Rich Paul: Rule| What happened to| Who represents| Did go to college


The singer was seen laughing up a storm with boyfriend Rich Paul during their latest date night in Los Angeles. Today we will discuss about Rich Paul: Rule| What happened to| Who represents| Did go to college

Rich Paul: Rule| What happened to| Who represents| Did go to college

Rich Paul (born December 16, 1981) is an American sports agent based in Cleveland, Ohio. He founded the Clutch Sports Group which in recent years represents several major NBA players in addition to NFL players.

Rich Paul
Rich Paul

December 16, 1981 (age 40)
Occupation Sports agent
CEO of Klutch Sports Group
Years active 2003–present


Rich Paul: Rule| What happened to| Who represents| Did go to college

The NCAA amended its agent certification requirements on Monday following backlash regarding its bachelor’s degree requirement for all potential agents.

Popularly dubbed the “Rich Paul Rule” after Clutch Sports Group agent Rich Paul, the NCAA last week established a policy that requires all agents to serve as an agent to meet certain prerequisites, including a bachelor’s degree. Have to do Paul and others have criticized the new rule, claiming that its criteria harm some potential agents.

Paul said, “The harmful consequences of this decision will affect others who are trying to sneak in. NCAA officials are once again preventing youths from less prestigious backgrounds, and often people of color, from working in a system that has They continue to control.” In an op-ed for The Athletic on Monday. “In this case, the people being locked out are kids who aspire to be an agent and work in the NBA and don’t have the resources, opportunities, or desire to get a four-year degree.

What happened to

Rich Paul: Rule| What happened to| Who represents| Did go to college

Paul recently accepted a position with United Talent Agency (UTA) to let Clutch Sports manage their sports division. UTA, primarily focused on film and television, represents a new venture for Paul to continue reinventing himself as a premiere agent, and LeBron already with Space Jam: A New Legacy. Entering film, Clutch has a bright future.

It’s been one hell of a ride for a dude who started selling jerseys from his car, but the sky’s the limit for one of the most influential men in the sport.

Who represents

When you hear the name Rich Paul, it’s easy to make a direct connection to LeBron James. Paul has known the Lakers star since 2002, and has served as James’ agent since 2012 when he started Clutch Sports Group.

But over the past decade, Paul has established himself as far more than the person negotiating James’s next max contract. Marquee, 39, continues to add clients and climbs up the list of the most powerful agents in the game.


Oh, and he’s not afraid to exercise that power. While serving as Anthony Davis’ agent during the 2018–19 season, Paul publicly announced that Davis was not interested in re-signing with the Pelicans and wanted to compete for a championship. The midseason trade request caused a major upset in New Orleans, but Paul’s client eventually got everything he wanted, winning a title with the Lakers in 2020.

Such a bold approach has disappointed NBA circles, but it has undoubtedly made Paul popular among a certain class of players. Here’s a closer look at their top clients and how much money they’ll be making next season.

Did go to college

There is no agent more infamous in the basketball world than Rich Paul. He is the agent of LeBron James. He founded the Clutch Sports Group. And he has impressed the NBA with a client list that includes Anthony Davis, Ben Simmons, John Wall, Eric Bledsoe and Drummond Green.

But apparently, the NCAA wants no part of Rich Paul’s influence when it comes to college athletes.

As part of a series of new amateurish and NBA draft rules that began this year, the NCAA allowed players who had drafted to appoint agents as pre-draft advisors and maintain their college eligibility. Was. But for 2019 (and beyond), the NCAA is setting minimum criteria for these agents—according to CBS Sports’ John Rothstein. Notably, a bachelor’s degree was the first item listed.