Lakers vs Mavericks All time Records & Achievements


The Los Angeles Lakers and Dallas Mavericks have played each other a total of 126 times in NBA regular-season games, with the Lakers winning 68 of those games and the Mavericks winning 58. They have also played each other in the playoffs 12 times, with the Lakers winning 8 of those series and the Mavericks winning 4. Here is a breakdown of their all-time records:

Lakers vs Mavericks

Regular season:

  • Lakers victories: 68
  • Mavericks victories: 58


  • Lakers series won: 8
  • Mavericks series won: 4


  • Lakers victories: 76
  • Mavericks victories: 62

It’s worth noting that the Mavericks have had more success against the Lakers in recent years, particularly in the playoffs. In 2011, the Mavericks swept the Lakers in the Western Conference Semifinals en route to winning their first NBA championship. They also beat the Lakers in the first round of the playoffs in 2020. However, historically, the Lakers have had the upper hand in this matchup.

Lakers vs Mavericks


Both the Los Angeles Lakers and Dallas Mavericks are highly successful NBA franchises with numerous accomplishments and accolades. Here are some of their notable achievements:

Los Angeles Lakers:

  • 17 NBA championships (most recent in 2020)
  • 32 Western Conference championships
  • 24 Pacific Division titles
  • 60 playoff appearances
  • 3 MVP awards (Magic Johnson, Shaquille O’Neal, Kobe Bryant)
  • 16 Hall of Fame players

Dallas Mavericks:

  • 1 NBA championship (2011)
  • 2 Western Conference championships
  • 3 Southwest Division titles
  • 22 playoff appearances
  • 1 MVP award (Dirk Nowitzki)
  • 2 Hall of Fame players (Nowitzki, Steve Nash)

While the Lakers have significantly more championship titles, the Mavericks’ 2011 championship win was a historic moment for the franchise and the city of Dallas. Overall, both teams have had their fair share of success and are respected and recognized as top NBA franchises.