Denny Crum: What did die from| Family| Health| Children| Age


Legendary basketball coach Denny Crum passed away at the age of 86, as confirmed by the University of Louisville in an official statement released on Tuesday. Today we will discuss about Denny Crum: What did die from| Family| Health| Children| Age.

Denny Crum: What did die from| Family| Health| Children| Age

Denzel Edwin Crum, born on March 2, 1937, was a highly respected American men’s college basketball coach known for his tenure at the University of Louisville. From 1971 to 2001, Crum led the team with great success, accumulating an impressive record of 675 wins and 295 losses, resulting in a win percentage of .696.

What did die from

Denny Crum: What did die from| Family| Health| Children| Age

He passed away at the age of 86. The school issued a statement regarding Crum’s demise, having received the news from his wife, Susan. Although no specific cause of death was mentioned, it was known that Crum had been dealing with a prolonged illness. In August 2017, while fishing in Alaska, he experienced a mild stroke, and he suffered another stroke two years prior to his passing.


The individual in question, let’s call him Mr. X, was wedded to Susan Sweeney, and together they have three children named Scott Crum, Cynthia Crum, and Steve Crum.


Denny Crum, an esteemed Hall of Fame basketball coach known for his tenure at Louisville, passed away at the age of 86. Crum was instrumental in transforming Louisville into a dominant force in men’s basketball, achieving great success, including two national championships.

After retiring from the University of Louisville in 2001, Crum faced health challenges in recent weeks. He encountered a stroke while fishing in Alaska in August 2017.

Recently, news broke about the demise of Denny Crum, a beloved figure in the world of college basketball. He leaves behind a remarkable legacy and will be fondly remembered by fans and colleagues alike.


Denny Crum has three children. Here are some general details about each of them:

Cynthia Crum: Cynthia is one of Denny Crum’s children from his first marriage. Unfortunately, there is no available information about Cynthia’s birth date, notable achievements, or personal details.

Steve Crum: Steve is another child of Denny Crum from his first marriage. Similar to Cynthia, specific details about Steve, including his birth date and other information, are not readily accessible.

Scott Crum: Scott is Denny Crum’s child from his second marriage. Regrettably, specific information regarding Scott’s birth date, personal life, or any notable accomplishments is not readily available.


The University of Louisville announced the passing of Denny Crum, a renowned basketball coach, at the age of 86. According to a statement released on Tuesday, Crum, who spent three decades as the head coach for the Louisville men’s basketball team, passed away in his residence.

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