Elimination Chamber 2021 Results: Winner| Wrestleview

When Uso’s time finally hit, he and Owens immediately began to dispute. Owens will beak from one pod to another… Today we will discuss about Elimination Chamber 2021 Results: Winner| Wrestleview

Elimination Chamber 2021 Results: Winner| Wrestleview

Every five minutes, one of the four contestants within a chamber is released in an ongoing match. This continues until all four have been released, and therefore an elimination chamber match usually lasts over twenty minutes.

Most per championship
No. Champion No. of reigns
1 John Cena 13
2 Ric Flair 8
3 Edge 7
4 The Sandman 5


Elimination Chamber 2021 Results: Winner| Wrestleview

Miz is now a two-time WWE Champion. Elimination Chamber 2021 closed with a surprise: The Miz cashed his money in a bank contract and won the WWE Championship from Drew McIntire. It capped a strong pay-per-view, which opened with a stunning Elimination Chamber match won by Daniel Bryan.

The Miz Vince Retains WWE Championship, Roman Reigns Universal Championship.

Finally, in the final moments of the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view on Sunday, The Miz took advantage of Drew McIntire, who was supporting a Chamber match, and that briefcase and money in the bank with a brutal attack from Bobby Lashley Were successfully completing the contract. To become a two-time WWE Champion.

Live Stream

Elimination Chamber 2021 Results: Winner| Wrestleview

The Elimination Chamber airs on the WWE Network this Sunday, the last pay-per-view to air on WWE’s streaming service before NBC moves to More. The event will see two Elimination Chamber matches, one for the WWE Championship of Drew McIntire and the other for the shot of Universal Champion Roman Reigns.


Elimination Chamber 2021 Results: Winner| Wrestleview

Winner from Pinfall and still WWE Champion: Drew McIntire Drew McIntire celebrated with the WWE Championship in the ring before throwing a spear from Bobby Lashley.

The referee checks in on Daniel Bryan, who agrees to start the match. Charges the sound of a bell for a spire, but Brian counters into a yes lock! Reigns screams in pain, but the powers go out. Bryan reigns with punches before hitting a powerbomb. Reigns crushes Bryan with more elbows to the head before applying a guillotine choke. The referee ends the match.

Promotion WWE
Brand(s) Raw
Date February 21, 2021
City St. Petersburg, Florida
Venue Tropicana Field
Attendance 0 (behind closed doors)[Note 1]
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