The Rock’s Promise of Return of the WWE

The Rock is a great wrestler all over the world. Long time no one can see Rock in the ring. Here is the update of The Rock coming back. Let’s discuss about The Rock’s Promise of Return of the WWE

The Rock’s Promise of Return of the WWE

The Rock's Promise of Return of the WWE

  • After the WWE, The Rock, who ruled Hollywood, is now going to return to the company again.
  • The Rock can now see Fans in SmackDown’s 1000th episode.
  • The show on SmackDown will be held on October 16 (October 17 in India) It is certain that WWE had earlier announced that Batista would also return.
  • Former champion The Rock made a career in Hollywood after going from WWE. As soon as The Rock gets the time, he has been seen as a part timer in the WWE.
  • WrestleMania 29 saw The Rock and Cena match, in which The Rock was defeated, while The Rock defeated Cena in WrestleMania 28.
  • After WrestleMania 29, Rock sometimes knocked on the WWE, while Cena and Rock, at WrestleMania 32, had hit the Viet Family together.
  • About 11 days, SmackDown will complete his 1000th episode. Evolution is going to be reunion in this show as Batista’s return and Triple H along with Randy Orton, Ric Flair.
  • At the same time, SmackDown’s former Hero Rock is also going to come back, surely there is nothing bigger than 1000th episode. WWE announced on its Twitter account that The Rock is about to knock out in the historical episode of the Blue Brand.
  • The first episode of SmackDown was on April 29, 1999, after which the Blue Brand extended its chariot of success.
  • A lot of racers have made their own identity in the nearly 19-year history of the SmackDown show.
  • These racers have made four changes in the show by playing the match. Well, the name of Rock and Batista is now confirmed for the 1,000th episode. It is expected that names of some other legends may be included in the coming days.

WWE Super Show Down 2018: Show’s Most Winners and Lodgers

  1. The WWE Super Show-Down Show has ended and now it is time that we look at all the aspects of the show.
  2. There were many good matches during the show but there were many such battles which were not at all spectacular.
  3. Apart from this, many such superstars were lost in the show which no one expected, so many superstars were those who gave not only spectacular performances, but also memorable bouts.
  4. In this episode, let’s take a look at the Super Show Down Show’s biggest winners and losers.

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Luzor Asuka

  1. In the Super Show Down, the Tagon vs. Asuka and Naomi pair found the tag team match.
  2. It was expected that there will be no Asuka pins in this match and that is exactly what happened.
  3. However, the bad phase of Asuka continues. Asuka is called Samoa of the Women’s Division and Braun Stroman, but she is facing constant defeat on PPV.
  4. This is the 5th defeat of Asuka’s PPV, and after losing the Super Show-Down, it will not be wrong to say luzar.

Luzar: Samoa Jo

  1. Before the Super Show Down, there was a rumor that Samoa won history by winning the WWE Championship but it did not happen.
  2. Samoa, who has missed out on becoming WWE Champion again.
  3. There is no doubt that the fight between Samoa Joe and AJ Stiles was great, but one thing is also true that Samoa is one of the biggest losers in Super Show Down There are one.

Winner: Buddy Murphy

  1. If there is a real winner of Super Show Down, then Big Murphy. Prudent to the rumors, Big Murphy defeated Sadric Alexander and won the title for the first time in the cruiserweight championship.
  2. Bad Murphy not only gave the title his name but also gave him the most spectacular match of the Super Show Down.
  3. We expect that WWE will not waste their talents further and will book them in good storylines.

WWE Super Show Down Results LIVE: October 6, 2018

Triple H VS Undertaker

WWE Super Show Down Results LIVE: October 6, 2018

  • Shawn Michaels has come first. Triple H has now come in a superb style. Ken now has come.
  • The Undertaker finally got a fantastic entry. The contest started. Triple H has started punching.
  • But Taker threw Triple H over the ringcorner by picking up. Taker also started to hit the punch.
  • Ken and Shawn Michaels are at the ringcorner. Triple H killed High Running Ni Taker.
  • Triple H turned the tecker out of the ring. Shaw Michaels was caught by Neck Taker, but Triple H stopped him.
  • Shaun dropped the tecker out of the ring. Triple H killed Taker in the barracks. After this, dropped the taker on the steel step.
  • Triple H has removed the table. Triple H was created to give padigi but the taxer dropped him.
  • Triple H is killing the taker in the ring, but the teaser punishes him with a constant puncture.
  • Raising Triple H, the teaser has thrown it out of the ring. Triple H was killed by the teaser in the barracks.
  • Shawn Michaels is constantly straying into a ticker. Now outside of the barracks, Tricher H is hitting the teaser.
  • Tie them to the rope. Taker also dropped Shawn Michaels out of the ring to hit the punch.
  • Taker has now brought the chair. But as soon as the triple went to kill the chair, the taxer killed a big boot. Taker has now attacked the Chair. Out of the ring
  • Sean came but then Big Boot killed him. When Taker came to kill them, Triple H attacked Taker.


WWE Super Show Down Results LIVE: October 6, 2018

  • When he came again, Ken came and pulled Triple H out. Shawn Michaels has kickped out of the ring. And Triple H jumps over the table.
  • Ken is moaning with pain. Inside the ring, Taker has given a choice to Triple H. The teaser has put his move to Triple H but Triple H survives. Taker has punished the referee.
  • The Taker has again hit Triple H by the Chair. Chair is tucked into the neck of Triple H
  • Triple H has covered the padigiree teaker and covered it but the taxer has kickout. Triple H has jumped the chair in the neck of the taker and jumped.
  • After that counted but Ken pulled out the referee. Sean has given Hammer to Triple H. Taker came with the chair but Triple H beat him with Hammer. The referee has fallen down.
  • Taker tapped Triple H. Ken has been kicked by Shaun. Sean was thrown out of the ring by the tecker. Taker has hit Chocolaslam for Triple H. But Michaels has killed Kick Taker. Taker

WWE Super Show Down Results LIVE: October 6, 2018

  • After this, all hugged and respected each other. But in the end, what did Cheyenne do with Cheon finally, Shawn Michaels and Texer hit Triple H? Shawn Michaels has dropped out of the ring by the tecker on the anounce table.

The Rock

Born May 2, 1972 (age 48)

Hayward, California, U.S.
  • Actor
  • producer
  • businessman
  • professional wrestler
  • football player
Years active 1990–1995 (football)
1996–2004; 2011–2019 (wrestling)
1999–present (acting)
Dany Garcia
(m. 1997; div. 2007)
Lauren Hashian
(m. 2019)
Children 3
Relatives Rocky Johnson(father)
Peter Maivia(grandfather)
Lia Maivia(grandmother)
Nia Jax (cousin)
Rosey (cousin)
Roman Reigns(cousin)
Sib Hashian (father-in-law)
Professional wrestling career
Ring name(s) Dwayne Johnson[1]
Flex Kavana[2]
Rocky Maivia[2]
The Rock[2]
Billed height 6 ft 5 in (196 cm)
Billed weight 260 lb (118 kg)[3]
Billed from Miami, Florida[3]
Trained by Pat Patterson[4]
Rocky Johnson[2]
Tom Prichard[5]
Debut 1996
Retired 2019

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