Josh Allen: Makes wild claim about jay z| Pistachio


Josh Allen bested the Patriots for the third time in a row, throwing one of the greatest 8-yard and making history. Josh Allen was 22-of-33 for 223 yards and two touchdowns against the Patriots on Thursday. Today we will discuss about Josh Allen: Makes wild claim about jay z| Pistachio.

Josh Allen: Makes wild claim about jay z| Pistachio

Josh Allen connected with Gabe Davis for an amazing 8-yard touchdown run. It was a surprise play that essentially capped off Allen and the Buffalo Bills’ fifth win in their last six meetings against the New England Patriots, as the quarterback notched a pair of TDs in the 24-10 victory Thursday, his most recent. Mastery continued. 

Makes wild claim about jay z

Josh Allen: Makes wild claim about jay z| Pistachio

He makes wild claim about Jay Z. After watching the game with New England owner Robert Kraft, Jay Z began mingling with the enemy.

The rapper watched Bills pass out Gabe Davis and Allen exchanged pleasantries with the players. Jay Z legally hugging Allen, the quarterback later claimed that he thought Jay might not have known who Allen was.


He bought 21,000 pistachio trees with his new contract to start his brand.

He Win a spot with pro quarterback foursome Josh Allen. At the Pistachio PAC for the 2022 American Pistachio Growers Annual Conference. 

The Buffalo Bills have their next great hope at quarterback with the seventh overall pick of the 2018 NFL Draft. That is the first of a five-part series, “You Blossom Where You Are Planted: Josh Allen’s Cultivation.”

How many years has Josh played in the NFL?
Josh Allen has played 5 years in his career.

Is Josh sponsored by Nike?

The deal included a $16.5 million signing bonus and a $42.4 million option bonus. Allen led the Bills to a second straight division title and third straight playoff appearance. Off the field, he counts Nike, Pepsi and New Era among his sponsors.