Charlie Whiting: News| Quotes| Wife| Death| Net Worth

Charlie Whiting (August 12, 1952 – March 14, 2019) was director of the FIA ​​Formula One race, Safety Delegate, Permanent Starter, and F1 Technical Department, in which they usually manage the logistics of each F1 Grand XX, in Pars Inspect cars. Prior to a race, Fermé applied the FIA ​​rules, and controlled the light that started each race. Today we will discuss about Charlie Whiting: News| Quotes| Wife| Death| Net Worth

Charlie Whiting: News| Quotes| Wife| Death| Net Worth

Born12 August 1952

Sevenoaks, Kent, UK
Died14 March 2019(aged 66)

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Years active1988–2019
Known forSafety improvements in motorsport


Charlie Whiting: News| Quotes| Wife| Death| Net Worth

Charlie Whitting: Director of Formula One Race suddenly dies, 66 years of age

  • After facing a pulmonary embolism in Australia, the leading motorsports figures paid tribute to Formula One’s race director Charlie Whiting, after his accidental death.
  • The 66-year-old Whitening was in Melbourne for the Australian Grand Prix, which closed the new season’s new season on weekends.
  • Before joining Berkeley Eccleston’s Brehum Outfit, he started his F1 career as part of the Hesketh team, where he worked as the team’s main mechanic during a successful era, in which Nelson Piquet did the 1981 and In 1983 both won the World Drivers Championship (WDC).
  • He was the race director of the motorsport series since 1997. FIA president Jean Todd described Whiting as “a central and inept image in Formula One, which embodies the morality and spirit of this glorious game.”
  • Prior to taking over as the Race Director of the competition, who worked as the official starter of each Grand Prix, he also oversee the rules and regulations of F1, Whiting initially in 1988 as its Technical Director Had joined the FIA.
  • Five-time world champion Louis Hamilton was one of several current and former F1 stars to pay homage to Whiting, who was seen as Go-to-Man for drivers on any Race Weekend.
  • Hamilton said, “What he did for the game, his commitment, he was actually a pillar.” “Such a respected person within the game world, and he contributed a lot to us. Can he rest in peace.”
  • Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel called them “our type of man, the man of our drivers”
  • He said: “I talked to him yesterday and went with him to the track for the first two corners. When someone is not in the bus, it is difficult to understand.”

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  • “He was a middle man, he was such a person that you could ask anything at any time, he was open to everyone, at any time his time was always open. He was a racer, he is just a very good man. “
  • Ross Taylor, Managing Director of Formula 1, remembered his long-standing friendship with Whiting, who had worked with Triple World Champion Nicky Loda in Brahms during his time.
  • “I have to go to Charlie all my racing life,” he said. “We worked together as a mechanics, became friends, and spent so much time together on the race track around the world.
  • “I was very sad to hear the sad news.
  • Sergio Perez, who drives for the racing point, said: “Working with Charlie was fantastic, he was a good boy.
  • Meeting such a cool person, a lovely man, a close friend is very rare in this game.
  • “I have nothing bad to say about me, to be honest, nothing is good, it is only good things, all my thoughts go to their family. We traveled the world together for many years.
  • Someone like them, it is impossible to find a replacement for them.
  • He is one of those key players of the game. With all their drivers, there was such a relationship with all the team principals, so it is becoming difficult to replace them. ”
  • The Mercedes team’s principal Toto Wolff paid tribute to “Columns of our Formula 1 family” and “the true patron of his best interests”.
  • Ferrari chief Mattia Binoto further praised the knowledge of the industry’s whiting, calling it “a tireless and enlightened motorsport specialist”. Binoto said: “He helped make F1 safer and better.

“Our game has diminished from his death and we have lost a friend, he will be remembered very much.


Charlie Whiting: News| Quotes| Wife| Death| Net Worth

We spent many hours traveling around the track [Baku City Circuit] and examined it in every way and I was happy to see that everything is getting very organized.

  1. I am sure that I am not alone in the hopes of returning back to Baku for the second F1 Race Weekend in a few weeks, and the F1 car race is once again looking around this extremely spectacular circuit.
  2. Many people were pleasantly surprised by their first visit to Baku last year and as a result everyone is eager to come back this summer.
  3. We have reviewed the track layout and the security barriers in relation to the new cars.
  4. We have done this for every track this year. There are some improvements made in five or six different corners, especially by Turn 15.
  5. This year the new F1 cars are 20 cm wide compared to last year. However, 15 years ago the width of the F1 cars was similar today, so this is not an unchanged area for us. Usually cars are not fast on struts, but are the fastest.
  6. We have kept all these factors in mind when we do our simulations to calculate the effects on speed and hit so that the necessary obstacles can be strengthened in some places.
  7. I think this year’s top speed will not be much higher than last year. Probably, this would be slightly slow in terms of very top speed, which has just arrived because new cars produce more drag.
  8. So far, in most races, the top speed is moderately slow compared to this year 2016. Last year we recorded the informal top speed of 378 km / h.
  9. This year it will be a bit slow, although the overall lap time will be much faster.
  10. BCC is definitely challenging for drivers. It is challenging for those who have created the circuit.
  11. But this is definitely a unique circuit, it has its unique features, which everyone likes.
  12. It’s good to come and reputable images that you already have in Baku. The drivers I spoke to have found it very challenging, so with the new cars, they will find it even more this year. “


On the morning of March 14, 2019 in Melbourne, 2019 2 days before the start of the Formula One season, Charlie Whiting suffered a pulmonary embolism and died at 66 years of age.

  • FIA president Jean Todd said: “It is very sad that I learned to go through Charlie’s suddenness. I have known Charlie Whiting for many years and he is a great race director, central and inept in Formula One who has Done the morality and spirit of this glorious game.
  • Formula 1 has lost a charismatic friend and a charismatic ambassador to Charlie. All my thoughts, the FIA ​​and the people of the entire motor sport community go to their family, friends and all Formula One lovers. “


Charlie Whiting: News| Quotes| Wife| Death| Net Worth

She was married and had two children.

Net worth

Charlie’s estimated estimated property was $ 7 million.

Family & Brother

Charlie had an older brother Nick Whittingt. He helped his brother Nick in preparing salon cars for racing in West Kingsdown, Kent.

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