Intertoys: Folder| Amsterdam| Speelgoed| Lego

Intertoys was a Dutch store-chain special in toys, multimedia and electronics. This is part of Alteri Investors. Intertoys has about 500 stores (2017), of which around 450 (with more than 100 franchise stores and 15 XL megastars) are in the Netherlands. There are 11 stores in Belgium and 29 are in Belgium. The headquarters of InterTomes is in Amsterdam. Today we will discuss about Intertoys: Folder| Amsterdam| Speelgoed| Lego

Intertoys: Folder| Amsterdam| Speelgoed| Lego



Number of locations
500 (2017)
  • Toys
  • Video games
OwnerAlteri Investors

Intertoys Folder

Intertoys: Folder| Amsterdam| Speelgoed| Lego

Intertoys is the largest chain of toy shops in the Netherlands

The stores are characterized by a similar appearance and are clearly organized according to age categories. In addition to a wide range of toys for young and old, along with well-known brands like Lego, Barbie, Jumbo, Bratz and Playmobil, there is a comprehensive collection of games for young and old all platforms and DVDs.

3 item (s)

Intertoys Amsterdam

v. Woustraat 31-33
Christiaan Huygensplein 10-12
1e van Swindenstraat 195
Heiligeweg 26-28
Bilderdijkstraat 135-139
Kinkerstraat 256-258

Intertoys Speelgoed

Intertoys: Folder| Amsterdam| Speelgoed| Lego

Toys motivate children to be enthusiastic about science, technology, architecture and mathematics already. No wonder then this is the trend in the field of toy!

STEM is an innovative approach to developing skills in technology, research, experiment, science and robotics. It encourages children to think logically.

Vote for dummy

  • For those who have never heard of STEM: it stands for science (science), technology (technology), engineering (architecture), mathematics (mathematics).
  • This word has been introduced to make children a science and technology enthusiast from an early age.

Toys separate

  • With STEM, children can search, design and experiment in a spontaneous way; Perfect for curious children! STEM makes toys so much fun that it provides many possibilities
  • Children can play in a variety of ways with a toy. So it matches their experience.
  • And due to the different possibilities they are less likely to play outside!

Stem toys are fun for all ages!

  • There is something suitable for every age: from brightly colored baby to baby toys, from kit to real chemistry lab and robot kit.
  • The most important thing is that you choose toys that suit children’s interests and levels.
  • If the toy is very difficult, then it can be disappointing. Is toy too easy? Then it does not pay attention to it.

Toddlers and Preschoolers

  • The latest look of toddlers and preschoolers around the world is unique, because they have a natural need to find new things.
  • With STEm toys, your child will know how to make a simple connection, for example, water flows, a light arrives, or the toy moves in the ‘right’ direction, such as co-de-roop or little tix of water The table Consequently, your child unknowingly learns that his actions lead to a certain result.


  • The larger your child, the more challenging it will be.
  • Toys like Lego, McNeo and Kennéx will be fun. But they understand faster, for example the principle behind a building kit.
  • Because assembling robots is one thing, but completing and running it is a new challenge.
  • A good example of the experimental set which actually introduces children to natural laws by Newton’s law Angino.

 Intertoys Lego

Intertoys: Folder| Amsterdam| Speelgoed| Lego

Intertoys: Lego withdrawal sales in all stores with 50% discount and more

In Germany, all Intertoys branches (almost exclusively in NRW) are closed as declared. The company justifies the closure with the fact that sales generated by commercial operations in Germany were not enough to cover costs and costs now. In a statement, the company said, “Intertues does not see any way to improve it over a long period.
  1. Toy series claims to be the market leader in the Netherlands.
  2. The first branch in Germany was opened in 1996.
  3. In any case, Intertus is currently cleaning up its stores in Germany and giving a good discount on their purchases to their customers.
  4. As PROMOBRICKS reader Christian tells us, at present there is at least 50 percent discount from all Lego sets. It may be worthwhile to stop here to grab one or the other set.


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