Hilaree Nelson: Ski mountaineer| Update| Family


Famous American big mountain skier Hilary Nelson’s body was found Wednesday morning after falling down a narrow 5,000 feet slope. Today we will discuss about Hilaree Nelson: Ski mountaineer| Update| Family

Hilaree Nelson: Ski mountaineer| Update| Family

Hilari Nelson (December 13, 1972 – September 26, 2022) was an American ski mountaineer. On 25 May 2012, she became the first woman to scale two peaks of 8000 meters (Everest and Lhotse) in one push of 24 hours. On September 30, 2018, Nelson and partner Jim Morrison made the first ski descent from the summit to the “Dream Line”, Lhotse Couloir. Lhotse is the fourth highest mountain in the world and shares a saddle with Mount Everest.

Born December 13, 1972
Died September 26, 2022 (aged 49)
Mount Manaslu, Nepal
Nationality American
Occupation Ski mountaineer
Brian O’Neill
Partner Jim Morrison
Children 2

Ski mountaineer

Hilaree Nelson: Ski mountaineer| Update| Family

A search team in Nepal has recovered the body of famous American ski climber Hilarie Nelson near the summit of Manaslu mountain in the Himalayas.

Nelson, 49, was descending the world’s eighth highest peak with her partner when she went missing on Monday.

Rescuers found his body on Wednesday on the south side of the 8,163-metre (26,781 ft) peak. Earlier reports said that she had fallen into a crack in a glacier.

Nelson was considered one of the finest climbers of his generation.

In 2018, he and his partner Jim Morrison became the first to ski the world’s fourth highest peak, Mount Lhotse in Nepal.

She is also the first woman to climb both Everest and Lhotse, the world’s highest mountain, in a span of 24 hours.

Expedition organizers said Morrison and three Sherpa guides were helicoptered to retrieve Nelson’s body from about 6,000 meters in Manaslu on Wednesday morning.

“The body has been brought to the base camp. After completing the necessary legal procedures, it will be taken to Kathmandu,” said Jiban Ghimire, managing director of Shangri-La Nepal Trek, Kathmandu Post reported.

Earlier helicopter search attempts were unsuccessful, and were hampered by bad weather.

Nelson went missing the same day, killing one person and injuring more than a dozen in an avalanche down on the same peak.

According to eyewitnesses, she fell into a deep gorge in the snow 15 minutes after reaching the summit of Manaslu.

A local guide working with the couple told Outside magazine that other climbers accompanying them reported that “his ski blade slipped and [he] fell on the other side of the peak”.


Nepalese rescue teams on Wednesday discovered the body of an American ski climber who went missing while skiing on the world’s eighth highest peak.

Hilary Nelson, 49, was descending the 26,781-foot summit of Mount Manaslu with her partner Jim Morrison when she collapsed.

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According to Captain Surendra Poudel of Simrik Air, who recovered the body, his body was found about 6,200 feet from the summit in a search of a helicopter obstructed by bad weather.

“The body is badly damaged,” he said. “It took an hour and a half to retrieve the half-buried body in the snow.”

Bigyan Koirala, an official with the tourism department, the government agency that issued the climbing permits, said the helicopter downed two high-altitude Sherpa guides and Morrison on Wednesday morning to search for the body.


Hilaree Nelson: Ski mountaineer| Update| Family

She says about her family “I went home on Sunday night (from Nepal), and on Monday morning I was trying to make the kids lunch and get the kids to school on time”

“I have two boys. They are 9 and 11. Graydon is the youngest and Quinn is the older. They are crazy little boys… They are really into skiing, they are both alpine racing, they are currently after school They’re at mountain biking camp, they have climbing clubs after school, and they’re really obsessed with lacrosse. And they both really love math too!” Between campaigns, serving as the captain of The North Face team, and being the mother of two kids, it’s surprising that Hillary is capable of it all. And how does it feel, both of her kids are on their way to being just as busy as she is!

Instead of letting busy schedules stress her out, Nelson embraced her.
“I went home on Sunday night (from Nepal), and on Monday morning I was trying to make the kids lunch and get the kids to school on time. It doesn’t miss a beat… Being a mother is fun.”

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