Randy Orton vs Wade Barrett: John cena referee| Highlights


Nexus leader Wade Barrett challenges WWE Champion Randy Orton, with John Cena serving as the special guest referee. Today we will discuss about Randy Orton vs Wade Barrett: John cena referee| Highlights

Randy Orton vs Wade Barrett: John cena referee| Highlights

Randy Orton defeated Wade Barrett in a Tables match on Sunday night at WWE TLC. Orton hit an RKO on Barrett, earning him the victory.

This match is the culmination of some serious feuding that has been going on between the two men over the past several weeks.

Wade has never looked better: He has been on a roll ever since he decided to rededicate himself to achieving his goals at the company. His reinvigorated efforts – which he deemed the “Barrett Barrage” – saw him pick up back-to-back victories on SmackDown, as well as pay-per-views.

John cena referee

Randy Orton vs Wade Barrett

For John Cena, this feeling could prove disastrous for him. Despite the threat of dismissal, Cena refused to compromise his integrity to keep his job, serving as the special guest referee. Instead, he simply called the WWE Title match midway through the match, allowing champion Randy Orton to remain – and potentially ending his own career in the process. (photos)

For weeks, Wade Barrett, leader of The Nexus, had threatened Cena, reminding the group’s reluctant warrior that if he lost to The Viper, Cena would be fired from WWE. However, the great star refused to abandon his principles. In fact, Cena was so determined that he rejected an offer before the match from R-Truth, who had volunteered to corner Orton.

Once the match began, however, the Englishman looked to hold his own against The Viper, despite The Nexus being banned from ringside. However, as frustration and fatigue grew, Barrett focused his anger on Cena. When the Englishman pushed the special guest referee, Cena backed away. Orton recognized the opportunity and immediately leveled the Nexus Leader with an RKO. Although Cena was hesitant and fully aware of the consequences, he still stood his ground, counted to three and raised Orton’s hand for the victory.

In the wake of his win, the WWE Champion took a rare moment to acknowledge his longtime rival’s selfless act. As one man’s career is flourishing, another man’s career may be on the wane. And even though Cena is no longer a superstar, he will always be a champion in the hearts of the WWE Universe.


Survivor Series: Randy Orton Vs. Wade Barrett and John Cena as referees (WWE Championship)

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Randy Orton (c) vs. Wade Barrett (with John Cena as special guest referee)
If Barrett wins, Cena will be released from the Nexus. If Barrett loses, Cena will be fired from WWE.

John Cena entered the ring first in his referee shirt and his trademark jean shorts. Barrett was next, followed by the champion.

Orton and Barrett brawled early on, with Orton pushing Barrett back. Orton tackled Barrett with a shoulder-tackle and locked him on the mat with a side headlock. Barrett got back to his feet, only for Orton to drop Barrett to the floor with another shoulder-tackle.

Getting back to his feet, Barrett forced Orton into a corner and nailed Orton with punches and kicks and threw him into a corner, but Orton burst out and hit Barrett with a clothesline. Orton then manhandled Barrett in the corner, forcing Cena to pull Orton away from him. Barrett gave Orton a big kick and pointed at Cena and smiled.

Barrett maintained control of the match and injured the champion with kicks and punches. He began punching Orton repeatedly in the corner and this time Cena pulled Barrett off. Barrett started yelling at Cena and Orton hit Barrett from behind with a dropkick. Orton then hit the mat with a flurry of punches and a kick, and Barrett went out of the ring to retreat.