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Hawks vs 76ers: Game 4| Season Series| Game 2


The Atlanta Hawks and Philadelphia 76ers provided fans with the game on monday night as the lower-seeded team won the 103-100 they needed to lead the series 2-2. We will discuss about Hawks vs 76ers: Game 4| Season Series| Game 2.

Hawks vs 76ers: Game 4| Season Series| Game 2

The 76ers, on the other hand, saw all five of their opening scores in double digits, but in the end, that wasn’t enough to get the job done. As a result, the setting will shift back to Philadelphia on Wednesday night, which is now essentially one of three series.

Game 4

Hawks vs 76ers

Hoping to avoid what happened in 2019, the Sixers are off and focused on keeping the momentum going.
Win or lose tonight, favors the Sixers.
Sixers veteran Danny Green is out with a right calf. Fortunately, the Sixers won all three games that Greene missed in the regular season.
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The Sixers had an 18-point lead in the first half, but the Hawks systematically bridged the deficit and went down to two as they entered the fourth quarter.

The Sixers offense struggled down the stretch as its star, Joel Embiid, made his way to the finish line. Embiid had 17 points and 21 rebounds but shot 4-for-20.

Down three, Seth Curry’s game-tying three attempts hit the iron in the back.

It’s not the end of the world for the Sixers. They still own the homecourt advantage, and the Bucks-Nets series are also tied after four games.

Season Series

Hawks vs 76ers

Philadelphia 76ers vs. Atlanta Hawks Face-off in NBA Regular Season – All-Time Game Log

              PHI   ATL
2020-21 Season
  Streak Head-to-Head
387. Apr 30, 2021 Philadelphia 76ers vs. Atlanta Hawks W 126 – 104   76ers 

won 2
196 191
386. Apr 28, 2021 Philadelphia 76ers vs. Atlanta Hawks W 127 – 83   76ers 

won 1
195 191
385. Jan 11, 2021 Philadelphia 76ers @ Atlanta Hawks L 94 – 112   Hawks 

won 1
194 191
2019-20 Season
  Streak Head-to-Head
384. Feb 24, 2020 Philadelphia 76ers vs. Atlanta Hawks W 129 – 112   76ers 

won 1
194 190
383. Jan 30, 2020 Philadelphia 76ers @ Atlanta Hawks L 117 – 127   Hawks 

won 1
193 190
382. Oct 28, 2019 Philadelphia 76ers @ Atlanta Hawks

The 76ers and Atlanta Hawks have played 387 games in the regular season, with 196 wins for the 76ers and 191 wins for the Hawks.

This includes the development of total games, wins and losses, scores, overtime, dates and their head to head records. If it exists, data about variants of the two franchises over the years is also shown.

Game 2

Hawks vs 76ers

Milton took his turn in Game 2.

Milton shone several times this season as the sixth man before he fell out of favor and faltered through a terrible first round (3.4 points per game) against Washington.

With the reserve failing Philly for the second straight game against the Hawks – the Sixers had zero bench points in the half – coach Doc Rivers gave Milton a shot in the third.

The Sixers lost a 21-point lead and Trae Young hit a pair of free throws in the third to take Atlanta’s first lead 80–79.

Milton did not play in the first half but immediately buried 34 to make 82-80 for Philadelphia’s first bench point 3 in minutes.

He buried a long-range 3 on Horn that sent the Sixers into the fourth quarter with a 91-84 lead and sent the crowd into an absolute frenzy. He continued with an early jumper in the fourth that made it 95-84.

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