What is the age of climber Noel Hanna, and who was his wife?


Currently, the topic of Noel Hanna’s wife is widely discussed online. This article offers details about his age, spouse, reason for passing, and financial worth

Noel Hanna, hailing from Dromara, was an Irish mountaineer and the founder of the Spartan Race. Recently, there has been widespread news about his death after successfully reaching the summit of the tenth highest peak in the world, Mt. Annapurna. He passed away during his descent from the mountain on Monday night. On the same climb, Baljeet Kaur, an Indian female climber, went missing while descending from the summit.

Mt. Annapurna is located in the Gandaki Province of Nepal and is one of the highest mountain points in the world.

Noel Hanna was a married man and his wife’s name is Lynne. However, there is no information available about his children.

Noel Hanna’s Wikipedia page is currently unavailable, but it is expected to be created soon. While information about him is scarce on the internet, we have done our best to gather some details.

He was born in Northern Ireland, but his date of birth and other personal details are not yet available.

Noel Hanna was a 55-year-old climber who was married and also a certified instructor. He was widely recognized as a renowned climber and is remembered as a great man.

Sadly, he passed away at the age of 56 during an expedition on Mount Annapurna in Nepal, and the cause of his death remains unknown. In 2016, he climbed Mount Everest alongside his wife Lynne, who is also a climber.


That is correct. Noel Hanna was indeed married to his wife Lynne, although details about her are not available on the internet at the moment.

Noel and Lynne made history by becoming the first pair to summit Mount Everest from both the Nepal south side and the Tibet north side of the mountain on May 21, 2016. This was a remarkable achievement and a testament to their skill and determination as climbers.

It’s possible that Lynne is a professional climber, as she did summit Mount Everest in 2016 with Noel Hanna. However, there is not much information available about her online, so we cannot confirm her profession or background.

It’s understandable that Lynne would be in a state of shock after Noel’s passing. Losing a loved one is never easy, and the sudden and unexpected nature of Noel’s death would make it even more difficult to process. Our thoughts are with Lynne and their family during this difficult time.