This year’s Roman Reigns celebrates the new feat, the number one in terms of winning most matches

Roman Reigns is one of the most impactable player in wwe universe. He is also known as Big Dog. His wrestling carrer is so interesting. Roman Reigns has joined ‘ The shield’. Here is the big news update of Roman Reigns so let discuss about This year’s Roman Reigns celebrates the new feat, the number one in terms of winning most matches

This year’s Roman Reigns celebrates the new feat, the number one in terms of winning most matches

This year's Roman Reigns celebrates

  • There is a few months left to end in 2018 year. This year has been good for many racers so many have been disappointed.
  • There are many superstars such as Roman Renaiss, Braun Storman, AJ Stiles, who have achieved success.
  • There are also superstars like Finn Buller, Bray Wyatt, who have been disappointed. The percentage of victory and defeat has also been bad for many superstars.
  • But there are some superstars whose percentage of winning is the best.
  • Roman Rena defeated Lesnar in SummerSlam this year to name the Universal Championship. Since then, he has been a champion.
  • This year he has given wwe a lot of good matches. Roman Rains has won 103 matches this year so far.
  • Finn Buller has played the most matches. And the second number is the Roman Rena.
  • But in the case of victory, the Roman Rena remains on top. Though they have been given more opportunities too.


  • This year, according to the previous year, the record of the Roman Rena has been quite good.
  • Roman Rena has three months time and now They can set a new record here.
  • There are AJ Styles on the second number. Who have so far won 99 matches.
  • His performance is also fantastic this year. He is a wwe champion.
  • Seth Rollins is at number three in this list. Seth Rollins is working as a face this year. And they got tremendous support from the fans.
  • Even when he comes in the ring, then the fans of the fancy gajab do for them.
  • This list includes Bron Storman at number four. Stroman was the first face but now the heel has become.
  • For the past two years, he has managed to fly. So far this year, he has managed to win in 89 matches. Fif baller is present in this list at number five. He has won 84 matches.

The biggest blow to WWE Raw in 25 years

This year's Roman Reigns celebrates

  1. Since WrestleMania, there is a longing for WWE viewership. It is also difficult to reach 3 million.
  2. In the middle of the Monday Night Soccer game there is a RAW. Both of them have interconnectedness. This time too Raw has suffered a lot. The lowest viewership in history has been.
  3. From January to April, Raw’s viewership was 3.5 million. Since then, it has diminished. The situation is worse since May 7.
  4. They reach 3 million near you. Raws after Summerslam reached 3.1 million. When the result of the Universal championship was revealed.
  5. This week was the tag team championship match in Raw. Also had six man tag matches with Shield. There was also a six-match tag team match.
  6. But they could not work to increase viewership. RAW’s rating on September 24 has been the worst in history. 2.35 million viewership is just this time. First hour: 2.49 million second hour: 2.23 million three hours: 2.28 million
  7. A decrease of 12% compared to last week has come this time in viewership.
  8. After the Hail-a-Aal, the RAW viewership was 2.67.Allah had arrived Brock Lesnar in the cell phone, then there was a surge in viewership.
  9. It was a surprise. But after that always the viewership has been down. Viewership has been quite impressed since WrestleMania.
  10. SmackDown’s record is a bit good at the same time. Wwe has also suffered a lot from this. Because Raw is of three hours. And here the viewership does not increase then it becomes useless. It is also damaged in PPV

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Famous Superstars tried to break Shield in Raw

This year's Roman Reigns celebrates

  • WWE Universe has now seen Shield match one year later, last year when the Shield was reunion, only one match was fought.
  • However, after the reunion of the shield, it is being speculated that it may break soon or the new twist may come.
  • Dean Ambrose, who was returning after injury, was believed to be coming out as a heel, but so far nothing has been seen.
  • Roman Ranes is the Universal Champion in Shield, Seth Rollins Intercontinental Champion but Dean Ambrose has no title.
  • This week saw a glimpse of the shield’s breakdown. Actually, the Shield members were provoking the rest of the superstars.
  • The Drew McIntyre reached the backstage Dean Ambrose and started provoking them. Drew said that Shield has deceived them before and this time it will be something like this.
  • Apart from this, the Dru also made Sath Rollins a victim of their move but there is no benefit. At the same time Dolph was also accompanying this move
  • Although unheard of all these things, Shield fought his match against Baron Corbin and the Oath of Pen in the main event.


This year's Roman Reigns celebrates

  • The match was very interesting and Storman, Dolph and Drew were sitting on stage to watch the match. Shield won the match, while Dean was very sad and sitting outside the ring.
  • It seemed that the drook’s move worked and Dean would now break the Shield, Seth and Roman Rance also looked at Dean, but after some time Dean came in the ring and made the signature sign of Shield.
  • Although it seemed a moment that Shield is now going to break but it did not happen.
  • Well, now it has to be seen whether the shield will be different in the coming days. By the way, on October 6, Shield vs. Stroman in Australia is going to be against Drew and Dolph.

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