Esports Player Byron Bernstein Reckful Dead Cause Suicide

Laxative passed away. Byron Bernstein was found dead in his Austin, Texas, apartment on Thursday. Today we will discuss about Esports Player Byron Bernstein Reckful Dead Cause Suicide

Esports Player Byron Bernstein Reckful Dead Cause Suicide

Byron “Reckful” Bernstein, a popular video game streamer on Twitch, has died according to a social media post from his ex-girlfriend and brother. He was 31.

Esports Player Byron Bernstein Reckful Dead Cause Suicide

Death Cause 

According to Blue Medrigal, his former girlfriend and one of the people who initially confirmed her death on social media, Burstein, died by suicide.

Bernstein became known as Reckful on Twitch, where he was best known for his “World of Warcraft” streams and had over 936,000 followers. More recently, Bernstein was working as a developer on his own video game, “Everland”, which was set for release later this year.

Reckful Tweets

Bernstein raised concerns on Thursday morning with a series of tweets in which he appears to propose to his former girlfriend Becca Cho. He followed the post after a few minutes, “Ah, I feel bad for someone who has to deal with my insanity,” asking his followers to “Please find out in these situations that crazy person can do his actions.” Does not control. “

Twitter Posts

Esports Player Byron Bernstein Reckful Dead Cause Suicide

Madrigal mentioned her death with several Twitter posts, the first of which read, “I’m at a loss right now. I was scared of something happening for so long. I can’t stop crying.”

Madrigal then continued to tweet, “Someone I Loved Killed Me. I wish I could have said something to stop it.” She then shared a video of him with Bernstein and a screenshot of his text messages.

Cho later published a tweet long post stating that she “did not see the offer until it was too late” and sharing that Bernstein helped her understand the complexity of mental health.

Reckful Suicide Reason Depression 

“He made me realize that I don’t know anything about depression, nothing about mental health issues,” Cho wrote. “I had a vague idea of ​​what it was and thought shamefully that I could help with the trivial bull-“

Cho called for “better support for people with mental needs”, citing a previous example calling on Bernstein for fear that he was at risk of suicide.

“It tells about the people who are planning to keep them safe. How is it okay? Friends don’t realize that it’s the right step to call for help when they realize that Mental institutions are unable to treat them like animals for treatment, ”Cho wrote.

Reckful Brother 

Esports Player Byron Bernstein Reckful Dead Cause Suicide

Bernstein’s brother Gary also wrote on Twitter to confirm his death, “My baby brother Byron is gone.” RIP. He was like my elder brother Guy. I have no brother left. “Gain was committing suicide when Bernstein died, according to Bernstein, a YouTube video posted in January.

Personal information
Born Byron Daniel Bernstein
May 8, 1989
Died July 2, 2020 (aged 31)
Austin, Texas
Hometown Los Angeles, California
Nationality Israeli-American
Career information
Games World of Warcraft
Asheron’s Call
Career history
2009–2011 compLexity Gaming[1]
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