Start f1 Monaco 2019: Starting Grid| F1| News| Crash

Monaco Grand Prix (French: Grand Prix de Monaco) is a Formula One motor race organized on circuit de Monaco each year. Running since 1929, it is widely considered to be one of the most important and prestigious automobile races in the world and, with the Indianapolis 500 and Le Mans 24 hours, Triple Crown creates Motorsports is Motorsport. Circuit has been called “an extraordinary place of glamor and prestige” Today we will discuss about Start f1 Monaco 2019: Starting Grid| F1| News| Crash 

Start f1 Monaco 2019: Starting Grid| F1| News| Crash

Start f1 Monaco 2019: Starting Grid| F1| News| Crash

Race information
Number of times held 76
First held 1929
Most wins (drivers) Brazil Ayrton Senna (6)
Most wins (constructors) United Kingdom McLaren (15)
Circuit length 3.337 km (2.074 mi)
Race length 260.286 km (161.734 mi)
Laps 78
Last race (2019)
Pole position
  • United Kingdom Lewis Hamilton
  • Mercedes
  • 1:10.166
    • 1. United Kingdom L. Hamilton
    • Mercedes
    • 1:43:28.437
    • 2. Germany S. Vettel
    • Ferrari
    • +2.602
    • 3. Finland V. Bottas
    • Mercedes
    • +3.162
Fastest lap
  • France Pierre Gasly
  • Red Bull Racing-Honda
  • 1:14.279

Starting Grid

Start f1 Monaco 2019: Starting Grid| F1| News| Crash

Lewis Hamilton will lead the Mercedes teammate Walteri Boutes away from the front of the Monaco Grand Prix Grid, following the order, Pierre Gasley and Antonio Giovanni have added some thanks for the penalties, which was a violation during qualifying.

Both Galilei and Giovannazzi were guilty for obstructing drivers during qualification.


  • Giovinazzi organized Nico Hulkenberg during Q1, while Gassley was trending on the racing line as a fast moving Romain Grosgene, who got into the lap of the driver and pulled him out of A2 Exit.
  • Galvin’s teammate Kevin Maguissen’s gas emission is at fifth position, while former Red Bull driver Daniel Ricardo and Daniel Kevat also get the benefit.
  • Lance stroke and Sergio Perez of the racing point have been confronted with a position from Geovinazi’s penalty, as is Charles Lecller, who could only qualify for the 16th qualification, because Ferrari had left him until the Q 1 had stumbled at the end of Q1 for the devastating effect.
  • Lekler, Hulkenberg and Sergio Perez reported to Stevevard after obtaining a qualifying qualification after the disappearance call to Vetbridge during the qualifying, but no one was penalized.

F1 Result 2019

Pos Driver Points Australia Bahrain China Azerbaijan Spain Monaco Canada France Austria United Kingdom Germany Hungary Belgium Italy Singapore Russian Federation Japan Mexico United States Brazil United Arab Emirates
1 United Kingdom Lewis Hamilton 137 18/2 25/1 25/1 18/2 26/1 25/1
2 Finland Valtteri Bottas 120 26/1 18/2 18/2 25/1 18/2 15/3
3 Germany Sebastian Vettel 82 12/4 10/5 15/3 15/3 12/4 18/2
4 Netherlands Max Verstappen 78 15/3 12/4 12/4 12/4 15/3 12/4
5 Monaco Charles Leclerc 57 10/5 16/3 10/5 11/5 10/5
6 France Pierre Gasly 32 4/8 9/6 8/6 11/5
7 Spain Carlos Sainz Jr. 18 6/7 4/8 8/6
8 Denmark Kevin Magnussen 14 8/6 6/7
9 Mexico Sergio Perez 13 1/10 4/8 8/6
10 Finland Kimi Raikkonen 13 4/8 6/7 2/9 1/10
11 United Kingdom Lando Norris 12 8/6 4/8
12 Russian Federation Daniil Kvyat 9 1/10 2/9 6/7
13 Australia Daniel Ricciardo 8 6/7 2/9
14 Thailand Alex Albon 7 2/9 1/10 4/8
15 Germany Nico Hulkenberg 6 6/7
16 Canada Lance Stroll 4 2/9 2/9
17 France Romain Grosjean 2 1/10 1/10
18 Italy Antonio Giovinazzi 0
19 United Kingdom George Russell 0
20 Poland Robert Kubica 0


Start f1 Monaco 2019: Starting Grid| F1| News| Crash

Werstepen Hamilton was “really reserved” in the fight

The Red Bull Racing Formula 1 Team boss Christian Horner says that Max Werstepen was actually “reserved” for holding back and waiting to pass Louis Hamilton to the Monaco Grand Prix.

  1. Werstepen acquired the second place on the road after trying to pass Hamilton, while trying to pass laps in contact made in Cheeken, but both the drivers remained in the same position.
  2. Werstepen is fined five times for the second time after an unsafe release on the road to Walterie Boutas on his pitstop under the safety car, and when it was added, it dropped four places behind Sebastian Vettel and Botas, Said “bitter.”
  3. “Unfortunately the contact was done in the pits, and Max got a fine,” said Horner. “It’s hard for him because he ran a powerful race, he went all his heart, but after such a big drive P4 seems a bit bitter.
  4. “But this is what Stuvers made a decision that they felt it was right for them, and we had to accept it.


  1. Their only chance was to pass Hamilton and take five seconds.
  2. “He was qualified to live on the podium today. The encouraging thing is that the performance is the same, he was pushing, pushing, he fought like a lion, tried to make a pass on Louise, and it was worth it Was. “
  3. Horner said that Werstepen showed patience by waiting for the right opportunity.
  4. “I thought that he was actually a reserve, he was building, producing it. He was actually only a single occasion, and he went for it, which is Max.
  5. “Nevertheless, both cars are good to get home at the top five.
  6. Pierre [Gally] ran a spectacular race today, which was after the fines yesterday, P5 was a good result for him.
  7. Hoya F1 owner Toyah Tanbe said that the Japanese company was encouraged to earn a second on the road with one of its cars in a day when all four points had ended.
  8. “Results on paper are the result,” he told “So we’re a bit disappointed, Max’s race today encouraged our engineers – not only engineers, but also some supporters. We are happy for a good race for all four Honda cars.

“In Monaco, it is very difficult to evaluate the performance of the power unit, we are still in the grip, we are not compared to Ferrari! But as a package, it is still up and down. Up, Down, Up Below Mercedes is always up, up and up, so we will see. ”

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Driver Tracy Bibby was jailed in Clevedon House crash crash

Start f1 Monaco 2019: Starting Grid| F1| News| Crash

A woman who was “acting like a Formula 1 driver”, before she crashed her van into a house, a 90-year-old woman died and she was jailed.

  • In June 2017, Joan Woodier died after being hit by a van in Ullands Drive, Clayden.
  • Tracey Bibby of Rashmur of Kaladyan was found to be the cause of death due to dangerous driving and death due to driving while declaring disqualified.
  • In Bristol Crown Court of 35 years, there was a four-year jail.
  • He was also disqualified from driving
  • Mrs. Woodier was on the phone with her son during the accident and she died after the debris fell.
  • The court heard that Bibbie was previously banned from driving in 2006 and 2016, when he was ordered to be ineligible for three years.
  • “Because of your ineptitude, you should not have run that van at all,” Judge Michael Kullam told Bibbie.
  • “You opted to do this unnecessarily. You rotated the van side by side, it appears that the van has been unstable.”
  • You were showing off somehow. The reality is that what you did was that the control of the van was lost. Then what happened was tragic. “

Formula Driver

  • During the trial, the jury heard that just before the Bibbishi accident, “shave” and “a formula 1 behaved like a driver” was walking around the van.
  • He went with his then-boyfriend Ben Chapel in the van and told the police constantly that he is a driving.
  • However, the CCTV footage of a pub showed him climbing the driver’s seat.
  • The granddaughter Kobh read a statement to the court which stated that Mrs. Woodier was active even after her age.
  • “We were deprived of the right to say goodbye,” she said.
  • “He had a lot of life, he was not worthy of death like this.”
  • Mrs. Woodier was on the phone with her son Allen at the time of the accident, a call she used to do every evening at the same time.
  • In his statement to the court, the phone was told about the voice after the accident.
  • “I have to live with this regret that if I did not call him, he could still be with us,” he said.
  • “Even after 12 months I am not able to come up with his death.”

Unbeaten Records in F1



Most retirements (number) 25 United States 1951 Indianapolis 500 (out of 33 starters – 75.8%)
Most retirements (percentage) 85.7% Monaco 1996 Monaco Grand Prix(18 out of 21 starters)
Fewest drivers not classified 0 Netherlands 1961 Dutch Grand Prix (15 starters)
United States 2005 United States Grand Prix (6 starters)[N 1]
Italy 2005 Italian Grand Prix (20 starters)
Spain 2011 European Grand Prix(24 starters)
Japan 2015 Japanese Grand Prix(20 starters)[N 2]
China 2016 Chinese Grand Prix(22 starters)
Japan 2016 Japanese Grand Prix(22 starters)
China 2018 Chinese Grand Prix(20 starters)[N 3]
Fewest finishers (actual) 3 Monaco 1996 Monaco Grand Prix(21 starters. Seven cars were classified, only three actually crossed the finish line) [1]
Fewest finishers (classified) 4 Monaco 1966 Monaco Grand Prix(16 starters)
Most finishers 24 Spain 2011 European Grand Prix(24 starters) [2]
Most pitstops 88 Hungary 2011 Hungarian Grand Prix
Fewest pitstops 0 Netherlands 1961 Dutch Grand Prix
Most overtakes for the lead 40 Italy 1965 Italian Grand Prix
Most overtakes in a dry race 161 China 2016 Chinese Grand Prix
Most overtakes in a wet race 144 Brazil 2012 Brazilian Grand Prix
Fewest overtakes in a race 0 Monaco 2003 Monaco Grand Prix
United States 2005 United States Grand Prix
Spain 2009 European Grand Prix
Russia 2017 Russian Grand Prix
Most starters 34 Germany 1953 German Grand Prix
Fewest starters 6 United States 2005 United States Grand Prix (20 cars took warmup lap, but 14 cars pulled out before the start)
Smallest winning margin 0.01 s (timed to 2 decimal places)[N 4] Italy 1971 Italian Grand Prix (United KingdomPeter Gethinfrom SwedenRonnie Peterson)
also closest 1st–3rd (0.09 s); 1st–4th (0.18 s); 1st–5th (0.61 s)
0.011 sec (timed to 3 decimal places) United States 2002 United States Grand Prix (BrazilRubens Barrichellofrom GermanyMichael Schumacher)
Largest winning margin (laps) 2 laps Spain 1969 Spanish Grand Prix (United Kingdom Jackie Stewart from New Zealand Bruce McLaren)
Australia 1995 Australian Grand Prix (United Kingdom Damon Hill from FranceOlivier Panis)
Largest winning margin (time) 5 min 12.75 sec Portugal 1958 Portuguese Grand Prix (United Kingdom Stirling Moss from United Kingdom Mike Hawthorn)
Lowest average race speed (winner) 74.844 km/h (46.506 mph) Canada 2011 Canadian Grand Prix (United Kingdom Jenson Button) (Race stopped for 2 hours due to heavy rain) [5]
Highest average race speed (winner) 247.585 km/h (153.842 mph) Italy 2003 Italian Grand Prix (GermanyMichael Schumacher) [6]
Highest average lap speed (qualifying) 263.587 km/h (163.785 mph) Italy 2018 Italian Grand Prix (FinlandKimi Räikkönen)
Highest top speed (race) 370.1 km/h (229.969 mph) Italy 2005 Italian Grand Prix (FinlandKimi Räikkönen)
372.54 km/h (231.486 mph) (Not yet accepted by FIA) Mexico 2016 Mexican Grand Prix (Finland Valtteri Bottas) [7][8]
Highest top speed (weekend sessions) 378 km/h (234.878 mph) Azerbaijan 2016 European Grand Prixqualifying (Finland Valtteri Bottas)
Shortest race 14 laps,
24m 34.899s
52.92 km (32.883 mi)
Australia 1991 Australian Grand Prix(Race abandoned on lap 16 due to heavy rain) [9]
Shortest race without a red flag 1 h 14 min 19.838 s Italy 2003 Italian Grand Prix
Longest race (duration) 70 laps,
4 h 4 min 39.537 s
Canada 2011 Canadian Grand Prix(Race stopped for 2 hours due to heavy rain) [10]
Longest race (distance) 200 laps,
500 mi (804.672 km)
United States 1951, 1952, 1953, 1954, 1955, 1956, 1957, 1958, 1959, 1960 Indianapolis 500 [11]
Longest non-Indianapolis 500 race (distance) 77 laps,
601.832 km (373.961 mi)
France 1951 French Grand Prix
Most times safety car deployed
in single race
6 times Canada 2011 Canadian Grand Prix
Most red flags in qualifying 4 Hungary 2016 Hungarian Grand Prix(Heavy rain, crashes of Marcus Ericsson, Felipe Massaand Rio Haryanto)
Closest result in a qualifying session 0.000s between P1 and P3 Spain 1997 European Grand Prix (Canada Jacques Villeneuve, Germany Michael Schumacher, and GermanyHeinz-Harald Frentzen all set identical qualifying lap times)
Most pit stops by a driver in a single race 7 France Alain Prost (1993 European Grand Prix)
Most pit stops by a winning driver in a single race 6 (including 1 penalty) United Kingdom Jenson Button (2011 Canadian Grand Prix)
Most (driving) penalties in one race 3 Venezuela Pastor Maldonado(2015 Hungarian Grand Prix)
Most grid-place (engine) penalties for one race 70 United Kingdom Jenson Button (2015 Mexican Grand Prix) [12]
Youngest average age of podium finishers 23 years, 350 days Italy 2008 Italian Grand Prix (GermanySebastian Vettel, FinlandHeikki Kovalainen, Poland Robert Kubica) [13]
Oldest average age of podium finishers 46 years, 263 days Switzerland 1950 Swiss Grand Prix (ItalyGiuseppe Farina, ItalyLuigi Fagioli, France Louis Rosier)
Most races in a season 21 2016, 2018, 2019(ongoing)
Fewest races in a season 7 1950, 1955
Season starting earliest in the year 1 January 1965 (South Africa), 1968(South Africa)
Season ending latest in the year 29 December 1962 (South Africa)
Coldest race (Air temperature) 5° C Canada 1978 Canadian Grand Prix
Hottest race (Air temperature) 42.5° C Bahrain 2005 Bahrain Grand Prix

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