Deashaun Watson suspended: Reddit| Twitter| Kickoff game


Deshaun Watson has been required to undergo extensive league-mandated treatment for sexual misconduct by the NFL, and served an 11-game suspension. Today we will discuss about Deashaun Watson suspended: Reddit| Twitter| Kickoff game.

Deashaun Watson suspended: Reddit| Twitter| Kickoff game


The NFL and the NFL Players Association reached a settlement in the Deshaun Watson disciplinary case on Thursday, agreeing that the Cleveland Browns quarterback will serve an 11-game suspension without pay after allegations that he was sexually assaulted by more than two dozen women during a massage session. Was accused of misbehavior. ,

Watson will also have to pay a $5 million fine and undergo mandatory evaluation by behavioral experts and follow their suggested treatment program.

Watson’s fine and a $1 million contribution from both the NFL and the Browns will create a fund to support non-profit organizations in the United States “that educate young people on healthy relationships, promote education “and prevent sexual abuse and assault, support survivors, and related causes,” the NFL said in announcing the agreement.

Watson’s suspension will take effect on August 30, when NFL teams reduce the roster limit to 53 players. He will be eligible for reinstatement on November 28 and will be available to play again for the Browns in Week 13, when Cleveland faces his old team, the Houston Texans, on the road.

Aspect Detail
Suspension Duration 11 games
Fine Amount $5 million
Primary Accusation Sexual harassment and coercion during massage therapy sessions
Initial Suspension 6 games by NFL’s disciplinary officer


Deashaun Watson suspended: Reddit| Twitter| Kickoff game

I’ll be honest, the only reason I ask is because I really believe he would be good, but I have no facts to back it up.


After this Watson made a notable change in his Twitter account. As of now, the starting quarterback of the Cleveland Browns is operating a private account. Watson currently faces 24 civil lawsuits alleging sexual misconduct. However, there are no criminal charges against him.

The NFL has not yet decided how it wants to handle this situation. Watson may be suspended for a period of time, or the process may drag on for several months.

All we know right now is that Watson is limiting access to his personal tweets.

Kickoff game

Beginning this week, on kickoffs, any player on the receiving team may signal for a fair catch anywhere between the goal line and the 25-yard line, and the ball will be placed at the 25. The rule was established in the name of player safety, and appears to be intended to discourage returning kicks.

I’m not so sure about that. Every special teams coach I talked to before this rule was adopted despised it, and every one I’ve talked to since doesn’t think it will mean fewer kicks will be returned. Returners are returners because they feel like every return is a chance to make a big play. He doesn’t change.