Andrew Wiggins: Family matters| Father| All star


Andrew Wiggins has received medical clearance to participate in Game 6 against the Lakers on Friday. Today we will discuss about Andrew Wiggins: Family matters| Father| All star.

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Andrew Wiggins: Family matters| Father| All star

Andrew Christian Wiggins, born on February 23, 1995, is a talented Canadian basketball player who currently plays for the Golden State Warriors in the National Basketball Association (NBA). In the 2014 NBA draft, he was chosen as the first overall pick by the Cleveland Cavaliers. Prior to his professional career, Wiggins showcased his skills during his college basketball tenure with the Kansas Jayhawks for one year.

Family matters

Andrew Wiggins: Family matters| Father| All star

Andrew Wiggins has been absent for 21 games this season since mid-February due to personal reasons. Several rumors circulated on the internet, but they have all been proven false. Shams Charania’s report revealed the actual reason for Wiggins’ absence: his father, Mitchell Wiggins, is facing a serious medical situation. The Golden State Warriors have granted Wiggins the necessary space and freedom to handle this difficult situation.

This situation is undoubtedly tragic for Wiggins, especially considering the unfounded rumors of infidelity in his personal life. Although fans were eager to see him back on the court during the team’s struggles, it is important to remember that family comes first. Wiggins would likely feel immense regret if he did not prioritize being with his father during this time of need. Even if he were physically present on the court, his thoughts would likely be consumed by his father’s situation, rendering him unable to focus mentally. The best course of action, as the Golden State Warriors have rightly recognized, is to provide Andrew Wiggins with space and support until he feels ready to make his return.


He is the son of Mitchell Wiggins, a former NBA player from the United States, and Marita Payne-Wiggins, a former Olympic track and field sprinter from Canada with Barbadian heritage.

All star

Wiggins earned the distinction of being selected as an All-Star starter in the previous season. This recognition was largely attributed to a significant increase in voting influenced by the popularity of k-pop, specifically driven by singer BamBam. However, there is a concern that a similar pattern may emerge again this season, potentially resulting in the exclusion of deserving players who truly deserve these honors.