Jay Briscoe: How did die| Net Worth


He passed away at the age of 39. All Elite Wrestling CEO Tony Khan announced the news of death on Twitter. He is no more. Today we will discuss about Jay Briscoe: How did die| Net Worth.

How did die

He was killed in an accident in Laurel, Delaware. His real name was Jamin Pugh, was a longtime resident of Sussex County, Delaware. He was inducted into the ROH Hall of Fame last year and is a former two-time ROH World Champion.

What happened 

Jay Briscoehow: How did die| Net Worth

He died during an automobile accident in Laurel, Delaware, on Tuesday. Informing about the sad news, AEW owner Tony Khan wrote on Twitter, ‘Sadly, Jamin Pugh has passed away’, Khan used the wrestler’s real name to deliver the sad news.

Cause of death 

His cause of death is a car accident. Tony Khan tweeted his death is in an auto accident. Two people traveling in the car died in the accident which took place at 5.30 pm. in Laurel, Maryland.

Accident Time and Place 

He died in the car accident at 5:30 p.m. in Laurel, Maryland. “Sadly, Jamin Pugh has passed away. Known to fans as Jay Briscoe, he was a star in ROH for over 20 years from the first show to today. Jay and his brother Mark today Dominating ROH while reigning as champion. We will do whatever we can to support his family. Rest in peace jammin,” tweeted Khan.

Car accident details 

Thirteen-time ROH Tag Team Champions have died in a car crash. According to reports, the incident took place in Laurel, Maryland. Two people died Tuesday evening in a fatal vehicle collision in Laurel, according to the Delaware State Police. Additional information regarding the death of Jay Briscoe was provided by Ringside News. Reports said a woman in the other car also died at the same time. The emergency medical service was able to reach the outlet, according to logs, reportedly their daughter was also involved in the car accident.


He is only 38 years old. Professional wrestler Jay Briscoe has died at age 38. The American wrestling world is in shock after the announcement of the death of Ring of Honor (ROH) star, whose real name was Jamin Pugh.

Is he died 

Yes, he is died in the car accident. He is no more. He passed away in the age of 38.

Net Worth

According to sportsjone.com,  His Net worth is between $1 Million to $2 Million USD.

Net worth 2022

His Net worth 2022 is estimated to be $1.5 million. 


How did Jay Briscoehow die?

He was killed in an accident in Laurel, Delaware.

Are The Brisco Brothers Still Wrestling?

The Briscoe Brothers are the professional wrestling tag team of Jay (Jamin “Jay” Pugh) and Mark (Mark Pugh). He is currently signed to WWE on the SmackDown brand.

What is the cause of death of Jay?

His cause of death is a car accident. Tony Khan tweeted the death is in an auto accident.