments or tendon around the joints. It occurs due to over stretching of ligaments or twisting of joints.


A dislocation occurs when a bone slips out of a joint


A bone fracture is a medical condition where the continuity of the bone is broken.

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