Aaron Judge: Dog gus| Puppy| Catch| Catch last night


It has been an eventful week for Aaron Judge, the prominent player of the New York Yankees. His week kicked off with allegations of cheating leveled against him by the Toronto Blue Jays broadcast team. Today we will discuss about Aaron Judge: Dog gus| Puppy| Catch| Catch last night.

Aaron Judge: Dog gus| Puppy| Catch| Catch last night

Aaron James Judge, born on April 26, 1992, is an esteemed American professional baseball outfielder who currently plays for the New York Yankees in Major League Baseball (MLB). He received unanimous recognition as the American League (AL) Rookie of the Year in 2017 and secured second place in the AL Most Valuable Player Award voting that same year. In 2022, Judge shattered a long-standing record held by Roger Maris by hitting 62 home runs in a single season, thus claiming the AL record. This accomplishment led to him being awarded the AL Most Valuable Player Award. Judge’s remarkable physical stature includes a height of 6 feet 7 inches (2.01 m) and a weight of 282 pounds (128 kg), making him one of the MLB’s largest and tallest players.

Dog gus

Aaron Judge: Dog gus| Puppy| Catch| Catch last night

Aaron Judge’s dog, Gus, may not possess the baseball skills of his owner, but does that really matter when you’re as adorable as he is?

In a heartwarming video captured by the YES Network, Gus can be seen receiving affection from the New York Yankees slugger and even joining him for a run at Yankee Stadium. Yankees broadcaster Michael Kay couldn’t help but comment, saying, “That’s just incredibly cute.”

During Aaron Judge’s decision-making process on whether to continue with the Bronx Bombers after his impressive achievement of hitting an American League record of 62 home runs last season, his teammate Anthony Rizzo appealed to his emotions by highlighting the friendship between Judge’s dachshund, Penny, and Rizzo’s own dachshund, Kevin.

“He really got to me,” Judge shared with Jimmy Fallon on “The Tonight Show” following the signing of his $360 million contract to stay with the team.


Sports offer various benefits and enjoyment to enthusiasts. Beyond the entertainment value of watching games, it is equally captivating to witness athletes transitioning from their professional roles on the field or court to being relatable individuals who share a love for their pets. One such example occurred when Aaron Judge, a prominent player for the New York Yankees, featured in a video shared by the team’s social media accounts. The footage depicted Judge joyfully interacting with his Dachshund puppy named Gus, as they frolicked together on the baseball field. Gus quickly captured the hearts of both the live audience and viewers watching the game broadcast from their homes.


In the visiting team’s manager’s office, a television tuned to MLB Network displayed highlights of the Yankees’ 10-4 victory against the Mariners. Aaron Boone, the Yankees’ manager, was seated in his chair when his attention was captured by an astonishing sight on the screen. Aaron Judge, the reigning American League MVP, was shown in the act of robbing Teoscar Hernández of a home run during the eighth inning.

The footage revealed Judge’s impressive feat as he traversed a distance of 74 feet towards the right field wall. With a spectacular leap, he managed to retrieve the ball that Hernández had hit, which, according to Statcast, would have cleared the wall in 12 different ballparks, including T-Mobile Park. Judge’s entire forearm extended beyond the wall, leaving Hernández bewildered and stranded on second base, contemplating how he had not achieved a two-run home run.

Catch last night

Yankees pitcher Clarke Schmidt observed the play from the dugout, astounded by Judge’s remarkable performance. He acknowledged that Judge had reached a new level of skill, mastering the challenges of the major leagues. Schmidt expressed his awe at Judge’s three-homer performance, including an impressive catch where he robbed the opposing team of a home run. Schmidt described Judge’s abilities as consistently astonishing and ranked the particular catch as his top favorite. Luis Severino, Judge’s longest-standing teammate on the Yankees, shared a knowing smile and stated that he had witnessed Judge make even more impressive plays. However, Severino emphasized that Judge possesses an extraordinary talent for such feats

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