Badminton: History, Equipments used, Rules and Regulations, Fundamental skills,Terminology.

A champion has to be disciplined by practicing regularly in the right manner,respect coaches and most importantly ought to have self-belief.Today we will discuss about the game of Badminton: History,Equipments used,Rules and Regulations,Fundamental skills,Terminology

Badminton: History, Equipments used, Rules and Regulations, Fundamental skills,Terminology.
Badminton: History,Equipments used,Rules and Regulations,Fundamental skills,Terminology.

Following are the Badminton: History,Equipments used,Rules and Regulations,Fundamental skills,Terminology are as fallow:

History of the Game:

It is a very popular racket game.This game is played din singles and doubles.Badminton history and rules is derived from a place called Badminton in England.Therefore,this game originated in England and a badminton club was formed in the year 1873.It is an indoor game.

In this game,players win points by hitting a conical shuttle cock over a high net so that it lands on the other side of the court before the opposition can return it.It is second most popular game in the world and is very popular in China,Malesia and Indonasia.In India,Badminton federation of India regulates the team selection,training and coaching to the Indian players.

Equipments used in the Game:

labelled diagram of field and equipment of badminton.

1. Racket

2. Net

3. Shuttle

4. Net pole

5. String

6. Lime powder

7. Measurement tape

8. Score sheets

9. Large score Board

Badminton is a racket sport that uses a racket to hit a shuttlecock from the net. Although it can be played with larger teams, the most common forms of the game are “singles” and “doubles”.

Rules and Regulations:

1. In badminton,the player hits the shuttle-cock back and forth over the net with a racket.

2. It is played in singles,doubles and mix doubles.

3. There are two ways to win a rally

A. Getting the shuttle-cock to hit the opponents side court.

B. Forcing opponent to commit a fault.

4. A fault occurs when the shuttle-cock is hit out of bounds,touches the court,does not go over the net,touches a player or his clothes,infringement of rules etc.

5. A game consists of 21 points continuous scoring,in the best of three games.

6. In case of tie at 20th point,the difference of two points will be considered for deciding game.

7. Continuous point scoring is followed according to new rules,the player who is serving if looses the rally,then he will loose the right to serve as well as one point.

8. Change of sides are done after each game and also on the 11th the final game.

Fundamental skills of the Game:

1. Foot work for a back court return

2. Foot work

3. Foot work on fore hand return

4. Foot work on ground stance

5. Grip of the racket

6. Pivot

7. Stance


A. Short service

B. Long service

C. Reciever on service

A. Strokes: Following are the strokes which are played in the Game badminton:

1. Forehand stroke

2. Backhand stroke

3. Overhand stroke

4. Net stroke

5. Lob

6. Tos drop

7. Smash

Terminology used in the Game:

1. Scoring: According to new rules all categories of singles and doubles are played with the 21 points game in the best of three games.The scoring is in continuous points to both player on each service,if they gain a point.

2. Service: It is delivery of the shuttle to opponent court to begin the rally.

3. Service: Service is illegal,if it is delivered from above the waist level,both feet not stationary at the time of delivery,delivered from wrong side of court,wrong player delivers the service.

4. Game point: It is the last point in the Game by which game winner is decided.

5. Match point: It is the last point in the deciding game by which the match winner is decided.

6. Service-court-Error: If a player delivers the service from wrong side of the court then it is given to opponent.

7. Deuce: When score is at 20 all on both sides or when score equals at 20th points.

8. First-Hand: player performing second service in doubles.

9. Second-Hand: player performing second.

World Best Badminton Player


Personal information
Birth name Srikanth Nammalwar Kidambi
Country  India
Born 7 February 1993(age 27)
Ravulapalem, Andhra Pradesh, India
Height 1.77 m (5 ft 10 in)
Weight 73 kg (161 lb)
Handedness Right
Coach Pullela Gopichand
Men’s singles
Career record 230 wins, 116 losses
Career title(s) 10
Highest ranking 1 (12 April 2018)
Current ranking 12 (18 February 2020)

Badminton: History,Equipments used,Rules and Regulations,Fundamental skills,Terminology

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