Michael Massey: F1 nationality| Perfect Game| F1 salary


Michael Massey has been sacked as Formula One racing director after an investigation into his handling of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix in December.

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Michael Massey: F1 nationality| Perfect Game| F1 salary

F1 nationality:

Michael Massey (born April 9, 1947), professionally known as Mike Massey, is an American professional pool player From 1989 to 1991 he served as a contributing editor of The Snap Magazine.
Inaugural champion: WPA World Artistic Pool Champion; 2000
Preceded byCharles Darling: WPA World Artistic Pool Champion; 2002 and 2003
Preceded byLukasz Szywala: WPA World Artistic Pool Champion; 2005

Perfect game:

The British Grand Prix was an eventful and adrenaline-filled race, but not for the right reasons. Early in the race, Lewis Hamilton knocked out race leader Max Verstappen, turning in a 51G crash. This enraged Red Bull, which soon complained to the FIA, demanding a penalty for Hamilton. However, Mercedes also did not keep quiet, as Toto Wolff also wrote an email to race director Michael Massi.

What is the need of an aunt in this role? Well, the Australian’s job is to oversee the logistics of the Grand Prix weekend, ensuring that all cars, drivers and tracks are compliant with FIA rules and regulations before, during and after the race. Since 2019, Massi has been the FIA ​​Formula One Race Director, Safety Delegate, Permanent Starter and Head of the F1 Technical Department.

F1 Salary:

Michael Massey: F1 nationality| Perfect Game| F1 salary

The salary of an Australian Motorsports Director, Michael Massey as of now has not been disclosed. Let’s learn about the F1 director.

Michael Massi is the Head of Sport at the Federation Internationale d’Automobile (FIA).

Following the death of Charlie Whiting, Michael has taken over the responsibility of managing the logistics of the F1 Grand Prix. Niels Wittich and Eduardo Freitas will act alternatively as Race Director, assisted by Herbie Blash as permanent senior advisor. Michael Masi, who accomplished a very challenging job for three years as Formula 1 race director following Charlie Whiting, will be offered a new position within the FIA.