NFL Playoffs 2019: News| Schedule| Standings| Bracket

The National Football League (NFL) is a professional American football league, consisting of 32 teams, which are evenly split between the National Football Conference (NFC) and the American Football Conference (AFC). NFL is one of the four major professional sports leagues in North America, and is the highest professional level of American football in the world. Today we will discuss about NFL Playoffs 2019: News| Schedule| Standings| Bracket

NFL Playoffs 2019: News| Schedule| Standings| Bracket

NFL Playoffs 2019: News| Schedule| Standings| Bracket


  1. You may want to move ahead and clear your weekend program because NFL Playoffs are here and they are starting on Saturday.
  2. After a Wild Week 17, you will not have much time to catch your breath, and that’s because the January 5th Houston will be kicked off in Houston in Houston.
  3. This game will be marked for the third time this year that both of these teams have been found, and if two earlier games are any sign, then it can be wild.
  4. In Week 4, Texas won 37-34 overtime. Colts again won 24-21 on the road in the week 14.
  5. In the other wild-card showdowns of AFC, Philip River and Chargers will perform their first playoffs in five years, when they travel to Baltimore
  6. The two teams met in the first game this season, where the Charger closed at home in the rescue of Baltimore during the 22-10 Rance victory.
  7. As NFC, playoff football will eventually return to Chicago after eight years of absence when Beers hosted the last Super Bowl champion Eagles.
  8. On Sunday, the game will mark for the first time since January 2011 that Beers hosted a playoff game.
  9. In the NFC’s other wild-card games, Seahawks will travel to Dallas to pick up the cowboy team, which will host a playoff game for the third time in five years.
  10. The last team to be fielded for this post will be Droe Breeze and Saints.
  11. Thanks to their first round, we will not be able to see New Orleans again until 4:40. E.T. on 13th January
  12. The last game of the 2018 NFL Season will be Super Bowl El Eight, which turns out of Atlanta on February 3 and will be broadcast by CBS on television.

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NFL Playoffs 2019: News| Schedule| Standings| Bracket

Wild card weekends

  • Saturday, January 5
    Number 6 in Indianapolis No. 3 in Houston, 4:35 pm ET (ESPN / ABC)

Number 5 in Seattle Number 4 Dallas, 8:15 pm ET (Fox)

  • Sunday, January 6
    5 Number Los Angeles Chargers # 4 in Baltimore, 1:05 pm ET (CBS)

NFL Playoffs 2019: News| Schedule| Standings| Bracket

No. 3 Chicago in Philadelphia, 4:40 pm ET (NBC)

Departmental round

  • Saturday is January 12
    Indianapolis / L.A. Chargers / Baltimore No. 1 in Kansas City, 4:35 pm ET (NBC)

Seattle / Dallas / Chicago Number 2 in Los Angeles, 8:15 am ET (Fox)

  • Sunday, January 13
    L.A. Chargers / New York at Baltimore / Houston No. 2, 1: 5. ET (CBS)

Philadelphia / Seattle / Dallas is number 1 in New Orleans, 4:40 a.m. ET (Fox)

  • Championship sunday
    Sunday, January 20
    NFC championship, 3:05 pm ET (Fox)

AFC Championship, 6:40 pm ET (CBS)

  • Super Bowl LIII
    Sunday, February 3
    AFC vs NFC in Atlanta, at 6:30 pm ET (CBS)

Standings and Bracket

NFL Playoffs 2019: News| Schedule| Standings| Bracket

  1. The chiefs did not leave anything to give chance on Sunday afternoon, sniffing any hopes that the raiders could have been quick and often, stacked the points and the AFC in the playoff and the first all-round seed in the home-field advantage To destroy your way.
  2. This was a cruise control with Gate Go, in which the chief used to make quick runs and stacked on points in a run-up victory.
  3. Indianapolis had a similar effort against Tennessee, while raising the points in an excellent effort in Tennessee, Andrew Luck to run his undefeated record against the Titans on even more influential heights
  4. In the first year of Frank Joeich as coach To get back into the playoff.
  5. The first year under the center of fate.
  6. It was contrary to the Vikings game, a complete and utter disaster that could be termed “The Minneapolis Meh-Rikal” for how the Cancer Cigins and Vikings saw the crime.
  7. Bears coach Matt Negi could pull his friends fast and win the Vikings and could win Minnesota in the playoff match instead of Philadelphia.
  8. I criticized it at that time and I believe that you will play Minnesota in comparison to Philadelphia, mixing your playoff Voodoo with Nick Fall. But, man, it’s hard to love Bears that how they handled business against the Vikings.


  1. Minnesota may have to change the circumstances. It was a “win and play” for the Vikings, who could not produce enough on the crime to handle the shorthand beer team.
  2. Can someone trust Kirk’s cousins? She should be trustworthy, she is being paid $ 84 million in three years to win those games and she could not bring it back to the big stage.
  3. Houston’s victory defeated AFC South for the Texas top-three seed. The victory of patriots gave them something which they liked: the first round.
  4. Now both teams can sit and wait and can expect for the raiders and bronchos to throw a bone and create some real chaos.
  5. NFC did not see almost anything in the early games – only two potential teams, which were included at 1 a.m.
  6. The game was a monk and cowboy and there was nothing to play in their respective games.

NFL Playoffs 2019: News| Schedule| Standings| Bracket

AFC: Who’s Finished

1. Pittsburgh Steelers (9-6-1)
2. Tennessee Titans (9-7)
3. Cleveland Brown (7-8-1)
4. Miami Dolphins (7-9)
5. Denver Broncos (6-10)
6. Cincinnati Bengals (6-10)
7. Buffalo Bills (6-10)
8. Jacksonville Jaguar (5-11)
9. New York Jets (4-12)
10. Oakland Raiders (4-12)

NFC: Who’s Finished
1. Minnesota Vikings (8-7-1)
2. Atlanta Falcons (7-9)
3. Washington Redskins (7-9)
4. Carolina Panthers (7-9)
5. Green Bay Packers (6-9-1)
6. Detroit Lions (6-10)
7. New York Giants (5-11)
8. Tampa Bay bookkeepers (5-11)
9. San Francisco 49ers (4-12)
10. Arizona Cardinals (3-13)

(x) – Clinic Playoff Birth
(y) – clinic division
(z) – First round’s by-election
(*) – Clinical Home-Field Benefits

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