Erin Molan: Holiday heist| Sean Ogilvy split| Collapse| Net Worth


Sky News broadcaster Erin Molan has been awarded $150,000 after winning a defamation suit against Daily Mail Australia over an article. Today we will discuss about Erin Molan: Holiday heist| Sean Ogilvy split| Collapse| Net Worth.

Erin Molan: Holiday heist| Sean Ogilvy split| Collapse| Net Worth

Erin Molan (born 24 August 1984) is an Australian television sports presenter. He is currently a primetime contributor on Sky News Australia, a radio presenter on 2Day FM and a columnist on The Daily Telegraph. Molan previously worked with the Nine Network, where she was part of the Nine Wide World of Sports for their NRL coverage and from 2019 their tennis coverage, where she hosted the secondary broadcast for Channel 9Gem of the Australian Open. Molan was also the host of Friday and Saturday sports on Nine News Sydney and host of The Sunday Footy Show and former host of The NRL Footy Show.

Born 24 August 1984 (age 38)
Occupation Television presenter, radio presenter, columnist
Years active 2008−present
Employer Sky News Australia
Known for
  • The NRL Footy Show (2012–2018)
  • The Sunday Footy Show (2012–2021)
  • Nine News Sydney (2016–2021)
Partner Sean Ogilvy (2017-2021)
Children 1
  • Anne
  • Jim

Holiday heist

Erin Molan: Holiday heist| Sean Ogilvy split| Collapse| Net Worth

Sports reporter Erin Molan is drenched by an automatic sprinkler Thursday morning as she prepares to present live on the TODAY show.

With a bubbly smile and tousled hair, Ms Molan looked stunned as she went live on air with Karl Stefanovic and Sylvia Jeffries, moments after sprinklers spilled over her and the crew.

Ms Molan said sprinklers located around the Brisbane Cricket Ground, or Gabba, were on a timer and the crew ‘just in case’ have placed a newspaper above the nearest one.

Sean Ogilvy split

Erin Molan: Holiday heist| Sean Ogilvy split| Collapse| Net Worth

Molan told 9Honey that it’s been a rough transition since she and Ogilvy split.

The NRL presenter said, “Sean loves Eliza more than the world, and I do too.” “It’s definitely an adjustment. You go from being with the most important person in your life 24/7 to sharing your baby and it’s really hard.

“But we are both really blessed that she is our priority and always will be and we do whatever is best for her. And that is something I never need to worry about and about. He never needs to worry.”

Molan became emotional when she spoke to her daughter about the difficulty of being away at nights with her father.

“I don’t think I’ll ever get used to him not being with me every night, but I also know he needs to see his father and that’s hard for him as well,” Molan said. “I know a lot of parents will relate to this, it’s really hard.

“But I know that wherever she is, with me or Sean, she is so loved and loved, more than life and that’s all I care about.”


A segment of 2Day FM’s breakfast show descended into dramatic scenes when presenter Erin Molan suddenly fainted this morning, prompting co-host Hughes to call for an emergency advertising break.

The 40-year-old media personality was reduced to a state of panic with an arachnophobic listener facing a fear of spiders, screaming with terror then falling to the floor in footage shared on Instagram with a heavy warning.

The clip sees a shivering Erin saying to the camera: “We’re gonna have spiders on us,” before groaning nervously and taking a heavy breath leaving the small but fast-moving tarantula next to her . Handler is advising both women to “breathe” and “keep calm.”

While the showrunner was able to briefly hold the spider under the guidance of Linda Handler, when Erin’s turn came with the spider, she let out a terrifying scream and trembled with fear.

“If you want to stop we can stop,” said Spider Handler, as Hughesy echoed the sentiment in the background.

Net Worth

Erin Molan has a net worth of around $1.5 million.