Patrick Mahomes tweet: Edit| That’s who| About brother


Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs picked up their first win of the 2023 season by defeating Trevor Lawrence and the Jaguars 17-9 on Sunday in Jacksonville. Today we will discuss about Patrick Mahomes tweet: Edit| That’s who| About brother.

Patrick Mahomes tweet: Edit| That’s who| About brother

Patrick Mahomes learned the importance of comma placement – ​​and the edit button – on Monday night.

Taking to the platform formerly known as Twitter, the Kansas City Chiefs star shared his reaction to New York Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers’ shocking injury, but the lack of punctuation proved problematic.

“Hate that guy… praying for the best,” the 27-year-old quarterback surprised some followers by writing.

But within an hour, Mahomes realized his grammatical mistake and edited his post to write: “Hate, man… praying for the best.”


Patrick Mahomes tweet: Edit| That's who| About brother

Aaron Rodgers’ arrival to the New York Jets was the biggest story of the NFL offseason. Unfortunately for New York, the hype lasted only one possession.

Rodgers suffered an apparent Achilles injury on his first drive of the Jets’ showdown with the Buffalo Bills on Monday Night Football in Week 1. Jets head coach Robert Salah told the media after the game “It’s not good”, leading to concerns that Rodgers could miss the rest of the season. At 39, this could also be the worst-case scenario for his career.

Players around the league immediately expressed support for Rodgers after the injury. Only one of those social media posts included a hilarious edit for a particularly important comma. Here’s the tweet from Patrick Mahomes (yes, we’re still calling it that) that we can’t stop laughing about.

We may need to include this in future English books to teach children the importance of commas. A comma changed Mahomes’ message from “hate that guy” to “hate that guy.” That’s a huge difference!

OK, so just because so many people hate Aaron Rodgers for so many reasons – as a Bears fan, I can name more than a few – I don’t think anyone really believed that Mahomes Hated Rodgers even without the comma. Still, better safe than sorry. Kids, proper grammar saves a lot of headaches.

That’s who

Earlier this week, Bengals receiver Jamar Chase took a good shot at Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes when Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow admitted that Mahomes is the best quarterback in the NFL.

Chase knows who Mahomes is. Chase was just being funny. If you don’t know who Pat is, you don’t know anything about the current American sports landscape.

But Mahomes, as great people often do, took it personally. He tweeted a photo of himself wearing his two Super Bowl rings last night with the declaration: “That’s the one.”

Mahomes can avoid disagreements from time to time; He has a natural charm that makes him likable, even if he is a bit short. (Actually, “Petey Mahomes” was trending on Twitter Friday morning.)

Petty is okay. Pettiness is necessary for some people. How can NFL players who climb to the top of the mountain muster the willpower to try climbing the same mountain again and again?

For Petey Mahomes, the goal is clear. Seven. That’s what Tom Petty has. And that will give Mahomes extra motivation to move up to No. 3, then No. 4, then No. 5.

And on those days when Mahomes doesn’t feel like doing whatever it takes to continue pursuing the ring Brady has always described as his favorite ring (“the next one”), Mahomes Might remind himself that Chase asked “Pat who?” — and Mahomes can assure himself that Chase wasn’t kidding when he said it.

About brother

Keeping it in the family. Patrick Mahomes is speaking out following the arrest of his brother, Jackson Mahomes — but he’s setting a firm boundary.

“It’s a personal thing that I’ll keep to myself,” the 27-year-old Kansas City Chiefs quarterback told reporters during a press conference on Wednesday, May 24, when asked about the controversy.

Patrick stressed that his focus is on helping his team succeed after a 2022 Super Bowl victory. “At the end of the day, I come here to play football and also try to take care of my family,” he said. “So [I] just keep it to myself and when I’m in the building I go out there and play football.”