Nations League: Semi Finals| Rules| UEFA Rules| Switzerland

The UEFA Nations League is a biennial international football competition, which is fought by senior male national teams of UEFA member associations, the European governing body of the game. Today we will discuss about Nations League: Semi Finals| Rules| UEFA Rules| Switzerland

Nations League: Semi Finals| Rules| UEFA Rules| Switzerland

UEFA Nations League
RegionEurope (UEFA)
Number of teams55
Qualifier forUEFA European Championship

Semi Finals

Nations League: Semi Finals| Rules| UEFA Rules| Switzerland

Nations League semi-final Netherlands vs England

What is it?

Nation League semi-final between Netherlands and England After defeating Switzerland 3-1 on Wednesday night, the winner will face Portugal in the final on Sunday.

With respect to the losers fourth, the Swiss will also finish it on Sunday.

When is it?

Thursday night, it is June 6, 2019.

What time is kick-off?

19.45 BST.

Where is it?

Sport Estadio D. There was a multi-use Guimarre in Afonso Henriques.

What TV channel is it on?

Sky Sports Football and Main Event, as well as their HD equivalent.

Nations League: Semi Finals| Rules| UEFA Rules| Switzerland

What is the team news?

  • The players who are in the Champions League final of Saturday are likely to see England comfortably, at least from the beginning.
  • Matt Law reports that Harry Kane and Jordan Henderson are unlikely to get started and Raham can take the captain’s armband in the absence of Sterling Kane.
  • The manager of the Netherlands, Ronald Coyman, has a similar decision to make a decision about Virgin Van Dijak, who is quiet in his van.
  • Gregory Whizaldem was another for the specialty in the European final, though closed after one hour.

What are they saying?

  • Gareth Southgate kept his card close to his chest when it came to reaching the final of Star Crane Harry Kane and other Champions League Champions League before the Crunch Nations League semi-final with Holland.
  • Seven selections of Southgate were involved in Saturday’s clashes between Liverpool and Tottenham, whereby three Lions employees received little time to prepare to take Holland to Guamares.
  • “Well, this is a strange kind of preparation,” said England’s manager.
  • “But every time you meet with international teams, there are always some kind of complexities.

Nations League: Semi Finals| Rules| UEFA Rules| Switzerland

  • “In March, we lost eight injury wounded and young players performed brilliantly
  • And therefore we have shown incredible adaptability and flexibility in the last two years, especially as a team.
  • “I think in terms of where the players are, I have to assess all those players who were in Madrid, because this is a unique game, a unique set of circumstances, whether you win or lose.
  • “Its sense, physical implication, is the fact that the players had only arrived on Tuesday and there are more strategic work going on, so I have got to assess them all.”
  • Liverpool captain Jordan Henderson Estadio D. Afonso Henriks is the only doubt for the semi-finals, though the availability of Ken is a big thing.
  • After the seven-week absence of ankle injury, the final defeat in the Quit of Spurs Champions League, Southgate says that the striker is fit to start against the Dutch.
  • England’s manager said, “I was in the game, I wanted to see the game.”
  • “We have our own comments about how that game is played. I would say only that much of Harry’s service, when he was reaching with him or in his area, was not a favorite.”
  • With Kane potentially going on the bench, it has been discussed that Rahim Sterling will captain his country for the first time that he will win his 50th cap.
  • A PR firm affiliated with England suggested that he is ready to leave the team – something that the player was “fuming” and Southgate was fed up.
  • He said, “If I confirm anything about the team that Rahim is playing, then I am doing half a job of Ronald (Coomman) for that, so I do not want to discuss captaincy.”
  • “Originally Harry Kane is our captain. If Harry does not play Kane, then I have to make a decision.”
  • England line-up may be uncertain, but the determination of the cap’s progress with silver vessels is clear.
  • “We know, of course, this is the World Cup, European championship in batting order,” Southgate said
  • Now we have a new competition, which can enter our best division of 12 teams in Europe.
  • “We are really doing the right way through a difficult group, as there are other teams in it. Therefore, we want to be in the habit of starting things to win.
  • “We did not have a free hit in the World Cup last summer because when you play for England, there is no free hit on anything, but the expectation was low.
  • “But we did not go ahead as a team, now I think we have achieved confidence by reaching the semi-finals.”
  • They said, “We did not want it to end. We thought we have found players who are capable and hungry to move forward and win things.
  • “We always want to stay in the later stages of the tournament, where there are opportunities to win big game trophies, and this competition will be provided in the next few days.”

What are the best odds?

England: 7/5
Draw: 9/4

What’s our prediction?

A tight game should be fixed in extra time, the way our English readers will not like: England 1 Netherlands 2 AET

Nations League Rules & UEFA Rules

Nations League: Semi Finals| Rules| UEFA Rules| Switzerland

In 2011, UEFA began to discuss how to improve international football among European teams – this new competition is their answer.

England is playing a new competition this autumn – UEFA Nation League

In 2011, UEFA began to discuss how to improve international football among European teams. This new competition is their answer.

England is competing against some major fights of the continent, along with Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland is also in the race to promote high utensils and compete for the title under the line.

But what’s really the new tournament? And how does it work?

Here’s all you need to know …

What is the UEFA Nations League?

This new tournament sees European countries competing against each other in a league format. The top four nations will compete in the ‘Final Four’ summer showpiece event in 2019.

The UEFA Nations League is the culmination of a six-year plan by the governing body of European football.

What’s the format and how will it work?

Total 55 countries have been divided into four mini-leagues (A, B, C, D). The league allocation for the first tournament was determined by UEFA ranking of each country. Leagues are affiliated with the highest ranking countries in League A, which are in the league-B and the next highest.

Each league will be divided into groups, consisting of three or four teams. At the end of each round of fixtures, four teams are promoted to the league in the league and four teams in the league. They will play at their new league level in the next edition of the competition.

During the inaugural competition, the winners of each of the four groups in the league A will compete in the final four in the summer of 2019.

What is the Final Four and how does it work?

Four group winners of the league compete in the semi-finals (only one leg) and then win the crown of the League of Nations champions with the finals.

The last four will always be in summer after group stages

When are the matches?

There will be a six-day league / group match spread across the international level in September / October and November.

The last four matches are held during the following summer after the end of the club championships.

Is this the end of friendly matches?

The number of friends from the European countries will be greatly reduced, but they will not disappear completely.

Countries will still have time to play friendships, especially in the creation of the World Cup and European Championships.

What benefits does this new tournament have?

The idea behind the UEFA Nations League is to reduce the number of redundant friendships and try to ensure that the nations face opponents of equal quality.

In addition, UEFA has added a rule that provides low-ranked teams with better opportunities to reach the euro. 16 lowest ranked teams will now be guaranteed one of the 24 qualifying spots in the European Championships

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The groups – 2018/19 edition

League A, Group 1

  • Netherlands
  • France
  • Germany

League A, Group 2

  • Iceland
  • Switzerland
  • Belgium

League A, Group 3

  • Poland
  • Italy
  • Portugal

League A, Group 4

  • Croatia
  • England
  • Spain

League B, Group 1

  • Czech Republic
  • Ukraine
  • Slovakia

League B, Group 2

  • Turkey
  • Sweden
  • Russia

League B, Group 3

  • Northern Ireland
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Austria

League B, Group 4

  • Denmark
  • Republic of Ireland
  • Wales

League C, Group 1 (three teams only)

  • Israel
  • Albania
  • Scotland

League C, Group 2

  • Estonia
  • Finland
  • Greece
  • Hungary

League C, Group 3

  • Cyprus
  • Bulgaira
  • Norway
  • Slovenia

League C, Group 4

  • Lithuania
  • Montenegro
  • Serbia
  • Romania

League D, Group 1

  • Andorra
  • Kazakhstan
  • Latvia
  • Georgia

League D, Group 2

  • San Marino
  • Moldova
  • Luxembourg
  • Belarus

League D, Group 3

  • Kosovo
  • Malta
  • Faroe Islands
  • Azerbaijan

League D, Group 4

  • Gibraltar
  • Liechtenstein
  • Armenia
  • Macedonia


Nations League: Semi Finals| Rules| UEFA Rules| Switzerland

Portugal manager Fernando Santos called Cristiano Ronaldo as “a genius” after ensuring his fantastic hat-trick, Portugal entered the nation league final with a victory over Estádio do Dragão on Switzerland.

  1. Ronaldo, 34, gave the stunning edge with the first half free kick, which flew into the lower-right corner, the Swiss-keeper’s wrong-headed vehicle, Somer.
  2. Switzerland took the second period when Ricardo Rodriguez withdrew the video assistant referee’s fines – Felix Brich initially indicated for a penalty on the other end.
  3. But after consultation with his pitch-side monitor, Referee Brych has replaced Steven Zuber in Switzerland for the foul of Nelson Samedo.
  4. Excited by this decision, the hosts struggled to create any rhythm because the game appeared to be extended to extra time.
  5. Although Ronaldo made a significant difference, late Bernardo Silva’s cross reached the corner of the net, 102 seconds later before firing at the same place.
  6. “Santos, former manager of Ronaldo in Sporting Lisbon, said,” In the context of adjectives to describe the game of Ronaldo – I have used many – I have used many.
  7. “I was his coach in 2003 and I could see where he would go.

Man of the match

Nations League: Semi Finals| Rules| UEFA Rules| Switzerland

Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal)

  • Portugal has won five of their last eight matches against Switzerland (D1 L2), despite having won six of their matches.
  • This is the first encounter between Portugal and Switzerland to see the scores of both sides from March 1993 (1-1 in the World Cup qualifier).
  • After winning 2-0 against Portugal in the World Cup qualifier in April 1969, Switzerland lost to seven in their last nine matches played in Portugal (including Euro 2004) and scored seven times.
  • Portugal has lost only one of their last 16 games in all competitions (W6 D9) and is unbeaten after the 2-1 defeat against Uruguay in the 2018 World Cup (since P9 W4 D5 L0).
  • Two of Cristiano Ronaldo’s last five goals for Portugal have come straight from the free-kick; Of the previous 52 goals of the previous years, they were created in only one way.
  • The last three goals of Ricardo Rodriguez for Switzerland – and five out of the last six – have been penalties.
  • This nation is directly involved in more goals between the defenders of the League campaign compared to Rochardo Rodriguez (three – two goals, one assistance) of Switzerland, only for Strahil Popov (four) for Bulgaria and Benjamin Cololi for Kosovo (five)

What will happen next?

Portugal plays the winner of the semifinals between Thursday (cm 1 9:45) between England (Netherlands (19:45 BST) in the League of Nations finals on Thursday and in Porto, Switzerland, on Sunday, at 14:00, the third place play- Will participate in the off.

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