Hans Niemann: 100 accuracy| FIDE| Harvard| Parents| Interview


Nieman admitted to cheating online twice, at age 12 and 16, but says he never cheated in a one-on-one match. Today we will discuss about Hans Niemann: 100 accuracy| FIDE| Harvard| Parents| Interview.

Hans Niemann: 100 accuracy| FIDE| Harvard| Parents| Interview

Hans Moke Niemann (born June 20, 2003) is an American chess grandmaster and Twitch streamer. He was awarded the title of Grandmaster by FIDE on January 22, 2021.  In July 2021, he won the World Open Chess Tournament in Philadelphia. Nieman first entered the list of top 100 junior players on March 1, 2019 at 88th position. As of September 2022, he is the 6th highest-rated junior in the world and 45th overall.

Full name Hans Moke Niemann
Country United States
Born June 20, 2003 (age 19)
San Francisco, California
Title Grandmaster (2021)
FIDE rating 2688 (September 2022)
Peak rating 2688 (July 2022)
Ranking No. 49 (September 2022)
Peak ranking No. 45 (July 2022)

100 accuracy

Hans Niemann: 100 accuracy| FIDE| Harvard| Parents| Interview

In many of my games that I go through on computer analysis, I consider my move a “wrong” when I feel it is the fastest way to yield to my opponent or to make the game as fast as possible. To take in the safe victory. The way computers measure accuracy is not how people think or play.


Hans Niemann: 100 accuracy| FIDE| Harvard| Parents| Interview

Last week, world champion Magnus Carlsen resigned before making his move two against GM Hans Niemann in a game played in an online competition. A week earlier, he left an over-the-board tournament after losing the game to the same Mr. Neiman.

These were not FIDE events; However, as the world’s governing body of chess, it is our duty to protect the integrity and image of the game, and given that the phenomenon continues to grow, we feel it necessary to take a step forward.

First, we strongly believe that the World Champion has a moral responsibility attached to his position, as he is seen as the sport’s global ambassador. Their actions affect the reputation of their allies, the results of the game, and can ultimately be detrimental to our sport. We strongly believe that there were better ways to handle this situation.


Hans Niemann: 100 accuracy| FIDE| Harvard| Parents| Interview

In a YouTube video released earlier this year, Mr. Hans Niemann described how he was rejected by Harvard University a year earlier and how it affected his overall confidence. He said that he mustered the mental strength to overcome that disappointment and pursue a career in chess.


The names of Hans Niemann’s parents are not known.


When Hans Niemann was interviewed after Round 5 of the Sinckfield Cup, he criticized Chess.com for banning him from their site in the wake of Magnus Carlsen’s withdrawal from the event. Chess.com has now responded.

In his long and passionate interview with Alejandro Ramirez in St. Louis, 19-year-old Hans Niemann admitted to cheating on Chess.com at the age of 12 and then later at the Tuesday prize money event titled “Random Games.” (not for prize money) aged 16, when he said he wanted to raise his ratings to help with his streaming career.

Hans heavily criticized Chess.com for banning him again, and complained of a lack of explanation. Now Chess.com has published a statement in which they say they have informed Hans of their decision, as well as sharing with him “information that may not have been found on Chess.com about the amount and seriousness of his fraud.” I am contrary to his statements”.

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