NBA Games: In India| Rules| Global Games 2019

NBA Games is a series of sports specialty NBA teams that are played outside the United States and Canada. Its purpose is to bring teams of National Basketball Association (NBA) to play games against any other NBA team or overseas club. Today we will discuss about NBA Games: In India| Rules| Global Games 2019

NBA Games: In India| Rules| Global Games 2019

Sports itself is played under NBA rules, which are slightly different from FIBA ​​rules which foreign teams usually play. Court markings and dimensions are also slightly different.

NBA Games In India

NBA Games: In India| Rules| Global Games 2019

NBA to play first-ever games in India

Mumbai and New York – The National Basketball Association (NBA) announced today that Indiana Pacers and Sacramento Kings will play in the two-speed games in Mumbai in 2019, in which NBA staged the first games and first games played in India. Country by North American Sports League NBA India Games 2019 will be on Friday, October 4 and Saturday, October 5 at the NSCI Dome.

  • This announcement was made today by NBA Deputy Commissioner Mark Tatum and NBA India Managing Director Yannick Kolaco in Mumbai.
  • Games tickets will go on sale at the later date.
  • Fans can go to to enter information and interest for tickets.
  • In addition to sports, the league and its partners will organize interactive fan activities, junior NBA youth basketball programming and NBA care community outreach events, which will bring NBA experience for fans in Mumbai.
  • NBA India Games 2019 will be promoted by BookMyShow and AEG and will be supported by the roster of Marketing and Merchandising Partners.
  • The games will be broadcast live in India, and in more than 200 countries and territories will reach fans on television, digital and social media.
  • Currently, 2018 Number 2 Comprehensive Draft Pick Marvin Bagley III, 2017 No. 5 Composite Draft Pick d’Arin Fox and 2016 Number, under the leadership of first-born majority owner of Kings, NBA and Vivek Ranadeve, native of Mumbai.
  • Choose 6 overall draft Buddy Hydals (Bahamas). At present, the 2018 NBA All-Star Victor Oledipo, 2016 NBA All-Rookie is the second team member Miles Turner and the overall draft of the No. 11 No. 9 Dominus Sabonis (Lithuania) in Pessors Roster.
  • More than 350 live NBA games are available in every season on Sony Ten 1, Sony Ten3 and Sony ESPN, which include 78 games with commentary.
  • In the 2018-19 season, there are five consecutive Sunday games that will be broadcast in India in primetime, from March 10 to April 7, will mark the second straight year that there will be five gaming televisions in primetime.

In India fans can follow the NBA on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and download the official NBA App on iOS and Android for the latest news, updates, scores, stats, programs, videos and more


NBA Games: In India| Rules| Global Games 2019

There are some rules and regulations of the National Basketball Association (NBA) that must be viewed strictly during game play.

Rules are mainly determined by the International Basketball Federation, are the determinants of these rules internationally. These guidelines preside over the process, operation and game of the game.

If you are making a start, then you have to know the rules of the game and see them later. By doing so, you will learn properly so that you can avoid the penalties that come with the violation

Rules and Regulations for all Beginners

1. The ball can be thrown in any direction. You can do this by using one hand or both hands.

2. The ball can be hit in any direction. It also allows one or both hands to use.

3. With most points the side is always declared the winner of the game.

4. A player can not walk with the ball. As a player, you have to throw it from the place you catch with the ball. There is only one allowance to catch anyone while running the ball.

5. Body of the ball to catch the ball

6. When you hit the ball with a hand, a dishonesty happens. Apart from this, catching someone with a rival, tripling, pushing or hitting the shoulder side.

7. There is no tripping, shoulder, striking, grip or push in any way of the opponent.

8. A goal will be made when the ball is thrown or bat in the basket. If the ball remains on topless basket, then it is also considered a target.

9. The referee will be the judge of the game. He keeps the accounts of the baskets. Apart from this, when he is in the game, he decides which side he is and he has time.

10. Time for any basketball game will be two to fifteen minutes with a break of five minutes.

11. If there are three gradual complications in one or the other side, then it will calculate one goal for their opponents.

NBA Rules

NBA Games: In India| Rules| Global Games 2019

NBA is one of the bodies that make rules for basketball. With its board of governors, this association was recently able to come up with some new rules to help improve the flow of the game.

They made some changes in the timeout instructions, and the game flashed. Here are the new ideas made by:

  1. The fowl limit for each player is 6.
  2. The game clock closes after the last two minutes of the fourth period and after overtime.
  3. The referees will evaluate the delays of any sports violation.
  4. Overtime will have to be over 5 minutes.
  5. There will be two timeouts per overtime. Initially, there were three timeouts for teams.
  6. The timeout period of the game is the same whether it is broadcast on TV or not. (6 full, 1 20-second per half).
  7. Bonus free throw after fifth fiasco of the game.
  8. The number of players allowed on free throw lane is five – 3 defensive players and 2 aggressive players.

NBA Basketball Rules

1. Regulation NBA court.

One of the most important NBA basketball rules is the length of the court. An ideal court has their own dimensions. You are required to follow these rules while making a court.

The court should be 94 feet long and 50 feet wide.

The line is 23 feet 9 inches for the three-pointers. Free-throw line is equal to distance from basket but this lane is 16 feet wide.

2. Twenty-four-second shot clock

Another regulation is a 24-second shot clock. As a team, if you have a ball then you have 24 seconds to play the shot.

All NBA games have four quarters that last up to 12 minutes.

3. Timeouts.

For both teams, there should be a total six 60-second timeout in a single game.

Number of allowable timeouts is two Every 20-second timeout remains for every half game

4. Fighting and flagrant fouls

Finally, the NBA game is not allowed to fight the bench. With general rules, you do not have permission to get off the bench in the field to help your teammates.

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This kind of behavior will also result in suspension or penalty for the next game.

I am sure that if you are a player then you do not want to face any of these. Therefore, you will be saved by following this rule.

Scented humming is also dangerous. Two dishonesty occurs when first, you make unnecessary contact with your opponent.

Rules and Regulations for basketball 

1. Rules for everyone

All foul rules apply to every player. During play, you can find that these uncles will be successful for touching or tripping.

Whether you are an aggressive or a defensive player, dishonesty is applied to each one.

Goaltending No one touches the ball because it is for the basket or on the rim.
You should not kick or hit the ball using your fist.

2. Rules for the defensive

The defensive team is the side without the ball. This side has only one main rule for its players.

Not on dishonesty. Fretting to touch your opponent is dishonest. Therefore, as a defensive, you need to avoid the cost of physical contact with an aggressive player.

Basic Rules for Basketball 


Time is also necessary. You have to know how long it takes for a full game and stops in the middle.

This game enters four steps of 10 minutes.

In the case of relations, overtime playoffs will be for five minutes until a winner is found.


It is also good to know your main purpose. Team with many points is the winner.

Therefore, when you play, your goal will be to earn more points. Put this ball into the ranks of the rivals’ team as often as possible.

Number of players

The maximum number of players participating in this game is twelve. Each side will have five players inside the court at the same time.

The remaining two will work as alternatives. In addition, lots of switches are allowed in this game.


NBA Games: In India| Rules| Global Games 2019

Any start is needed to master the aspect of scoring. As you play, you want to earn points for yourself. However, it is necessary that you know how and how you need it to score in the game.

Shot clock

You might be asking yourself what this is. This is the maximum period of time when a team has to try to place a shot after holding the ball.

In this game, a team has 24 seconds to crack a shot. Again, aggressive players can not live in major restricted areas repeated more than 3

Shake the ball

You need special directions to pass the ball.

You have to take two steps before passing the ball and without dribbling.

In addition, the ball can be dribble from one point to another or passed from one player to another.

You can not start dribbling after finishing the ball.


As mentioned above about the nuisances, as a start, you should pay attention to how the team’s expenditure could lead to serious dishonesty. When playing, make sure you avoid your team’s points to save them.

You will be banned for more than five personal fouls (illegal contact with the opponent).

If you dishonest someone to make a shot, then there are two shots from the inside of the arc and three shots from outside.


In essence, these are the rules and regulations that continue the game. There are very clear and easy rules of basketball. In addition to moralizing the game, you also have the opportunity to enjoy it. You need to be aware of all the rules of the game and you will definitely become a good basketball player.

Global Games 2019

NBA Games: In India| Rules| Global Games 2019

The National Basketball Association (NBA) is returning to O2 on January 17, 2019. The NBA London Games presented by Norwegian will include Washington Wizards and New York Knicks in 2019, and will mark the ninth regular CB game played in London. In so many years.

The NBA London Games represented by the Norwegian represents the third game of the Nix in 2019 Capital, against the Detroit Piston in 2013 and the Regular-Season Games against the Milwaukee Bucks in 2015.

Wizards will play their first game in the UK. All eight last regular-season NBA games sold in London

NBA London Games 2019 will be supported by a full roster of marketing partners, in which Beats Dr. Dre, Foot Locker, Gatorade, Nike, SAP and Tissot.

NBA Score & Schedule

June Month 2019

June Schedule

Sun, Jun 2, 2019
Wed, Jun 5, 2019
Fri, Jun 7, 2019
Mon, Jun 10, 2019
Thu, Jun 13, 2019
DateStart (ET)Visitor/NeutralPTSHome/NeutralPTSAttend.Notes
Sun, Jun 2, 20198:00pGolden State Warriors109Toronto Raptors104Box Score20,014
Wed, Jun 5, 20199:00pToronto Raptors123Golden State Warriors109Box Score19,596
Fri, Jun 7, 20199:00pToronto Raptors105Golden State Warriors92Box Score19,596
Mon, Jun 10, 20199:00pGolden State Warriors106Toronto Raptors105Box Score20,144
Thu, Jun 13, 20199:00pToronto Raptors114Golden State Warriors110Box Score19,596


1First PlaceMILClinched Playoff BerthWins60Losses22Win Percentage.732Games BehindConference Record40 and12Division Record14 and2Home Record33 and8Away Record27 and14Last Ten Recordand3Win Streak 1Losses
2Second PlaceTORClinched Playoff BerthWins58Losses24Win Percentage.707Games Behind2Conference Record36 and16Division Record12 and4Home Record32 and9Away Record26 and15Last Ten Recordand3Win Streak 2Wins
3Third PlacePHIClinched Playoff BerthWins51Losses31Win Percentage.622Games Behind9Conference Record31 and21Division Recordand8Home Record31 and10Away Record20 and21Last Ten Recordand6Win Streak 1Wins
44th PlaceBOSClinched Playoff BerthWins49Losses33Win Percentage.598Games Behind11Conference Record35 and17Division Record10 and6Home Record28 and13Away Record21 and20Last Ten Recordand4Win Streak 1Wins
55th PlaceINDClinched Playoff BerthWins48Losses34Win Percentage.585Games Behind12Conference Record33 and19Division Record11 and5Home Record29 and12Away Record19 and22Last Ten Recordand6Win Streak 1Wins
66th PlaceBKNClinched Playoff BerthWins42Losses40Win Percentage.512Games Behind18Conference Record29 and23Division Recordand8Home Record23 and18Away Record19 and22Last Ten Recordand4Win Streak 3Wins
77th PlaceORLClinched Playoff BerthWins42Losses40Win Percentage.512Games Behind18Conference Record30 and22Division Record10 and6Home Record25 and16Away Record17 and24Last Ten Recordand2Win Streak 4Wins
88th PlaceDETClinched Playoff BerthWins41Losses41Win Percentage.500Games Behind19Conference Record27 and25Division Recordand8Home Record26 and15Away Record15 and26Last Ten Recordand6Win Streak 2Wins
99th PlaceCHAWins39Losses43Win Percentage.476Games Behind21Conference Record29 and23Division Record10 and6Home Record25 and16Away Record14 and27Last Ten Recordand4Win Streak 1Losses
1010th PlaceMIAWins39Losses43Win Percentage.476Games Behind21Conference Record23 and29Division Recordand9Home Record19 and22Away Record20 and21Last Ten Recordand6Win Streak 1Losses
1111th PlaceWASWins32Losses50Win Percentage.390Games Behind28Conference Record19 and33Division Recordand9Home Record22 and19Away Record10 and31Last Ten Recordand8Win Streak 4Losses
1212th PlaceATLWins29Losses53Win Percentage.354Games Behind31Conference Record16 and36Division Recordand10Home Record17 and24Away Record12 and29Last Ten Recordand5Win Streak 3Losses
1313th PlaceCHIWins22Losses60Win Percentage.268Games Behind38Conference Record16 and36Division Recordand13Home Recordand32Away Record13 and28Last Ten Recordand8Win Streak 3Losses
1414th PlaceCLEWins19Losses63Win Percentage.232Games Behind41Conference Record15 and37Division Recordand12Home Record13 and28Away Recordand35Last Ten Recordand10Win Streak 10Losses
1515th PlaceNYKWins17Losses65Win Percentage.207Games Behind43Conference Record11 and41Division Recordand14Home Recordand32Away Recordand33Last Ten Recordand7Win Streak 1Losses


1First PlaceGSWClinched Playoff BerthWins57Losses25Win Percentage.695Games BehindConference Record35 and17Division Record13 and3Home Record30 and11Away Record27 and14Last Ten Recordand2Win Streak 1Losses
2Second PlaceDENClinched Playoff BerthWins54Losses28Win Percentage.659Games Behind3Conference Record34 and18Division Record12 and4Home Record34 and7Away Record20 and21Last Ten Recordand5Win Streak 1Wins
3Third PlacePORClinched Playoff BerthWins53Losses29Win Percentage.646Games Behind4Conference Record29 and23Division Recordand10Home Record32 and9Away Record21 and20Last Ten Recordand2Win Streak 3Wins
44th PlaceHOUClinched Playoff BerthWins53Losses29Win Percentage.646Games Behind4Conference Record32 and20Division Record10 and6Home Record31 and10Away Record22 and19Last Ten Recordand2Win Streak 1Losses
55th PlaceUTAClinched Playoff BerthWins50Losses32Win Percentage.610Games Behind7Conference Record30 and22Division Recordand8Home Record29 and12Away Record21 and20Last Ten Recordand2Win Streak 1Losses
66th PlaceOKCClinched Playoff BerthWins49Losses33Win Percentage.598Games Behind8Conference Record28 and24Division Recordand7Home Record27 and14Away Record22 and19Last Ten Recordand3Win Streak 5Wins
77th PlaceSASClinched Playoff BerthWins48Losses34Win Percentage.585Games Behind9Conference Record30 and22Division Record10 and6Home Record32 and9Away Record16 and25Last Ten Recordand4Win Streak 3Wins
88th PlaceLACClinched Playoff BerthWins48Losses34Win Percentage.585Games Behind9Conference Record28 and24Division Record11 and5Home Record26 and15Away Record22 and19Last Ten Recordand4Win Streak 1Wins
99th PlaceSACWins39Losses43Win Percentage.476Games Behind18Conference Record21 and31Division Recordand12Home Record24 and17Away Record15 and26Last Ten Recordand7Win Streak 3Losses
1010th PlaceLALWins37Losses45Win Percentage.451Games Behind20Conference Record25 and27Division Recordand7Home Record22 and19Away Record15 and26Last Ten Recordand4Win Streak 1Losses
1111th PlaceMINWins36Losses46Win Percentage.439Games Behind21Conference Record22 and30Division Recordand11Home Record25 and16Away Record11 and30Last Ten Recordand6Win Streak 3Losses
1212th PlaceMEMWins33Losses49Win Percentage.402Games Behind24Conference Record24 and28Division Recordand8Home Record21 and20Away Record12 and29Last Ten Recordand6Win Streak 1Wins
1313th PlaceNOPWins33Losses49Win Percentage.402Games Behind24Conference Record23 and29Division Recordand8Home Record19 and22Away Record14 and27Last Ten Recordand7Win Streak 1Losses
1414th PlaceDALWins33Losses49Win Percentage.402Games Behind24Conference Record18 and34Division Recordand12Home Record24 and17Away Recordand32Last Ten Recordand5Win Streak 1Losses
1515th PlacePHXWins19Losses63Win Percentage.232Games Behind38Conference Record11 and41Division Recordand13Home Record12 and29Away Recordand34Last Ten Recordand8Win Streak 2Losses

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