Kelce Brothers: Do the have a dad| Father where is he


Travis Kelce arrives at Arrowhead Stadium ahead of the Super Bowl rematch against brother Jason and the Philadelphia Eagles. Today we will discuss about Kelce Brothers: Do the have a dad| Father where is he

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Kelce Brothers: Do the have a dad| Father where is he

Travis and Jason Kelce have become NFL icons over the years, and their meeting in Super Bowl LVII boosted their popularity.

Do the have a dad

With his mother coming into the limelight, fans are wondering who his father is. Ed Kelsey keeps a low profile with the mother of his children, leaving fans to wonder where is Ed Kelsey now? Here’s what we know about the proud patriarch of the Kelsey family.

Prior to the Super Bowl, Ed appeared on an episode of Jason and Travis’ New Heights podcast presented by Wave Sports Entertainment. He spoke openly about his life and his relationship with his sons. Ed said he was the eldest of two children and grew up in the blue-collar area of ​​Cleveland, Ohio. Ed attended college but did not graduate. He enlisted in the Coast Guard but suffered from Crohn’s disease and was unable to serve. He then spent his career working in sales in the steel industry.

Ed explains that work slows down at the steel mill during the holidays, so he takes a seasonal job at a candy store to earn extra money to help pay for his sons’ Christmas gifts. Travis asked him why he did it, and Ed explained, “I had two kids I was crazy about.”

Ed told on the podcast that he is also interested in writing. He is working on a book about his sons called ‘Somebody to Grow Up With’. “I have to give up and end it one day,” he said.


Kelce Brothers: Do the have a dad| Father where is he

As the first father to have two sons play in the Super Bowl, he has a lot to be proud of. Ed himself was an athlete. He played baseball and football but suffered a knee injury in his senior year of high school. After high school he started playing rugby. In the podcast interview, it’s clear that the no-nonsense father is very proud of his sons, but he wasn’t easy on them. Travis said that even when he had a good game, Ed would always tell him, “You can do better.” He coached Jason and Travis as they grew up and fostered their love of baseball, hockey, basketball and football.

Ed said, “My job is to help you find a passion, and then feed that passion… Whatever you want to do, I’m there… It was so much fun for me when you were in high school. It was obvious there was something very special about you two. Maybe even middle school.”

Father where is he

Ed lives a mile away from Jason and his wife. Jason Kelce has three daughters with wife Kylie: Wyatt, Elliot, and Bennett. In 2020, Ed relocated from Cleveland, where his sons grew up, to the Philadelphia suburbs, just a mile from Jason and Kylie’s farm, to be closer to his grandchildren.