Philadelphia Eagles: Latest News| Score| Schedule| Record

Philadelphia Eagles is a professional American football franchise based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. In the Eagles National Football League (NFL), the League’s National Football Conference (NFC) competes as the member club of the East Division. They are Super Bowl champions, have won the Super Bowl LII; After winning the championship game in 1948, 1949 and 1960, his first super bowl in franchise history, and overall his fourth NFL title was. Today we will discuss about Philadelphia Eagles: Latest News| Score| Schedule| Record 

Philadelphia Eagles: Latest News| Score| Schedule| Record

Philadelphia Eagles: Latest News| Score| Schedule| Record

Latest News

NFL Week 16 Grade: Eagles get an ‘A’ to keep the expectations of the playoffs alive; Dolphins get an ‘F’

  1. If the Eagles fans have spoken in the last 12 months, then it is not that December does not save anyone like St. Nick.
  2. With Postson’s hopes on the line against Houston of Philadelphia, Nick Falls gave the Eagles a wild 32-30 victory over Texas on Sunday.
  3. No one gives a dramatic victory like falls and this game was no different. Whatever the magic folks were used in 2017, it was definitely done this season, because when Eagles needed it the most.
  4. The Eagles coach Doug Penderson clearly has full faith in the foil and he showed that many times in the game, starting at the first quarter, when he decided to play a gamble and for Texans 37- to 4 and 2 Started going Yard line
  5. Pederson likes to play percentages and he played again in the second quarter when he decided to go for the fourth and the goal from Texas’s 1-yard line. This was when Folx had already changed a quarter to drive, and this time what did he do?
  6. St. Nick again again with another four-down touchdown pass.
  7. The ability to convert the Eagles into the fourth down is a big reason to win the game. Sometimes playing the fourth down percent can fly in your face, but not when the folks are your quarterback.


  1. Overall, he changed 100 percent of his fourth-down efforts against Houston (4K4), which was a big step for the Eagles team, changing the game by just 50 percent of its fourth down in the season Came in.
  2. Of course, the magic of folks is not limited to just the fourth position. Eagles Quarterback also made several other big throw in the game, including 83-yard touchdown pass for Nelson Aglorer, which broke the 16-16 tie in the third quarter.
  3. In spite of the big game from the fall, the Eagles still blew it when Texans took the lead 29-29 to take the lead 30-29. Texans fans were probably thinking that No Wayle Folks could redistribute again, but what they did.
  4. In the last two minutes of the game, Foley led the Eagles on a 72-yard drive, ending with the end of the field goal of winning the game at 35 yards with Jake Elliott.
  5. Once again, Saint Nick gave it. At this point, teams of NFC playoffs are probably hoping that Eagles do not make postcases, and that’s because Folles has proved that there is a vast store of magic in his right hand.

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Philadelphia Eagles: Latest News| Score| Schedule| Record

Jacksonville 17-7 over Miami

Philadelphia Eagles: Latest News| Score| Schedule| RecordJaguars: B+

Occasionally, Jaguar’s defense plays so well that it does not matter who is a quarterback in Jacksonville, and it was one of those times. The 2018 Jaguar Defense finally played like a 2017 jigsaw defense. Not only that, he caught Dolphin under the guise of 200 yards – this season only marked second time when he organized a team under 200 yards after the 2017 match. This four times – but defense also won in the fourth quarter when Telvin Smith raised Ryan Tan

Philadelphia Eagles: Latest News| Score| Schedule| RecordDolphins: F

Someone might have forgotten to tell the dolphin’s crime that Miami’s weather was on the line because they chose a big time against Jacksonville. After scoring a touchdown on their opening drive, Dolphin crime did nothing for the rest of the game. As a matter of fact, here’s how his last nine properties went: Punts, Pants, Missed Field Goals, Pants, Lost Fumble, Pants, Pint Interception, Punt. Interception was particularly ugly because it was an ugly pick-six thrown by Tanihil. With 183 yards, the dolphin was held for the third time 200 yards of crime in four games. Dolphins lost despite an impressive performance from Miami Defense, which racked six sacks and restricted Jacksonville’s crime to just 10 points.

Philadelphia 32-30 over Houston

Philadelphia Eagles: Latest News| Score| Schedule| RecordTexans: B-

Dashan Watson almost gave victory to his team in this game, but Houston did not run with Philadelphia because Winston had no answers to Nick Folls. Texans left 519 yards of total offense against Eagles, marked for the first time since 2015 that they surrendered 500 or more yards. It was also the highest total totals given by Houston since November 2012. It seemed to be struggling to protect Texas when it meant the most, the Eagles transformed 100 percent their fourth down (4-Four-4) and 56.3 percent is their third down (9-Fox-16). As Watson, he threw away at 339 yards and made four turtles (two passing, two running away) in damage.

Philadelphia Eagles: Latest News| Score| Schedule| RecordEagles: A-

The only thing that can be more influential than Nick Folks’s performance is the drama of Zachtz. Although Texans knew that he would be passing a lot to the ball, his defense could not do anything to slow down the tight edges of the Eagles. Ertz caught 12 yards for 110 yards and two touchdowns, and now holds a single season record for most receptions until the tight end. There are 113 catches in the season of Ertge, who are breaking Jason Witten’s record, who had 110 receptions in 2012. Darren Sproles also have a Sparks with 108 total yards (32 crowd, 76 received) for Eagles crime.

Minnesota 27-9 over Detroit

Philadelphia Eagles: Latest News| Score| Schedule| RecordVikings: A-

Vikings made an ugly start with just four yards in the first quarter, but in the second quarter he made it for the first time when he made two touchdowns in the last 92 seconds of the first half. After throwing 8-yard TD with Stephen Digs in the second quarter, the Cancer cousin made a bigger drama to end the half together with Kyle Rudolph, along with 44-yard Hell Marie. Those two touchdown wikings were more than adequate scoring help for defense, which used to close the lions in the second half and kept them at just 82 yards from the last two quarters of the game.

Philadelphia Eagles: Latest News| Score| Schedule| RecordLions: D-

Despite being an experienced quarterback, the Lions crime is poor every week. Prior to dragging in the fourth quarter, Matthew Stafford completed only 18 times 32 times for the distance of 116 yards. Although Lions won an early lead of 9-0 in this game, but Vikings began to melt the whole team after closing the first half with two touchdowns in the last 92 seconds. Lions crime was so bad in the second half that they did not reach the Vikings area until there was no U.

Dallas 27-20 over Tampa Bay

Philadelphia Eagles: Latest News| Score| Schedule| RecordBuccaneers: C

The good news for buccaneers is that Jameis Winston does not seem to intercept anymore. The bad news is that he is still rotating the ball. Winston threw away at 336 yards, but he overwhelmed himself with two lost fumbles, who led two Cowboy Touchdowns. Two turnover also ignored a bookkeeper’s defense, which set a distance of 232 yards of the season.

Philadelphia Eagles: Latest News| Score| Schedule| RecordCowboys: B

They say that the Defense Win Championships and everyone in Dallas, perhaps, believes that the cowboy ride on Sunday for a division title. Cowboys needed to win on Tampa to win the NFC East and they were able to do this because of a defense in the clutch. Cowboy Defense stumbled two Jamies Winston, in which one was in the first quarter, in which Jylon Smith returned 69 yards.

Green Bay 44-38 over New york (Overtime)

Philadelphia Eagles: Latest News| Score| Schedule| RecordPackers: B+

By going to the Sunday game, Packers were going to lose this road (0-4) on the road, and Aaron Rogers ensured that Green Bay did not end the season with zero road wins. Rogers almost gave the packers the victory with 442 passing yards and four total touchdowns (two passing, two rushing) to win this game. Due to packers 35-23 behind, Roders led three touchdown drives in the last six minutes of regulation and overtime.

Philadelphia Eagles: Latest News| Score| Schedule| RecordJets: B

Jets may not be pleased with the fact that they achieved a 15-point lead in the fourth quarter, but they should be happy to know that they definitely have a quarterback of the future. In a showdown with Aaron Rodgers, Sam Dernold organized his own, threw for 341 yards and three touchdowns.

28-27 over New york Giants

Philadelphia Eagles: Latest News| Score| Schedule| RecordGiants: B-

Eli Manning certainly played his best game of the season, but most veteran fans would probably only remember the fact that he killed his return to the fourth quarter when he threw an ugly interception in the game’s last offensive game. Prior to that pick, Manning lit colts for 309 yards and a touchdown, and he did so that in one day where the Colts closed the Sacon Barclay, only 43 yards away on 21 people to Rocky got you.

Philadelphia Eagles: Latest News| Score| Schedule| RecordColts: B

Colts dug themselves at the start of 14-0, but then Andrew Lick and T. why. Hilton caught a shovel and drove them out right. Luck thrown for 355 yards and two touchdowns and most came when the Colts needed it most. Indy is trailing 27-21 and with four minutes to play, Luck led Colts to a gaming-winner drive, when he left Chester Rogers to play for one-yard score for only 55 seconds . Although Hilton has no match against the giants For damage, hold seven passes for 138 yards.

Cleveland 26-18 over Cincinnati

Philadelphia Eagles: Latest News| Score| Schedule| RecordBengals: C-

The special team of Bengals came to play in Cleveland, but in reality nobody else on the team did it. The Bengals changed a fake punt and blocked a brunes punt in the fourth quarter that set up a touchdown. This was a dark day for the Bengals, which was somehow organized in the first half of the NEGATIVE-15 Net Passing Yard.

Philadelphia Eagles: Latest News| Score| Schedule| RecordBrowns: B+

Baker Mayfield may not win a bad boy of the year, but he is doing his best to make late cases. Browne committed an offense against Bengals and it was a major reason for Mayfield, who completed 274 out of 37 passes in 284 yards and three touchdowns. At one point of the game, Mayfield completed 14 straight passes.

Atlanta 24-10 over Carolina

Philadelphia Eagles: Latest News| Score| Schedule| RecordFalcons: B+

It took 16 weeks, but Falcon Defense finally put together their most influential performance of the season. Not only did they force four turnover, but they limited the panthers to just 10 points, which is the lowest total score for the team in the total season. Aggressively, Matt Ryan was not perfect (15 out of 26), but he handed three touchdown passes to three different receivers (Mohammed Sanu, Kelvin Ridley, Julio Jones).

Philadelphia Eagles: Latest News| Score| Schedule| RecordPanthers: C-

Taylor Hankey made his debut in this game and he probably wants to burn all the sports films with his performance. Heinike throws three interrupts and the ugly part for Panthers is that all three pixels come in Atlanta’s 30-yard line. That total includes an interception that Henikey threw away from the Falcon’s 4-yard line when Carolina was threatening to score right before Half Time.

New England 24-12 over Buffalo

Philadelphia Eagles: Latest News| Score| Schedule| RecordBills: D

Bills went on Sunday with one of the best-running rugs in football, but after the steamroll by Patriots, there is a possibility of a change. Buffalo surrendered 273 yards on the ground, marked only for the second time in five years that a team ran over 270 yards for them. Of course, this was not the only defense of the bill which was bad; Everyone seemed to struggle for the bill.

Philadelphia Eagles: Latest News| Score| Schedule| RecordPatriots: B

Defeat Josh Gordon can hurt the patriots on the road, but New England did not hurt in this game, and Bill Bellich decided to run the ball under Buffalo’s neck. Situated at 116 yards of Sony Mitchell, Patriots spent a total of 273 yards on the ground, which was the team’s top runner with Tom Brady at the center and the team’s second largest total was under Belich.

Chicago 14-9 over San Francisco

Philadelphia Eagles: Latest News| Score| Schedule| RecordBears: B-

Beers will not get any beauty points for this win, but Michelle Trubbysky may be out for her performance. With Playoff around the corner, Trubsky is getting hot at the right time. Beers Quarterback threw four imperfections in just one game, where they finished 25 out of 29 and one touchdown for 246 yards.

Philadelphia Eagles: Latest News| Score| Schedule| Record49ers: B

49 Defense kept things against Beers with impressive performance, which included three sacks and two turnover. Only two minutes left to play the second turnover when Tarverius Moore added some drama by removing the beer receiver Allan Robinson. That turnover gave another shot to 49ers on one win, but Nick Mullen had no match for Bears Defense, who closed him for almost all four quarters.

Los Angeles Rams 31-9 over Arizona

Philadelphia Eagles: Latest News| Score| Schedule| RecordRams: A

Todd Gurli did not play on Sunday, but it did not matter because Ram had CJ Anderson. If you do not even know that Anderson has played for Ram, then do not be ashamed, because it appears that the cardinals did not know either. After signing with Ram on Tuesday, Anderson moved out and moved Arizona defense to 167 yards and made a touchdown on 20 carats.

Philadelphia Eagles: Latest News| Score| Schedule| RecordCardinals: D

What we learned from this game is that Larry Fitzgerald can be the best quarterback on the cardinals roster. For the only touchdown of Arizona, the 32-yacht touchdown throw was thrown for David Johnson, and Fitzgerald also held six passes for 53 yards.

New Orleans 31-28 over steelers

Philadelphia Eagles: Latest News| Score| Schedule| RecordSteelers: B

The last 10 minutes of this game could not have been more devastating for the steelers and could have cost them the cost of their season. With the game on line in the fourth quarter, Steelers lost two frames in the last 10 minutes of the game, which included a frame by Juju Smith-Schuster which was 32 seconds left, the steelers were in a position to tie the game . Mike Tomlin may have also been replying to the fact that he called out for a fake punt from his 42-yard line, while remaining in the fourth quarter only to be leading with 28-24 remaining remaining. In the chaotic last minute, a huge game was overseen by Ben Roethalberger (380 yards, three touchdowns) and Antonio Brown (14 catches, 185 yards, two touchdowns).

Philadelphia Eagles: Latest News| Score| Schedule| RecordSaints: B+

New Orleans crime was turned on Sunday to Michael Thomas Show because the Saint receiver caught 11 passes for 109 yards. Thomas’s biggest catch came only from one-yard when he caught a touchdown near Drew Bridge, which gave Sanyasi a 31-28 lead, with only 1:25 left to play. Although the saints struggled for the better part of three quarters against the steelers, but they came in a clutch with two huge turnover in the fourth quarter.

Seattle 38-31 over Kansas City

Philadelphia Eagles: Latest News| Score| Schedule| RecordChiefs: B-

The chiefs have a big hole in the playoff and this hole is their defense. Although Patrick Mahoms put a large number (273 yards distance, three touchdowns), but it was not enough to beat a Chief Defense, who surrendered at Seattle 464 yards, including 210 on the ground The Chiefs have given the first time since 2016. More than 200 yards race.

Philadelphia Eagles: Latest News| Score| Schedule| RecordSeahawks: A+

Seahock had to play almost the right game to defeat the Chiefs and he did the same. Russell Wilson also stressed himself with a wildly influential game in the MVP talks, where he threw for 271 yards and three touchdowns.

P. Eagles

Owner(s) Jeffrey Lurie[4]
Chairman Jeffrey Lurie
CEO Jeffrey Lurie
President Don Smolenski
General manager Howie Roseman (de facto)
Head coach Doug Pederson
Team history
  • Philadelphia Eagles (1933–1942; 1944–present)
  • Phil-Pitt “Steagles” (1943)
Team nicknames
  • The Birds
  • The Iggles
League championships (4)

  • NFL championships (pre-1970 AFL–NFL merger) (3)
    1948, 1949, 1960
  • Super Bowl championships (1)
    2017 (LII)
Conference championships (4)

  • NFL Eastern: 1960
  • NFC: 1980, 2004, 2017
Division championships (14)

  • NFL East: 1947, 1948, 1949
  • NFC East: 1980, 1988, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2006, 2010, 2013, 2017, 2019
Playoff appearances (27)
  • NFL: 1947, 1948, 1949, 1960, 1978, 1979, 1980, 1981, 1988, 1989, 1990, 1992, 1995, 1996, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2006, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2013, 2017, 2018, 2019
Home fields
  • Baker Bowl (1933–1935)
  • Philadelphia Municipal Stadium (1936–1939, 1941)
  • Connie Mack Stadium (1940, 1942–1957)
  • Franklin Field (1958–1970)
  • Veterans Stadium (1971–2002)
  • Lincoln Financial Field (2003–present)

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