Joe Riggs: Net Worth| Shot| Wife| Next Fight


Joseph Jonathan Riggs (born September 23, 1982) is an American professional mixed martial artist. A professional competitor since 2001, Riggs has previously competed for the UFC, WEC, Strikeforce, Bellator, ProElite, M-1 Global and King of the Cage. Riggs is a former WEC Middleweight Champion. We will discuss about Joe Riggs: Net Worth| Shot| Wife| Next Fight.

Joe Riggs: Net Worth| Shot| Wife| Next Fight

Joe and his wife had a son who died shortly after birth. They have another son. Joe also has a daughter named Jadine who is 3 years younger than her son.

Net Worth

Joe Riggs

Mini Biography
Net Worth: $500 Thousand
Date of Birth: Sep 23, 1982 (38 years old)
Gender: Male
Height: 5 ft 11 in (1.82 m)
Nationality: United States of America²

Joe Riggs Net Worth: Joe Riggs is an American mixed martial arts fighter who has a net worth of $500 thousand. Born Joseph Jonathan Riggs on September 23, 1982 in Sanford Maine, he is currently fighting as a welterweight.

Early in his career, Riggs fought more as a traditional boxer, before becoming a full-fledged martial arts fighter, having fought in the heavyweight, light heavyweight, middleweight and welterweight divisions. In fact, as his career has progressed, he has seen a downward movement of one weight class at a time.

Thanks to his no-nonsense approach and injury-prone style in the ring with hard punches and heavy kicks, Riggs earned the nickname “Diesel”. A former WEC Middleweight Champion, he has had the chance to fight for the UFC, Strikeforce and Bellator.


Joe Riggs

At just 31 years old, Joe Riggs has lived quite an extraordinary life, and not always in the most positive sense. Riggs has fought professionally 55 times. He has lost a child at birth, and has gone through a well-documented addiction to painkillers that derailed his first run in the UFC.

For the past seven years, Riggs has been more of a traveller, fighting in Strikeforce, King of the Cage, Prolite, and other promotions. After losing a three-fight in early 2011, it looked like he was entering the end of his career.

He was supposed to fight Paulo Thiago in his UFC return on September 13 at UFC Fight Night 51 in Brasilia, Brazil, but then suffered his biggest blow of all time. Taking out a shotgun at his home in Arizona and watching The Bachelor on television on July 28.


Joe Riggs

Joe Riggs is a married man, he is also married to a beautiful girl named Lisa Riggs. Lisa Riggs: Wife of MMA Fighter Joe Riggs… Meet the lovely Lisa Riggs, this fab mma wag is the lovely wife of an mma fighter.

He attended Glendale Community College, Cactus High School. His wife is Lisa Riggs. Joe Riggs height is 6. A professional competitor since 2001, Riggs formerly competed for the UFC, WEC … Joe and his wife had a son, who died shortly after birth.

So I told my wife to bring my son from the bedroom so that I can say goodbye to him. He won his fifth consecutive fight on November 16, 2012. family life. He has a son named Joseph with his wife Lisa Riggs.

Next Fight

Joe Riggs

The event will take place in Miami and the cards will be announced in the coming days.

At the top of the card, Beltran will defend his BKFC heavyweight title against Sam Shewmaker, who comes into a fight following a victory over Bobo O’Bannon in his most recent appearance in the ring. The Shavemaker is 4-1-1 on aggregate in the bare-knuckle competition and has been a part of the hype since it first launched in 2018.

As for Beltrán, he is looking to extend his four-fight unbeaten run, including victories over UFC heavyweights Chase Sherman and Marcel Stamps in his two most recent appearances.

Riggs is also undefeated in bare-knuckle competition with a 3-0-1 record, including a win over UFC veteran Brock Weaver.