Components of physical fitness.

The capacity of an individual to do work effectively and efficiently with joy and pleasure.It is good physique which reflects physical fitness. Physical fitness requires motor mechanisms, efficient organic mechanism and efficient mental functioning.Today we will discuss about Components of physical fitness.

Components of physical fitness.

Components of Physical Fitness:

Five main components of physical fitness are:

1. Strength

2. Speed

3. Endurance

4. Flexibility

5. Coordination

1. Strength:

It may be defined as the amount of muscular force one is capable of exerting in a single muscular contraction. Strength is of two types:

A. Static strength

B. Dynamic strength

A. Static strength:

It is also known as isometric strength. Static strength is the ability of the muscles to act against the resistance from one position.

B. Dynamic Strength:

It is also known as isotonic strength. It is related to movements. Pull ups and push ups are the examples of dynamic strength. It is of three types:

1. Maximum strength

2. Explosive strength

3. Strength endurance

1. Maximum strength:

It is the ability of a muscle to act against maximum resistance.

2. Explosive strength:

It is the ability to overcome strength with high speed. It is mostly used in jumping activities.

3. Strength endurance:

It is defined as the ability to overcome the resistance under the fatigue conditions.

2. Speed:

It is the ability to perform movement at faster rate. In other words, speed may be defined as the capacity to perform a movement of same pattern at faster rate.


It is the ability to sustain or continue activity. In simple words, it is ability to reduce fatigue. It is of two types:

A. Short term Endurance

B. Long term Endurance

A. Short term Endurance:

Anaerobic means ‘without oxygen’. This is the endurance where the anaerobic type of activity is done when the intensity speed is very fast.

B. Long term Endurance:

Aerobic means ‘with oxygen’ in this endurance the activity is done for longer duration and the intensity speed is low.

4. Flexibility:

It is very essential for physical fitness. It is the ability of joints to move in maximum range. In other words this is the range of a joint due to its structure, surrounding, tendon and muscles. It is of two types:

A. Active flexibility

B. Passive flexibility

A. Active flexibility:

The ability of joints to move up to maximum range without any outside help is said to be active flexibility.

B. Passive flexibility:

To move the joints up to maximum range without external help is called passive flexibility.

5. Coordination:

It is the ability of body to perform movement with perfection and efficient. Infact, it is the proper coordination of strength, speed, endurance and flexibility during movements.


Make self-reliant

  • Good health does not depend on low or high weight.
  • Due to being fit you will be self-dependent in old age.
  • Every person should exercise at least 30 minutes of all day of the week.

Fitness provides health benefits

  • Fitness provides health benefits that keep people away from the danger of disease and with the power to carry out daily activities with full energy.
  • Exercising everyday can be fitted.

Assistance in Keeping Fitness Diseases Off

  • Many diseases are associated with lifestyle, because in the sedentary lifestyle, there is a compromise with the nutritious diet somewhere
  • Exercise decreases the chances of heart attack.
  • It reduces the possibility of stroke, high blood pressure, diabetes mellitus type 2, colon cancer, breast cancer, rupture of bones, gallbladder disease, obesity, depression and anxiety.
  • Those individuals, who left the sedentary lifestyle and adopted an active lifestyle, those people felt they had less illness.

Physical Fitness

Positive impact on your family

  • Improvement in physical health has a positive effect on your family, personal relationships, your business and every aspect of your life.
  • Apart from this, it also helps in reducing the cost of health and thus provides you financial benefits.
  • Exercise is a good way to gain fitness and everyone should take its importance seriously.

Need exercise and self-control exercises with exercise

  • Efforts and self-control are required to exercise, but its benefits are many.
  • Through this, any person can lead a happy, energetic and happy life.

Fitness puts you physically fit

  • The fit person is likely to get sick, less
    Fitness and diet can be achieved by combining fitness.
    The fit person is mentally healthy too.
  • When we are young in adolescence we do not realize the importance of being fit because then our mind is young and our body is able to withstand all kinds of mental and physical stress.
  • We are not serious about taking care of our bodies during these years, so that we can not guarantee any healthcare in our old age.

The body is like a biological machinery

  • Just like the machine gets spoiled due to negligence or maintenance, in the same way the body is like a biological machinery which is increasing due to the lack of care and maintenance

Fitness king Messi

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