Hockey – History, Rules , Regulations ,Terminology

Hockey is not just a game. It is a lifestyle and dedication a dream inside every player who laces up then skates and play their heart out. A hockey team is a family. They share blood, sweat and tears together but most importantly share their victories. Once they get older and better, they Move on but those teams and those players will always be in their heart. In this article telling  about Hockey – History, Rules , Regulations ,Terminology.


Hockey – History, Rules , Regulations ,Terminology

History The origin of modern field hockey can be traced to the Middlesex cricket clubs, especially Teddington in the late nineteenth century. Looking for some genuine winter exercise, the teddington cricket club had begun to draw up rules for their game by the year 1874. Those rules included banning the raising of the stick above shoulder height and also stipulating that a shot at goal must take place with in the circle in front of it. Hockey Association was formed by seven London club and representative from Trinity college, Cambridge in the year 1886.

The first international competition of the game was held in the year 1895 between Ireland and Wales. By the late 19th century, the game had spread far and wide, mainly by the British army officers posted at different locations.

The International Rules board was formed in the year 1895. The governing body is the 116 member international hockey federation. The game made its first appearance in the Olympic games at the London Olympics held in the year 1908 in men category. Women’s field hockey has been played each summer Olympic games since 1980.


Rules and Regulations:

Following are the rules and regulations of the game:

1. In this game, two teams (11 player each) play two halves of 35 minutes for men and 30 minutes for woman, with a 5-10 minutes rest in halftime. Using front of the sticks, they try to get the ball into the opposite team’s goal, each goal is worth 1 point.

2. In this game each team has 1 goalkeeper and 5 substitutes who can enter at any time.

3. The refree blows his whistle to signal the start of the play. Players touch the ball with the face/front of the stick. A player can take part in the game only if he has his own stick in his hands.

4. The ball is put in play with a centre pass to own half of the field, during which all players must be in their own half field.

5. Two refrees are there in the game who regulate the rule of the game.

6. The goal is only scored from inside of shooting circle.

7. In this game, the goal-keeper can use hands and legs but cannot hold the ball.

8. If foul is committed by a defending in the shooting circle, then penalty corner is given to the opposing team.penalty stroke is awarded when defending team commits serious foul in the shooting circle.

9. In this game, if there is tie during regular time then two halves of 10min each are played as extended time. If there is still tie, then sudden death is followed, in which five players of each team attempt to push the ball. This is performed alternately by each team, afterward one to one attempt is followed to break tie.

Fundamental skills:

1. Holding the stick

2. Flick

A. Straight flick

B. Reverse flick

C. Flick on wrong foot

3. Stopping the ball

4. Tackling

A. Side tackle

B. Lunging

C. feinting

D. Front tackle

E. Wrong side tackle

5. Dribbling

6. Passing

A. Through pass

B. Return pass

C. Deflection pass

D. Interchanging position

7. Dodging

A. Dodging to the opponent left

B. Dodging to the opponent right

C. Double dodging

8. Stroke

9. Corner

10. Penalty

11. Goalkeeping

12. Shooting

13. Penalty corner

14. Push

A. Reverse push

B. Pushing on the wrong foot

15. Hitting

A. Reverse hitting

B. Hitting on the wrong foor

16. Scooping

A. Push scoop

B. Shoveling

Terminology used

1. Back stick:

A player when uses back side of stick while dribbling. It is also a violation.

2. Free hit:

It is hit performed by player without interruption. it is given to opponent team, when some foul or violation has been committed outside their own shooting circle D.

3. Obstruction:

It is hindrance to opponent against the rules.

4. Carried:

When ball touches the leg or feet of the player, it is a violation.

5. Bully:

It was the old method to start or restart the game. This term or method is not used now.

6. Caution:

Oral warning to the player for playing fair game.

7. Misconduct:

It is a rough or dangerous play and delay which amounts to time waste, intentionally offences or any bad behaviour by player etc.

8. Field goal:

It is a goal scored by dribbling or passing with in the shooting circle in a strategically move by the attacking players.

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  • Hockey India (HI) on Wednesday announced the 18-member team for the tournament.
  • On Tuesday, Manpreet was conferred the Arjuna Award by President Ramnath Kovind.
  • The Indian team will face Malaysian, Pakistan, South Korea, Japan and host team Oman in the 5th Asian Champions Trophy starting October 18 in Oman.
  • With Manpreet, Chinglesana will take charge of the vice-captain in this tournament.
  • In this, the Indian team will enter the existing championship. In the final of the Asian Champions Trophy held in Malaysia in 2016, India won the title by defeating rival Pakistan 3-2.
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Eastern W L OL PTS RW RgRec RgPt%
BOS 44 14 12 100 38 38-14-18 .671
TBL 43 21 6 92 35 35-21-14 .600
TOR 36 25 9 81 28 28-25-17 .521
FLA 35 26 8 78 30 30-26-13 .529
MTL 31 31 9 71 19 19-31-21 .415
BUF 30 31 8 68 22 22-31-16 .435
OTT 25 34 12 62 18 18-34-19 .387
DET 17 49 5 39 13 13-49-9 .246
WSH 41 20 8 90 31 31-20-18 .580
PHI 41 21 7 89 31 31-21-17 .572
PIT 40 23 6 86 29 29-23-17 .543
CAR 38 25 5 81 27 27-25-16 .515
CBJ 33 22 15 81 25 25-22-23 .521
NYI 35 23 10 80 24 24-23-21 .507
NYR 37 28 5 79 31 31-28-11 .521
NJD 28 29 12 68 22 22-29-18 .449

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