Table-Tennis-History, playfield Equipments, Rules and Regulations, fundamental skills,Terminology.

Champions are won at practice learn from your defeat and you will be a good winner. It is a type of sport in which two or four players hit a ball across the table using small racket type bat. In this article we will discuss about the amazing game Table-Tennis-History, playfield Equipments, Rules and Regulations, fundamental skills,Terminology.

Table-Tennis-History, playfield Equipments, Rules and Regulations, fundamental skills,Terminology.

Table-Tennis-History,playfield Equipments,Rules and Regulations,fundamental skills,Terminology

History of the Game:This sports has its origin in Victorian England.It is a fast racket game played with light ball on the smallest game surface known as ‘table’. The game was firstly played by king Edivard around 1880 in Britain.It took its current form of play in the year 1990,when it’s rules were written and celluloid ball was used. The sound of ball inspired the name ”ping pong”-and later it became as table -tennis. The ITTF was formed in Berlin in the year 1926.The first world championship took place in the same year The Hungarians,Czechs,Swedish and the English dominated this game until the 1950.It is popular indoor game. This game is also popular in urban India. India has hosted world championship in 1951,1984 and 1986. Untill 2000 its scoring point of the Game has 21 points with five services by same player.The new rules were introduced in the year 2001 to increase the pace of game.

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Equipments used in the Game:

1. Table:

It is made of fine wood and playing surface is dark coloured. The table of table tennis shall be rectangular in shape. It’s length is 2.74m and width is 1.52cm. It’s upper surface, known as playing surface shall be horizontal plane. 76m above the floor. The table shall be with a 2cm broad white line along each edge. The lines at the  1.525m end lines and the lines at the 2.74m shall be called side lines.

2. Racket:

Table tennis racket may be of any size,shape or weight. It’s surface shall be of red and black colour only.

3. The Net:

The length of the net is 1.83m. It’s upper part is at the height of 1.52m from the playing surface. The Net shall be suspended by a card attached to each end to an upright high post of 1.52m.

4. The Ball:

It is spherical in shape. It shall be made of celluloid.

Rules of the Game:

  1. Match:

Matches are the best of five or seven games. Each game is won by first side to reach 11 points or from 10-10 two clear points. The ball touching any part of the top of the table, including the white edges is ‘in’ . A player serves two points, after which it is the opponents turn.

2 Game:

A player or pair who first scores 11 points,shall win the game.If both the players or pair score 10 points,then the server or player hitting the strokes gets the score.

3 Order points of play:

The server does two services at a stretch. After this the other player gets the service. In this way,he also gets the right of doing five services. Thus the service changed after every two services.

4 Service:

The ball is paced on the palm of free hand which should be open and flat, with fingers together and thumb free. Then the server shall project he ball and do the service. At the time of service, the ball shall always be visible.

5 Ball in play:

The ball shall be considered in play from the movement it is projected from the hand in service.

6 Points:

Except as provided in the rules, a player shall lose a point if he becomes unable to make a good servie

Fundamental skills:

1 Strokes:

The two types of strokes are common. One is called forehand stroke and the other is called backhand stroke. The chopping action is done to give the spin to the ball. High toss is also given to slow down the Game.

2 Holding of Bat:

There are many ways of holding Table tennis bat,but most grips fall into one of two types. One is called shake- hand grip and other is called pen hold grip.

Terminology of the Game:

1. Deuce:

It is the scoring in a specific rule when score is 10 in both.

2. Font-fault:

The server during service should not change position of feet.

3. Free-hand:

The hand other than bat which is used during service.

4. Let-service:

It is given when service touches the top edge of net.

5. Rally:

counter attack of strokes during which ball is in play.

Best Table Tennis player

Xu xin

Nationality Chinese
Born 8 January 1990(age 30)[1]
Xuzhou, Jiangsu, China
Playing style left-handed, penhold grip
Equipment(s) Stiga Dynasty Carbon, TG2 Skyline Blue (FH, black), DHS NEO Hurricane 3 custom sponge (BH, red)
Highest ranking 1 (December 2019)[2]
Current ranking 2 (April 2020)[3]
Club Shanghai Zhongxing
Height 1.81 m (5 ft 11 in)[1]
Weight 75 kg (165 lb)

Fan Zendong is a Chinese professional table tennis player currently ranked World No.1 for men’s singles by International

Fan Zhendong
Current ranking No. 2 (April 2020)
Height 1.73 m (5 ft 8 in)
Weight 77 kg (170 lb)
Native name 樊振东
Nationality Chinese
Born 22 January 1997(age 23)
Guangzhou, Guangdong, China[1]
Playing style Right-handed, Shakehand grip
Equipment(s) Butterfly Viscaria blade(with stiga infinity vps handle), DHS Hurricane 3 National (Blue Sponge) (FH, Black), Butterfly Dignics 05 (BH, Red)
Highest ranking No. 1 (April 2018)[2]
Current ranking No. 2 (April 2020)[2]
Height 1.73 m (5 ft 8 in)[3]
Weight 77 kg (170 lb)[3]

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