CM Punk: Does seth rollins hate| Why does seth rollins hate


CM Punk has made a dramatic return to WWE after a hiatus of almost a decade. Fans went crazy after hearing his theme music in Survivor Series. Today we will discuss about CM Punk: Does seth rollins hate| Why does seth rollins hate

CM Punk: Does seth rollins hate| Why does seth rollins hate

Phillip Jack Brooks (born October 26, 1978), better known by the ring name CM Punk, is an American professional wrestler. He is currently signed to WWE, where he previously worked from 2005 to 2014. He was contracted to All Elite Wrestling (AEW) from 2021 to 2023.

Does seth rollins hate

CM Punk: Does seth rollins hate| Why does seth rollins hate

Since SmackDown takes place on Friday nights, and WWE moved its PLE to Saturday nights, the blue brand and the major show the following day are likely to take place in the same city. This means WWE is able to test whether or not home fans will expect Punk at Survivor Series and yes, it’s not good. The fans began chanting Punk and to make the moment even more awkward, Seth Rollins was the only person in the ring when it happened.

Some Superstars may have ignored the fans, but that’s not Rollins’ style. The world champion looked around at the fans, shrugged his shoulders and had an expression on his face as if he had no idea what the fans wanted from him. The Architect was clearly surprised by Punk’s chants, and was likely expecting them, and it’s partly his fault that fans are expecting to see Punk at Survivor Series tonight.

Since Punk is a free agent and Survivor Series is in Chicago, there will always be a level of expectation, even if Rollins doesn’t do anything. However, he has been part of subtle on-screen teases using lines from iconic punk promos. Shinsuke Nakamura also used the GTS on Raw, unrelated to Rollins, but if fans are upset with Punk’s absence tonight, WWE is to blame.

Rollins doesn’t really want Punk back in WWE. While with AEW, the World Champion described Punk as having cancer and warned him to stay away from WWE. Roman Reigns, on the other hand, has said that he is open to anyone coming back to the company if it means they can do business together and make money. Needless to say, if you thought the punk chants were loud on SmackDown, just wait until you hear them at Survivor Series.

Why does seth rollins hate

Seth Rollins, who is the current WWE Heavyweight Champion, is considered one of the greatest WWE wrestlers of all time. He first debuted at the 2012 Survivor Series pay-per-view as part of the prestigious group known as “The Shield” alongside faction members Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose.

At the beginning of their run, The Shield helped CM Punk retain his championship by leading the alliance. Interestingly, the idea of ​​the stable was originally conceived by Punk himself and he wanted to be prominently involved in it. However, WWE ultimately called on The Shield to showcase emerging young talent separate from the already established Punks.

This decision greatly upset Punk and created tension between him and the Shield members that was unresolved for a long time. Rollins becoming a multiple-time World Champion made matters worse in Punk’s eyes.

Rollins also talked about CM Punk on Fox Sports Radio,

“I’ll end it on a positive note with him, that guy has given so much to my career that it hurts me to say bad things about him because he helped me, he really helped. He’s been a good guy to me throughout my career, but for whatever reason the last six or seven years, he’s been in a different ideology and we’re not on the same page.”