Austin Reaves: Girlfriend| Points last night| Wife


After the inclusion of guard Austin Reaves in the starting lineup on March 22, the Los Angeles Lakers experienced a notable improvement, concluding the regular season with an impressive 8-2 record. Today we will discuss about Austin Reaves: Girlfriend| Points last night| Wife.

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Austin Reaves: Girlfriend| Points last night| Wife

Austin Tyler Reaves (born May 29, 1998) is a professional basketball player of German-American nationality. He currently plays for the Los Angeles Lakers in the National Basketball Association (NBA). Reaves had a successful collegiate career, playing basketball for both the Wichita State Shockers and the Oklahoma Sooners.


Austin Reaves: Girlfriend| Points last night| Wife

While Reaves receives considerable attention in his professional life, he keeps his dating life private. Although not much information is available, it is known that the 25-year-old is currently romantically linked to Jenna Barber, his high school sweetheart.

Jenna Barber, who also hails from Arkansas, shares a common hometown with Austin Reaves. She pursued her education at Arkansas Community College in Batesville. In 2019, Barber worked for a pharmaceutical company before later transferring to the University of Arkansas for her college years. She successfully graduated in her birthday month in 2022.

Points last night

In Game 4 of the Western Conference Semifinals, Reaves made significant contributions to the team’s 104-101 victory over Golden State. He scored 21 points, shooting 7-15 from the field, 3-6 from beyond the arc, and a perfect 4-4 from the free-throw line. Additionally, he recorded two rebounds, four assists, and one steal in 34 minutes of play. This performance showcased Reaves’ impact on the game.


Born on December 20, 2000, Jenna Barber is a recent graduate from the University of Arkansas. She pursued her education at Arkansas Community College in Batesville and has been employed at a local pharmacy since 2019.

During her time in high school at Cedar Ridge, Jenna had the opportunity to meet Reaves’, with whom she developed a close relationship. Known for her outgoing and independent nature, Jenna’s social media presence reflects her vibrant personality. Her connection to the NBA star adds another dimension to her life.