Jusuf Nurkic: Wife| Father| Haircut| Brother| Injury| Return…


Jusuf Nurkic is a Bosnian professional basketball player for the Portland Trail Blazers of the National Basketball Association. Standing at 6 ft 11 in tall and weighing 290 lb the center was selected by the Chicago Bulls with the 16th overall pick in the 2014 NBA draft.

Jusuf Nurkic: Wife| Father| Haircut| Brother| Injury| Return


Jusuf Nurkić has been in a long term relationship with his girlfriend Emina Duric, who is also from Tuzla as her boyfriend. They had not revealed information regarding when they started dating. But he is very much in love with her girlfriend and cannot help but post lots of pictures with his girlfriend on social media such as Instagram. 

He posted adorable pictures with his girlfriend on Instagram with a caption, 

According to a source, his girlfriend is very protective of him. She even made him wear a t-shirt with her photo on in and in written a caption that said, 


Hariz NurkićJusuf Nurkic was discovered because of his dad, Hariz Nurkic, who is a police officer in Bosnia. Harizis a 7 footer and weighs over 400 pounds.


Jusuf Nurkic: Wife| Father| Haircut| Brother| Injury| Return

n a time where NBA fashion is at an all time high, the Portland Trail Blazers big men are killing it. You may have noticed Jusuf Nurkic growing out his luscious locks or Zach Collins sporting the latest tailored suit, but you got to admit it, they look pretty darn good

At least, we thought so. The internet may have had other opinions on Wednesday night against the visiting Golden State Warriors


Kenan Nurkic 

Jusuf Nurkic is big. His father, Nurkic cannot emphasize enough, is BIG. The legend goes that Hariz once expressed an interest in basketball, but no one could locate shoes large enough for him.

“Well, actually, that’s his story, so I need to believe him,” Jusuf says. “Trust, man, you will, too. He’s big. … He never looks fat. He’s just big. His bones and everything. He’s … almost something like compared to Shaq right now. He’s just a big dude. You can’t even stand against him. You feel small.”


Even Damian Lillard had to sit out a game against the Knicks while dealing with an abdominal strain. But no injuries have been longer, and more impactful than the injuries to CJ McCollum (left midfoot fracture), Jusuf Nurkic (right wrist fracture) and Zach Collins (left ankle stress fracture).


Jusuf Nurkic: Wife| Father| Haircut| Brother| Injury| Return

He returned to play in a loss against the Utah Jazz, but he will miss the game against the Detroit Pistons due to the home back-to-back. Blazers coach Terry Stotts said Jusuf Nurkic will play Sunday against Miami and that Rondae Hollis-Jefferson will play tonight against Detroit. 

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