Spencer Jones: Baseball| Hunchback| NFL| Oklahoma

Brayden Brown put Spencer Jones together with Oklahoma Suners wide receiver Spencer Jones. Today we will discuss about Spencer Jones: Baseball| Hunchback| NFL| Oklahoma

Spencer Jones: Baseball| Hunchback| NFL| Oklahoma

The OU Daily reported on Monday that the Norman Police Department has confirmed that an open investigation into a fight near campus has started with Oklahoma football player Spencer Jones.

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Spencer Jones: Baseball| Hunchback| NFL| Oklahoma

Spencer Jones, a highly regarded left-handed pitcher and California’s first baseman, is out for the rest of the season with a left elbow injury.

Jones is a potential first-round pick in June’s MLB draft.

Jim Kallis of MLB.com reported that he underwent surgery to fix a small fracture in his thrown elbow on Wednesday and missed the rest of the season. He will be ready to play in the summer and will likely be in the early rounds of the draft.

The San Diego Union-Tribune reported that Jones felt “something pop” in his hand at a game on March 13, although there was no ligament damage.

Jones, who is 6-foot-7, 205 pounds, is a Vanderbilt commit.

He throws a low-90s fastball, a solid curve and a below-average changeup. At the plate, he has the same ability as a solid hitting first baseman / outfielder. He hits from the left side of the plate for a respectable average and power.


He is bored all around, bored, but not alone, possibly having hallucinations, meeting all the bricks-a-brakes of life. It is lonely in the slow lane. If Jones’s character was around 20 years ago, he could be cast as a neighbor in the bottom with his hunchback, white leggings, and I think there’s a nappy underdeath.


Spencer Jones: Baseball| Hunchback| NFL| Oklahoma

Spencer Jones, a wide receiver for the University of Oklahoma, got into a bar-room brawl and took the worst, absorbing shots in the face and down in a chokehold.

According to his brother, who joined Frakes on a popular night in Oklahoma, the man he fought was a trained wrestling and mixed martial arts fighter.

The former NFL star weighed podcaster Pat McPhee, stating that well-known athletes need to be wary of placing themselves in situations where things might get out of hand.


Spencer Jones: Baseball| Hunchback| NFL| Oklahoma

University of Oklahoma wide receiver Spencer Jones was involved in a change in the bar bathroom in a video surfaced on February 19.

Another man, along with Jones, pushed the attacker, causing the attacker and Jones into it. The aggressor decks Jones a few times and brings him to the ground, while a separate fight ensues in the bathroom. Jones did himself no favors, the video did not show a clear de-escalation effort

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