Games and sports as Man’s Cultural Heritage


The term culture is vast term which deals with all the complexities of the civilisation starting from the very beginning with its basic aspects related to tradition and religion. Culture represents the influence of society, community religion etc. Culture shows the image of nation. Today we will discuss about Games and sports as Man’s Cultural Heritage.

Games and sports as Man's Cultural Heritage

Games and Sports As Man’s Cultural Heritage:

  • Games and sports are as old as our civilisation. These are the physical activities, which long ago our ancestors have adopted for their existence. These include running, fishing, fighting and jumping etc. These activities were used to fulfill their basic needs slowly with change in time, most of these physical activities were modified and were used for playing and recreation. Most of the activities like running, fighting, etc were modified into games and sports like athletics, wrestling etc. We can quote, number of examples to show that a number of games have been passed to us by our ancestors eg killing of animals by stone/arrow like long rods for their food, have been changed into games like shotput and javelin throw.
  • The term heritage is something that left from the past to the present and from the present to the future with proper modifications. Heritage makes proper link between the past and present.
  • Games and sports are considered as culture and many nations have accepted it as their cultural heritage. Games and sports are the pride of nation and every country tries to protect its culture. Thus, we can say that the activities we do in modern time are nothing but a modified form of what we have received from our ancestors.
  • Games and sports and other related recreational activities also formed part of life in early civilized countries. Egyptians, Greeks and European countries had contributed a lot in the field of games and sports.

1. Greece:

Greece has the oldest civilisation of the world. It is the Greek civilisation which helped really a lot in developing the sports culture. It has contributed a lot in progress of art, literature and sports. Greeks were the first to give pirority for the development of individual both physically as well as mentally. It is the founder of Athletics. Athens had started the ancient ‘Olympic’ in 776 B.C in the honour of their God ‘Zeus’ as built stadium called olympaid and foot race was the event in 1st Olympic. These games come to an end by Roman king Theodosius in 394 A.D. These games again revived in Athens in the year 1896 known as Modern Olympic.

2. Rome:

Romans were good worriers and lovers of sports. They considered physical education to develop the beauty of the body. They introduced many combative sorts of games like chariot racing, jumping and sword fighting etc.

3. England:

The contribution of England in the development of games and sports is highly appreciable as the country developed number of games such as Cricket, Hockey, Football, Tennis, Cycling, Swimming, Wrestling and polo. Football is known to be the oldest game played in England.

4. Germany:

Germany established a school in the year 1774 where physical education and studies were given equal importance. It included fencing, horse riding, jumping, throwing, wrestling etc. In the year 1793 swimming and skating were also introduced.

5. Sweeden:

Sweeden modernised German Gymnastic. Hjalmarling introduced many new exercises and invented many new apparatus.

6. France:

Cycling is considered as national sport of france. The most famous event occurred in France is ”Tour de France.” In this cyclist covered the entire France.

7. China:

In 221 B.C China played interesting game called Butting. Polo was also introduced in China by Tartars. Boxing, Football, Gymnastic, were also famous games of China.

8. Japan:

Japan has rich culture and has prevented its culture through physical activities Simon, wrestling, judo and taekwondo are famous sports introduced by Japan.

9. America:

America the most advanced country in the world. America has introduced many games like basketball, baseball, volleyball, etc.

10. India:

The study of  Indus valley civilisation reveals that culture of that time was described by vedas, gambling, archery, sword fighting, chariot races, Speer throwing, animal fighting, were very common amongst the Royals and kings.

Benefits of Games:

Your fitness remains intact by playing.
Jumping rope, playing badminton etc keeps going health.
Encourage your children to outdoor games with them too.
Playing mental health is also good.

Physical benefits

During sports, extra calories are spent on the body, which makes you feel fresh. Cycle running, running from swimming to running is a good exercise and it keeps the glucose spray in the body right

Mental health
In every game, the person moves towards a particular goal and increases the concentration of the person. Games also have less stress.

Good sleep
Good sleep is also essential for good health. In sports, the person gets tired and sleep is good when there is fatigue. If you are not sleeping somewhere, then make a habit of playing your favorite sport.


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