Erin Blanchfield: Predictions| Boyfriend| Record


The MMA community hyped Erin Blanchfield as a future champion after she knocked out Jessica Andrade at UFC Fight Night 219. Today we will discuss about Erin Blanchfield: Predictions| Boyfriend| Record.

Erin Blanchfield: Predictions| Boyfriend| Record

Erin Blanchfield continued to add to her hype as a potential future champion by defeating Jessica Andrade in the UFC Fight Night 219 main event. Blanchfield (11-1 MMA, 5-0 UFC) delivered a breakout effort with a second-round submission victory over former UFC champion Andrade (24-10 MMA, 15-8 UFC) in Saturday’s women’s flyweight headliner in Las Vegas In UFC Apex.


Erin Blanchfield: Predictions| Boyfriend| Record

Jessica Andrade vs. Erin Blanchfield: Blanchfield definitely has champion potential, but I fear Andrade may be too much too soon. Going from McMann to Andrade is an absurd jump in competition and Andrade is a force to be reckoned with right now. Andrade is very strong physically, with a low center of gravity, a solid 73% takedown defense, and a great submission game. It is possible that there was someone physically affecting Andrade. Shevchenko was successful with seven out of seven takedowns in a one-sided fight. Blanchfield averages four takedowns per 15 minutes.

While Blanchfield doesn’t have the power of Shevchenko, she does have a graceful EBI grappling background and does a decent job of chaining takedowns. This will be necessary if she wants to ground Andrade. Blanchfield does well with elbows and knees inside the clinch, but the strong and powerful Andrade is a dangerous game to play. Especially since Blanchfield is very susceptible to counterstriking. I wonder how well Andrade’s stamina will hold up on short notice, but if that’s his endurance, he’ll certainly have more ways to go than win the fight.


She does not have a boyfriend as of February 2023. Erin doesn’t seem to have a boyfriend. Therefore it’s safe to assume that the UFC star is currently single. Even if she is in a relationship with someone, she is determined not to let that information get out into public hands.


Mixed martial arts record
Total 12
Wins 11
By knockout 2
By submission 4
By decision 5
Losses 1
By decision 1