Deion Sanders post game interview: Will son play for colorado

Deion Sanders post game interview: Will son play for colorado

Deion Sanders dismissed all doubters in his Colorado debut, leading the Buffaloes to a thrilling 45–42 victory over the No. Today we will discuss about Deion Sanders post game interview: Will son play for colorado.

Deion Sanders post game interview: Will son play for colorado

Deon Sanders was never one to shy away from talking rubbish. He had plenty of reason to talk about it on Saturday afternoon.

After the Colorado Buffaloes stunned TCU in a 45–42 victory in Fort Worth, Sanders sat at the podium at his postgame press conference. And he was ready to set the record straight.

“I got the receipts, I know who they are,” Sanders said of his critics. “I tried to tell you [about Travis Hunter], but you didn’t want to believe me, because I’m just an overgrown old youth coach. I don’t know anything about football. I just coached for 14 years. Played in the NFL. Played at a high level in college for four years. And coached youth for a long time. How do you think we got Dylan Edwards? I coached him when he was 4-7 years old. That’s why we got Dylan Edwards.”

Sanders’ chest-beating was not the typical manufactured underdog story that often plays out in college football. Sanders had serious doubts about immediate success in Colorado. The team was one of the worst teams in college football in 2022, and when Sanders arrived, he turned around almost the entire roster.

He also brought in talent like his son Shedure Sanders and former top recruit Travis Hunter. But the young Sanders and Hunter played at Jackson State, not at the top level of college football. And the talented recruit Sanders brought to Boulder was, if anything, considered inexperienced.

Vegas didn’t believe in Sanders; The Buffaloes opened as 20.5-point underdogs against TCU. And Tom Luginbill, an ESPN analyst, even suggested that Colorado’s roster might be the worst in the country.

Will son play for colorado


Pro Football Hall of Fame cornerback Deion Sanders, recruited after three strong seasons at Jackson State, made his debut at Colorado with a team that featured 86 freshmen, including sons Shadur and Shiloh as well as Hunter . Although Sanders outlined his intention to overhaul the roster in his first team meeting in December, the overhaul was criticized by coaches and others – and led to some gloomy predictions for the season. But Colorado won its first test and controlled the game for the first two and a half quarters before erasing three consecutive deficits.

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