Elements of yoga

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Yoga is very important for every person and Yoga is a ideally suited to prevent physical and mental illness and to protect the body generally, […]


Handball: History, Rules regulations,Playfield ,fundamental skills,Terminology

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Handball is played on four walled court by two or more players hit a small ball against the front wall with hand.Today we will discuss […]


Badminton: History, Equipments used, Rules and Regulations, Fundamental skills,Terminology.

February 15, 2018 sportsjone 13

A champion has to be disciplined by practicing regularly in the right manner,respect coaches and most importantly ought to have self-belief.Today we will discuss about […]


Cricket-History|Rules|Regulations|Awarding of Runs|Terminology|Fundamental skills

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Cricket plays an important part in our life and a very interesting game and no cricket team in the world depends on one or two […]


Table-Tennis-History, playfield Equipments, Rules and Regulations, fundamental skills,Terminology.

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Champions are won at practice learn from your defeat and you will be a good winner. It is a type of sport in which two […]


Basket Ball-History|Rules|Regulations|Fundamental Skills|Terminology

February 7, 2018 sportsjone 15

The strength of the team is an individual member. Without team members the team is incomplete.In this article, we shall discuss about the game of┬áBasket […]

National Awards of Sports

National Awards of Sports-Meaning|Types of Awards|Explaination

February 6, 2018 sportsjone 12

India has a long tradition in physical fitness and sports.Recognition of any outstanding achievement is highly motivating and more so when it comes from the […]


Kho-kho-History,Rules and Regulations,Skills,Terminology

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Games and sports are the major contributions of civilization and culture.It is not possible for us to imagine when men started sports.We can only guess […]