Volleyball in Ukraine: Super League| Champions| Performance

Volleyball is very popular game in Ukraine. It helps to make body fit and increase our mental capabilities. It can also help in growing our height. Today we will discuss about Volleyball in Ukraine: Super League| Champions| Performance

Volleyball in Ukraine: Super League| Champions| Performance

Volleyball in Ukraine: Super League| Champions| Performance

Super League

  • Ukrainian Male Volleyball Super League is the top male league of Ukrainian volleyball.
  • It was established in 1992. It is run by the Volleyball Federation of Ukraine (FVU).
  • Earlier, Ukrainian teams played in the USSR championship, which was established in 1933. During the session 1991 / 92-1999 / 00, the Premier League is called.
  • At the end of each season, the teams exchanged between leagues – the worst two (one – straight, second – in the case of failing performance in play – off matches) – they are one of the lower league The teams occupy the place.


1992Shakhtar DonetskLokomotyv KharkivAzot Cherkasy
1993Shakhtar DonetskDynamo LuhanskTorpedo Odessa
1994Lokomotyv KharkivLokomotyv KyivTorpedo Odessa
1995Lokomotyv KyivLokomotyv KharkivShakhtar Donetsk
1996Lokomotyv KharkivDorozhnyk-SKA OdessaAzot Cherkasy
1997Dorozhnyk-SKA OdessaAzot CherkasyStirol Horlivka
1998Dorozhnyk-SKA OdessaDynamo LuhanskAzot Cherkasy
1999Dorozhnyk-SKA OdessaAzot CherkasyVPS Vinnytsia
2000Azot CherkasyDorozhnyk-SKA OdessaLokomotyv Kharkiv
2001Lokomotyv KharkivAzot CherkasyYurydychna Akademіya Kharkiv
2002Lokomotyv KharkivAzot CherkasyYurydychna Akademіya Kharkiv
2003Lokomotyv KharkivYurydychna Akademіya KharkivAzot-Spartak Cherkasy
2004Lokomotyv KharkivYurydychna Akademіya KharkivMarkokhim Mariupol
2005Lokomotyv KharkivMarkokhim MariupolAzot-Spartak Cherkasy
2006Azot-Spartak CherkasyKrymsoda KrasnoperekopskMarkokhim Mariupol
2007Lokomotyv KharkivAzot-Spartak CherkasyAzovstal Mariupol
2008Lokomotyv KyivLokomotyv KharkivImpexahro Sport Cherkasy
2009Lokomotyv KharkivBudivelnyk-Dynamo-Bukovyna ChernivtsiKrymsoda Krasnoperekopsk
2010Lokomotyv KharkivKrymsoda KrasnoperekopskImpexahro Sport Cherkasy
2011Lokomotyv KharkivImpexahro Sport CherkasyLoko-Ekspres Kharkiv
2012Lokomotyv KharkivKrymsoda KrasnoperekopskFavoryt Lubny


Volleyball in Ukraine: Super League| Champions| Performance

Lokomotyv Kharkiv12
Dorozhnyk-SKA Odessa3
Impexahro Sport Cherkasy2
Lokomotyv Kyiv2
Shakhtar Donetsk2

Volleyball for Ukrainain’s women

Volleyball in Ukraine: Super League| Champions| Performance

  1. Ukrainian Women’s Volleyball Super League is the highest professional women’s volleyball league in Ukraine.
  2. It is organized and administered by the Ukrainian Volleyball Federation (FVU).


  • The disintegration of the Soviet Union ended all sports leagues played in the Soviet Union in late 1991, including the Soviet Women’s Volleyball Championship, which had existed since 1933.
  • The then newly formed Ukrainian Volleyball Federation (FVU) created a national league in 1992.
  • Which was called the Premier League. In 2000, its name was changed to Super League, along with the name of the second level league changed to the Premier League. There is a charge and promotion
  • The best teams of the Super League have been allocated places to compete in the European Club Tournaments Tournament organized by the Confederations European Day Volleyball (CEV).

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Women Champions of volleyball

Volleyball in Ukraine: Super League| Champions| Performance

1992Iskra LuhanskOrbita ZaporizhiaLokomotyv Dnipropetrovsk
1992–93Orbita ZaporizhiaIskra LuhanskKrayan Odessa
1993–94Iskra LuhanskOrbita-ZAES ZaporizhiaAF Oleksandriya Bila Tserkva
1994–95Iskra LuhanskOrbita ZaporizhiaDynamo-Jinestra Odessa
1995–96Iskra LuhanskDynamo-Jinestra OdessaOrbita-ZAES Zaporizhia
1996–97Iskra LuhanskKhimvolokno-Sporttekh CherkasyDynamo-Jinestra Odessa
1997–98Khimvolokno-Tryverton CherkasyOrbita ZaporizhiaDynamo-Jinestra Odessa
1998–99Iskra LuhanskKhimvolokno-Kruh CherkasyDynamo-Jinestra Odessa
1999–00Khimvolokno-Kruh CherkasyDynamo-Jinestra OdessaHalychanka-Halexport Ternopil
2000–01Dynamo-Jinestra OdessaDynamo-Kruh CherkasyHalychanka-Halexport Ternopil
2001–02Dynamo-Jinestra OdessaDynamo-Kruh CherkasyZDIA Zaporizhia
2002–03Dynamo-Jinestra OdessaZDIA ZaporizhiaKruh Cherkasy
2003–04Dynamo-Jinestra OdessaZDIA ZaporizhiaKruh Cherkasy
2004–05Kruh CherkasyJinestra OdessaKhimvolokno Cherkasy
2005–06Kruh CherkasyHalychanka-Halexport TernopilSeverodonchanka Severodonetsk
2006–07Kruh CherkasyJinestra OdessaOrbita-Universytet Zaporizhia
2007–08Kruh CherkasyJinestra OdessaHalychanka-Halexport Ternopil
2008–09Severodonchanka SeverodonetskKruh CherkasyHalychanka-Dynamo-TNEU Ternopil
2009–10Halychanka-Dynamo-TNEU TernopilJinestra OdessaKruh Cherkasy
2010–11Khimik YuzhneJinestra OdessaSeverodonchanka Severodonetsk
2011–12Khimik YuzhneVolyn LutskSeverodonchanka Severodonetsk
2012–13Khimik YuzhneVolyn LutskOrbita-Universytet Zaporizhia
2013–14Khimik YuzhneSeverodonchanka SeverodonetskOrbita-Universytet Zaporizhia
2014–15Khimik YuzhneSeverodonchanka SeverodonetskOrbita-Universytet Zaporizhia
2015–16Khimik YuzhneOrbita-Universytet ZaporizhiaSeverodonchanka Severodonetsk
2016–17Khimik YuzhneBilozgar-MedUniversytet VinnytsiaVolyn Universytet-Odyussh Lutsk
2017–18Khimik YuzhneVolyn Universytet-Odyussh Lutsk


Khimik Yuzhne8
Iskra Luhansk6
Kruh Cherkasy6
Jinestra Odessa4
Orbita-Universytet Zaporizhia1
Severodonchanka Severodonetsk1
Halychanka Ternopil1

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