Patrick Mahomes birthday: When is| Party| Cake| Wishes


Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs picked up their first win of the 2023 season by defeating Trevor Lawrence and the Jaguars 17-9 on Sunday in Jacksonville. Today we will discuss about Patrick Mahomes birthday: When is| Party| Cake| Wishes.

Patrick Mahomes birthday: When is| Party| Cake| Wishes

Mahomes was born on September 17, 1995 in Tyler, Texas.  

When is

Patrick Mahomes birthday: When is| Party| Cake| Wishes

Patrick Mahomes, in full Patrick LaVon Mahomes II, (born September 17, 1995, Tyler, Texas), American football quarterback who was named among the National Football League (NFL) leading players early in his career after being named the NFL’s Most Valuable Player Became one of the. Most Valuable Player (MVP) in his second season as a professional (2018). 


Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes is entering his seventh NFL season and is already one of the five most experienced players in the entire league.

Mahomes, 27, joked about being “old” on Twitter on Saturday in response to a post on Sunday Night Football on NBC’s account, but apparently he’s still young enough to party. He and his wife Brittany were seen having a good time at the 14th annual Big Slick Celebrity Weekend.

Mahomes, Travis Kelce, Paige Buechele and Shane Buechele all posed for a photo together at the Big Slick KC afterparty. Shane is Patrick’s best friend and Paige is his wife.

Kelce, 33, and Mahomes took the stage at the event wearing identical shirts, prompting Brittany to mock them on Instagram for their matching outfits.

The fundraising weekend, which began with a celebrity softball game, was a wild success. They raised a record-breaking $3.5 million for Children’s Mercy Hospital.


“They made me a fan and I’m from California,” Aubrey Eatland said.

The California transplant named him Overland Park Cakery Water to Wheat.

“People go crazy for the Chiefs,” Attland said.

His latest creation is a chocolate, Italian meringue butter cream Patrick Mahomes cake.

“I basically got it from his hair and his headband and looking at Patrick Mahomes,” Eatland said.

Like her throw, it’s so cute. She said she had made 300 cakes last year and had already booked 50 weddings this year.

“Yeah, that’s what makes them special. The fans are amazing. They’re loyal,” Eatland said.

She credits the Chiefs for making Kansas City feel like home.

“The community comes together, the camaraderie comes, and it feels like a unit, like a team and like an amazing community, and I feel like that’s because of the Chiefs,” Eatland said.

This year she is going all out for Chiefs Kingdom.

“Every time the Chiefs play and win it’s a celebration. What better way to celebrate than with cake?” Eatland said.


NFL star Patrick Mahomes wished his wife Brittany Mahomes “happy birthday” in a new social media post, as she immediately responded “Love you babe” with a winking eyes emoji and a heart.

Patrick, who turns 28 next month, celebrated Britney’s birthday on Thursday with two photos of them together, as well as two photos of themselves with their children. Britney turned 28 on Friday.

The couple have son Patrick “Bronze” LaVon Mahomes III, 8 months, and daughter Sterling Skye, 2½.

Earlier this week, the two-time Super Bowl MVP threw his wife a surprise birthday party complete with denim and diamond dresses and lots of blue and silver balloons. Britney shared photos from the party, where 10 friends also gathered to celebrate the mother of two.

“Patrick surprised me this weekend with his girls and a celebration and it was the best time!” Britney wrote in her post on Tuesday.

Brittany wrote that Patrick “always makes me feel special,” while also sharing photos of the Kansas City Chiefs quarterback wearing a denim jacket and ripped jeans.

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