The Wonderful Match Ended on Tie between PSV – Feyenoord

Here is the match between two teams. This match is very wonderful match. It involves all strategies and competition level match. Let’s start discussion about The Wonderful Match Ended on Tie between PSV – Feyenoord

The Wonderful Match Ended on Tie between PSV – Feyenoord

The Wonderful Match Ended on Tie between PSV - Feyenoord

Everyone agrees: an exciting match! However, playing at home, PSV was unable to beat Fenoyord. Finished in the match Tie

  • During the first part, the Rotterdam team got the best chance and more often in the possession of the ball.
  • The entire area was used and PSV created great potential. Even then, the biggest chance to score – for Luke de Jong – went wrong.
  • Things should have changed in this match in one hour, due to the red card for Phenoiard to Sven Van Geek, a man had to continue.
  • The Red Card was the result of an incident related to Steven Burgvision.
  • While the team did not score goals, things gradually changed. First of all, a good, bold goal by Georgeison ensured that Fenard went ahead.
  • But hardly a minute later, Lozano scored the only goal of Eindhoven’s team during the game.
  • In the last attempt to get the benefit, PSV got the upper hand Nevertheless, Dumfries and Bergvijn did not score despite being close enough.

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  • The result of this match was confirmed, the Dutch media is indicating today, only two points separate number one and two in the Dutch competition.

Stats of PSV – Feyenoord

02/24/19PSV – Feyenoord1 – 1Eredivisie
02/12/18Feyenoord – PSV2 – 1Eredivisie
08/04/18PSV – Feyenoord0 – 0Super Cup
02/25/18Feyenoord – PSV1 – 3Eredivisie
01/31/18Feyenoord – PSV2 – 0KNVB Cup
09/17/17PSV – Feyenoord1 – 0Eredivisie
02/26/17Feyenoord – PSV2 – 1Eredivisie
09/18/16PSV – Feyenoord0 – 1Eredivisie
07/31/16Feyenoord – PSV0 – 1Super Cup
01/17/16Feyenoord – PSV0 – 2Eredivisie
08/30/15PSV – Feyenoord3 – 1Eredivisie
03/22/15Feyenoord – PSV2 – 1Eredivisie
17.12.14PSV – Feyenoord4 – 3Eredivisie
04/13/14PSV – Feyenoord0 – 2Eredivisie
01/12/13Feyenoord – PSV3 – 1Eredivisie
02/24/13Feyenoord – PSV2 – 1Eredivisie
01/30/13PSV – Feyenoord2 – 1KNVB Cup
23.09.12PSV – Feyenoord30Eredivisie
26.02.12PSV – Feyenoord3 – 2Eredivisie
04.12.11Feyenoord – PSV2 – 0Eredivisie
24.04.11Feyenoord – PSV3 – 1Eredivisie
24.10.10PSV – Feyenoord10 – 0Eredivisie
11.04.10PSV – Feyenoord0 – 0Eredivisie
27.01.10PSV – Feyenoord0 – 3KNVB Cup
20.09.09Feyenoord – PSV1 – 3Eredivisie
15.03.09Feyenoord – PSV1 – 0Eredivisie
21.12.08PSV – Feyenoord1 – 0Eredivisie
23.08.08PSV – Feyenoord2 – 0Super Cup
12.01.08Feyenoord – PSV0 – 1Eredivisie


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