R. Kelly: News| Basketball Player| Died| Albums| Songs| Height

R. kelly is a great American Basketball player. He is good athlete also. He also loves to play basketball. He is a singer also and a talented Guy. Today we will discuss about R. Kelly: News| Basketball Player| Died| Albums| Songs| Height

R. Kelly: News| Basketball Player| Died| Albums| Songs| Height


  • Robert Sylvester Kelly (born January 8, 1967)  is an American singer, songwriter, record producer and former professional basketball player.
  • Chicago’s native Kelly began to perform in the late-1980s and in 1992 the group started with public declaration.
  • In 1993, Kelly went solo with album 12 play He is known for the collection of major hit singles, including “Bump N ‘Peace”
  • “Your Body’s Colin”, “I Believe I Can Fly”, “Gotham City”, “Ignition (Remix)”. “If I can return to the hands of time”, “the world’s biggest”
  • “I’m a flirt (remix)”, and the hip-hop “got trapped in the closet” In 1998, Kelly won three Grammy Awards for “I Believe I Can Fly”.
  • Their distinctive sound and style have influenced many hip hops and contemporary R.

As a Basketball Player

R. Kelly: News| Basketball Player| Died| Albums| Songs| Height

  1. After the BET Awards in Los Angeles on Sunday night, Jamie Foxx hosted a pick-up basketball game at 5 o’clock on its home court.
  2. Singer-songwriter Robert “R.” Kelly dug a game-winning three-pointer from almost 35 feet away. This is what happened.
  3. But wait, there is more! Before she was trapped in the closet 33 times, Kelly played high school basketball in her new year in Chicago.
  4. In a 1998 interview, he said that he was “trying to become the next Michael Jordan” until he got attention from young women singing on a talent show, he was living a life in music.
  5. In 1997, during shooting with former Chicago Bull Craig Hodges, Kelly caught the eye of Scout for the USBL Atlantic City Seagull.
  6. Kelly signed a contract to play shooting guards (and for the song of the National Anthem) for Seagull, in which the provisions were included that whenever their music career was called, they should be allowed to leave the team.
  7. New York Daily News played a long and very entertaining feature with the same season in Kelly’s tenure.
  8. With a bodyguard, which includes a bodyguard, the singer runs the game in a white stretch limousine or a hunter-green Mercedes-Benz V-12 500. But there is no glow in his personality.

Type of Person

  1. “He is a very team-oriented person,” said Smith, many teammates are resounding.
  2. He has not tried to show anybody big or anyone, and everyone really appreciates him for him. She just wants to win the basketball game, so we took her like anyone else.
  3. But Kelly is not just for anyone else. When he toured the country in 1996, the singer earned 7.6 million dollars for 41 shows, one of the most profitable tours of America.
  4. In each city, they established basketball courts and hired college athletes and street players for organized sports.
  5. Regardless of playing less, Kelly rarely remembers practice, which happens two or three times a week for almost two hours.
  6. “He works very hard in practice,” said Mackay. “One of his excuses.
  7. Kelly had a game for only 1.2 seagulls, but in the Wall Street Journal article after the season, Seagull’s owner Ken Gross claimed that he had heard a rumor of Toronto Raptors’ interest in R.Kelly.
  8. It never came, but obviously R. Kelly’s game still continues. And he has certainly maintained his ability to fascinate Jamie Foxx.


R. Kelly: News| Basketball Player| Died| Albums| Songs| Height

“R. Kelly dead 2019” : Singer killed by internet Death hoax

  • Singer R. News of Kelly’s death spread to fans around the world in the beginning of this week.
  • However, now the report of January 2019 has been confirmed to be completely frightening and is the latest in the link to the fake celebrity’s death report.
  • Thankfully, the singer is best known for his hit song I Believe I Can Fly which is alive and well.


R. Kelly: News| Basketball Player| Died| Albums| Songs| Height

“I believe I Can Fly”
Release: November 26, 1996

“Gotham City”
Release: June 3, 1997

“I am your angel”
Release: August 8, 1998

“Half on a Baby”
Release: September 11, 1998

“home alone”
Release: October 30, 1998

“When A Woman’s Fed Up”
Release: February 27, 1999

“Have you ever thought”
Release: May 25, 1999

“If I Could Turn Time Back”
Release: September 28, 1999

“Only loot can make me happy”
Released: May 23, 2000

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R. Kelly: News| Basketball Player| Died| Albums| Songs| Height

2006 • Album • Young Jeezy

Before I Self Destruct
2009 • Album • 50 cents

2011 • Album • Snoop Dogg

2012 • Album • Future

cruel Summer
2012 • Album • Various Artists

Do what you want
2013 • Single • Lady Gaga

2013 • Album • Lady Gaga

2013 • Album • Justin Bieber

Free tc
2015 • Album • T Doll Dollar Ignore

Heartbreak on a full moon
2017 • Album • Chris Brown

The Anthem (Amigo Gazwe Remix) [Remix]
2018. Single. Amerigo Gazaway


The height of R. Kelly is 1.85 m, 6 ft 1

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