Will Jalen Hurts play next game 2023?


The Eagles quarterback, a leading MVP candidate, missed his second straight game with a shoulder injury. Gardner Minshew, who replaced him, did not perform well, and neither did the Eagles’ offense in Sunday’s 20–10 loss to the New Orleans Saints. Today we will discuss about Will Jalen Hurts play next game 2023?

Will Jalen Hurts play next game 2023?


Jalen will not play Sunday against the Hearts, but is expected to be available for Philadelphia’s regular season finale against the Giants. Whether or not Hearts plays in Week 18 and by how much will be heavily influenced by what happens on Sunday against the Saints. 

The Philadelphia Eagles will take on the New York Giants in week 18 of the NFL season. The Eagles have the best record in the NFL, sitting at 13-3 and are still projected to be the No. 1 seed in the NFC playoffs, but their shot to see No. 1 is coming down to the wire.

The Eagles are in winning territory in Week 18 and their starting quarterback Jalen Hurts should be healthy enough to play after looking good in practice last week. Gardner Minshew was extremely shaky coming out of their loss to the Saints in Week 17 and it’s not hard to believe that the Hurts would have won if they were behind center.